20.06.12.Gibel fish in Bratsk. Video


20.06.12.Pochemu killed the fish? This issue in the newsroom asked BLS Padun resident. The man backed up his words with video — it is filmed the day before: these frames — the bay, which is located between Padun and energy. According to the man, he changed his mind after seeing fish: he was concerned not so much dead fry as foamy water's edge. By the way, that day no one dared to fish, but this place is popular with local fishermen and motorists. What caused the mass death of fish larvae, it is not clear, although at a specified

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The pond of the village there was a wet fish kills


07.01.12. January 6 anglers found fish kill in the village pond wet Lipetsk region.

Floated to the surface of a small fish pond, large perished at the bottom. GOROD48 as told in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Lipetsk region, the message of the death of the fish came to the police. In freeze causes disassembled and environmental prosecutor's office.

Pond in Mokroe belongs OSU "Hunting and aquatic resources of the Lipetsk region." Presumably, the reason for the death of fish in the pond became a dumping of harmful substances.

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Fish kill in Estonia


Illustrative photo. Photo: Keskkonnateenistus / Valgamaalane

30.04.11.Zagryaznenie oil lakes Valgyarv in Võru County led to the mass death of fish.

A local resident told The Valley Org Vorumaa Teataja, that collected several boxes of dead fish and buried in the garden as fertilizer. Org said he had not seen such a sad sight for 40 years lived by the lake.

According to the Authority, the cause of death of fish could be the last year the pollution in the lake when oil fell and covered the surface of the thin film. Rescuers clean the lake last fall, but,

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Water bodies in the area of Yeisk mass death of fish


5.09.12.Rabotniki "Yeysk experimental farm for breeding and reproduction of fish" vyvili that the waters there was a mass death of fish.

"It was established that kill phenomena in water management was the result of rules violations committed by the enterprise of aquatic biological resources in the operation of water intake structures and pumping mechanisms, moreover, are not catching fish," — The press service of the Prosecutor's Office of the Krasnodar Territory.

According to the facts of the Azov-Black Sea interdistrict environmental prosecutor's office on the legal and public officials filed an administrative case under Part 1 of Art. 10.6

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In the district of Bashkortostan Kuyurgazinskom mass death of fish


8.08.11.V Kuyurgazinskom Bashkortostan region near the village of Old Joy River Yushatyr detected mass death of fish. According to estimates of the Ministry of the visual nature and ecology of the Republic, killed approximately 30 kilograms of juveniles.

Meleuz area committee MoE region together with the Department of the Middle TU RB Rosrybolovstva surveyed banks Yushatyrya. Source of water pollution during the inspection was not found. Therefore, to determine the causes plague fish was taken water samples. One of the possible causes of death of fish — poaching using elektroudochki, the press service of the ministry.

Work to identify

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Fish kills in Udmurtia


Massive fish kills occurred in the area Vavozhskom Photo: wordpress.com

4.08.11.Vavozh. Udmurtia. Vavozhskaya fish die due to elevated nitrite in water.

According to the press service of the State Veterinary Udmurt Republic, the facts of mass death of fish were found in the rivers of Uva and Vala July 29 of this year. Water sample and dead fish showed maximum permissible dose of nitrite — almost 5 times, ammonium ions — 2 times. That is what caused the death of fish. By the fact of review.

Source: Susanin

U.S.: Mysterious death of fish in the lake Lea. Video


08.01.11, Roswell, New Mexico. Something mysterious is happening in the State Park Bottomless Lakes. Lea Lake is closed to swimming after about 1,500 dead fish were found cast ashore on Friday, reports krqe.com

Empty beach on a hot summer day — this is an unusual sight for Lake Lea, which is usually abundant vacationers this time of year.

"It is very strange to see it deserted this weekend," said lifeguard Leonardo Granados. "Even during the week so far there were a lot of people."

According to rescuers, the death of fish has never been observed in the area.

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In the river, Poltava Erik mass death of fish. Video


7.07.11.Rechka Poltava Erik Kuban ceased to be a popular destination among anglers rybakov.Po words, instead of the past catch two to three pounds a day is hard to catch at least one live fish. Local residents believe that the blame for what is happening is that the pond drains waste meat. Fish began to float belly-up, and the blood trickling from the gills.

The fact that the fish are dying, in the department of natural resources and the state environmental control Krasnodar region have learned from the media STC. Now experts are already working on the ground. As

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Mass death of fish in the Sea of Azov


© RIA Novosti. Boris Babanov

Donetsk, June 25 — RIA Novosti. Mass death of fish due to the reduction of oxygen in water is observed from Friday in the Sea of Azov from the village of Kulikovo (border Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions) to the middle of the Berdyansk spit, the press service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine on Saturday. "According to preliminary data, now the number of dead fish reached 20 tons," — said the press service.

In order to minimize complications with pestilence calf in the summer, from 10 to 14 June

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Mass death of fish in the river Oskol


30.06.11.Spetsialnaya Commission clarifies the reason for the mass death of fish in the river near the village of Oskol Sorokin. Dead fish floated on the surface of the local body of water in the early morning on Sunday. First carp, perch and carp fishermen noticed, noting that with every hour on the river coats appeared more dead fish. Brown mass, exude the stench of the river is covered today. Who is to blame for this ecological disaster specialists promise to answer at the end of the week. Who conducted laboratory studies, reported at Stary Oskol.

Last August, the villagers

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