Rock against snobs, Anglomania.

In the 90s, few Russian rockers trying to sing in English: the old call, and the new generation who have risen in the wake of the soundtrack of «Brother-2», always erected in the cult of his lyrical experiences. But after a few years, and the case went forgotten native tongue boys with Oasis in players with expensive guitars that provoked endless battle for the purity of speech in a musical environment.

«It all started in the fall of 2011. Then it became clear that now is a new decade. Padla Bear had no place in ten of its mission was

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In life and death

Bear on the loose lived less than a year and ended up in a cage. They found a cozy den of hunters with dogs, mother and brother had been killed. Hidden in the farthest and darkest corner of the parent refuge, he heard and saw the bloody triumph of the two-legged robbers with his loyal satraps and in fear hoping that will not find it, leave alone. But stubborn chutistye dogs found the same, and people have taken alive, tied up and taken with you.

He was sick for a long time and suffered. Without taking bondage, torn on

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Black Death


After enjoying generations of sunshine and warmer climes, Europe had undergone an unprecedented population boom that saw more people living on the continent than ever before. At the turn of the first millennium there were 24 million people in Europe, and by 1340 this had reached 54 million.

Entire countries were straining at the edges of their farmlands and eating into the forests, and the availability of food was beginning to reach the limits of population support. A dire evil, however, stalked the land, just as the Little Ice

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Death of Adonis

Two and a half thousand years, there is a legend of Adonis, the beloved goddess of love Aphrodite, who was killed in hunting by a boar tusks. Here’s how this case is described in the book «Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece» (by NA Kun): «One day in the absence of Aphrodite Adonis dog while hunting attacked on the trail of a huge boar. They raised animals and barking furiously chased him. Adonis was glad such a rich mining; it is not felt that this was his last hunt. Closer dogs barking, now flashed a huge boar among the

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If Belarus to abolish death penalty?

Chairman of the House Committee Alexander Arkhipov expressed such a world: "If society has matured, and most of the referendum would have acted for the abolition of the death penalty, no questions would not be. Society came up with a different position. Maybe time will be a moratorium. Discussions are and this opportunity." In Belarus, the last 10 years on death convicted 161 people, only the 1st of their president pardoned. Oleg Alkaev from 1996 until 2001 he was chief of the detention center at Volodarka. Specifically, his subordinates were doing the death penalty, and he became acquainted with all

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Figure a day or 161 people

The right to pardon convicts on death given only head of state. During the presidency of Alexander Lukashenko only one known case, when he pardoned convict on death. According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus "is not ready to abolish the death penalty." On the initiative of Alexander Lukashenko 1996 this yeart matter was put to a nationwide referendum in which most of the favor of keeping the death penalty.

Amnesty International: Belarus — the sole executioner

Amnesty International report on the situation in this area in the CIS bears the title "Commonwealth of independent states: Belarus — the sole executioner."Organization calls the death penalty "more fierce, merciless and degrading form of punishment that is irreversible and from which can affect innocent." Nobody has substantiated that the death penalty lowers crime.In recent two years abolished the death penalty in four countries: Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda and the Philippines. On present day the death penalty de jure or de facto abolished in 133 countries. In 64 countries this penalty is still preserved."Belarus is the last country in the CIS,

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If Belarus to abolish death penalty?

Yesterday I was on the sentence gang Morozov. Sergei Morozov and Igor Danchenko, sentenced to death for murder, all carefully scrutinized. May be present wondered really deserve death these people, outside did not look monsters? Belarus is the only country in Europe where the death penalty has not been abolished, or it is not a moratorium, as in Russia. More than 10 years ago Belarusians voted to retain the death penalty in a referendum. Changed since that time whether to do with this punishment? Think that the people on the streets of Minsk? "I am against, as we a democratic

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30 deaths over the weekend

It is reported with reference to BelaPAN Management Traffic Police.About 4600 people were brought to administrative responsibility for the lack of time of day in a black reflective parts so called Flicker.

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Elvis Presley and 30 years after the death of the ruler is

In January 1956, the song "Hotel where razmolachivayutsya heart" in the performance of Elvis Presley took first place in the South American charts. Over the next 18 months, eight more Elvis came on the first line, and his name became known to Worldwide.Even after 30 years after Elvis Presley’s death proceeds from the sale of its 33 drives and show movies in which he starred, collected about 40 millions of dollars once a year. In the midst of dead performers on this indicator ahead of him only favorite band "Nirvana" Kurt Cobain. Only present day billion discs sold about Elvis

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