A seal slaughter nearing rush hour


6.01.12.Vremya the last week of January to the beginning of the second decade of March could be the most deadly to the Caspian seal herds.

During this period, the female seals flock to the ice of the North Caspian Sea, where the need to give, like a thousand years ago, the new offspring. To his misfortune, "hospital" Caspian seals located in the North Caspian oil operations of the project, which is developing super-giant Kashagan oil field.

Deadly next season delivery of Caspian seals stanetiz kickoff-growing activity of the Kashagan consortium. On the basis of the marine oil operations artificial

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VTyumenskoy of lightning killed a teenager


29.07.11.V Tyumen region conducted initial inquiry into the death of 14-year-old on the River Tour. This was July 29 REGNUM correspondent in the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Investigative Division of the Tyumen region.

According to preliminary information, July 27, near the village of Dubrovnaya during a thunderstorm two teenagers were swimming in the river. From a lightning strike one of the boys was thrown on shore, and the other lost consciousness and drowned.

Currently, the cause of death established 7-grader, the audit will be further action.


16.05.12.Massovaya fish kill in Rostov


06.06.12. May 16 from the banks of the river Temernik flowing in the city of Rostov-on-Don, began to come disturbing news: the locals were amazed terrible picture of mass death of fish.

Vladimir Brynko, youth director of the protection and use of wildlife and aquatic resources of the Rostov region, arrived at the scene, assessed the extent of the tragedy. It was decided to apply to the Committee on Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of the Rostov region. Scientists have examined both sides of the river at the site of Temernik Orbital street to street invigorate, to conduct

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6.05.12.Gibel fish in the Bay of Kuwait spreads panic



05.06.12. In the Gulf of Kuwait marked the mass death of fish.

This is an indication of chemical contamination or violation of the biological balance, causing fear among the local population. According to the daily "Salah al-Moody," Director of Environmental Protection (EPA) accused persons in spreading unverified rumors.

He believes that the fish probably dumped fishing boats, because most of the fish belong to the same species.

To assess the situation EPA appealed to the Office of Agriculture and Fisheries, which, in turn, began to daily inspections in the Gulf. In its reports to officials

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Ulyanovsk: Dead birds found city resident

January 2, 2013. January 2nd to the former head of the region Gosekonadzora Constantine Dolinina turned alarmed resident of Ulyanovsk. Woman reported that she had found on the street eight dead wild birds. Death whole bevy seemed suspicious to her, because it could have been a cause of serious disease.

Worry about the state of the ecology of a woman were able to connect with Maxim Korolkov ornithologist, told Dolinin. Ornithologist took the birds. Their study will be given to the vet to find out what led to their deaths. For the results of the study will take a few

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02.07.12.Gibel fish in Udmurtia. Video


Obnovleno.Dobavil video 11.07.12.Massovaya fish kill occurred the other day in one of the ponds in the area Uvinsky. Uduguchin pond in the village in the morning covered with dead fry. What was the reason — the most Vlad Kalashnikov.

Source: Channel 21 +

06.07.12. July 2 Molokovsky pond. Uduguchin Uvinsky region of Udmurtia was fixed mass death of fish, the Press Service of the Veterinary SD.

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10.08.12.Gibel fish in Mordovia


10.08.12.V capital of Mordovia today was recorded fact of mass death of fish. Accumulation of dead fish Saransk residents watched in a suspension bridge over the river. Insar.

As soon as this message was received by the EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Moldova, in the center for environmental monitoring, utilities, cities, and the prosecutor.

At the epicenter of the environmental emergency specialists, epidemiologists and water samples of biological material. They will check the level of contamination at the site and determine what caused the incident.

Environmentalists said they did not exclude the natural cause of death

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05.07.12.Gibel fish Krasnokamsk


05.07.12.Sudak, pike, perch … A large number of dead fish lying along the shore near the village of Bor End Permkogo edge. "What happened?" — Call excited readers to the newspaper "Krasnokamsk star."

The specialists there are several versions of what happened. A major cause of death in the Kama fish could be on water pollution or waste petroleum companies located upstream. Another version, which requires a thorough check — fish disease. In hot weather, they are aggravated, and the fish dies. Residents themselves Krasnokamsk believe that the dead fish — the result of two river cranes

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Witchcraft — good protection




Judith St. Hileyr according to all forecasts had to go to prison, but escaped with probation and order to attend courses for young mothers to care for children.

31-year-old St. Hileyr prosecuted for being in June 2002, she did not go to the doctor so they helped

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Pilikanov death on the coast of Peru


Posted on 04/29/2012 by user Flaijers MEXICO CITY, April 30 — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Znamensky. More than 200 pelicans were found dead on the beaches of the north coast of Peru, the causes of their deaths have not been established, said on Sunday channel Univision.

The dead birds were found in approximately the same place where the bodies have been found about 900 dolphins. This is an area of the coast length of 170 kilometers.

Local fishermen are the first to sound the alarm, finding dozens of sea birds dying on the coast. To help them, they could

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