Death of Madame deigned to joke




Anna Tkachevs

In a life so full of amazing coincidences that religious miracles in their background fade. Myrrh-Streaming Icon of materialistic science to explain at least trying, but before coincidence, she is usually silent in disbelief.

The most terrible of the world famous coincidences occurred in the

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River of death


Photo by author

9.11.11.Proryv process water from septic tanks with cyanide gold mining company, located on the outskirts of the village Sekisovka, led to the death of fish in the pond is not just a local businessman, but also in the river Maloubinke. Residents say that the fish died after the inflow of blue-green color. It is unknown what will happen to people because of centralized water supply, for example, in the village Maloubinke not, and wells and boreholes are located near the river. What to drink than water itself and cattle?

According to "Turan" the press service

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In the Donetsk region in an abandoned mine gas killed people


1.11.11.V Donetsk region from gas poisoning in the mine killed 2 people. The press-service of Ministry of Emergency Situations.

In 22 hours. 25 min. October 31 in the village of Stozhkovo Miner's in the trunk area of the former mine "Stozhovskaya-2" (does not work with 2008), on the horizon 15 m, with poisoning firedamp killed 2 workers LLC "Buran LTD", which since 2011 has been conducting reconstruction work.

In 23 hours. the bodies were brought to the surface.

Into the death of the law enforcement agencies are checking.

Recall, as we wrote, "KID", October 6, in a field near

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17.07.12.V Bykovka killed fish


17.07.12. July 16th street residents Fedotova and Keldysh, walking on embankment Bykovka, noticed a large number of dead fish in the water.

Duckweed on the surface of the river is dotted with white spots fish bodies, from the bridge near the shopping center "Riviera" and along the streets Fedotov. How much is there to say impossible carcasses — the account is at least a hundred. All this can be expanded, spreading the stench.



Locals claim that the mass death of fish due to some emissions.

"I am an avid fisherman and catch fish here since childhood

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2.05.12.Gibel fish in the Nizhny Novgorod region


2.05.12.Pochti all the fish died in the lake Yamnoe Bor district of Nizhny Novgorod region. The correspondent of RIA "Time N" told the news agency in Bor.

According to the source, at the entrance to the lake Yamnoe in the air feels a sharp smell of rotten fish. Literally the whole coast is dotted with carp fry. Currently sampled water from the lake to determine the contaminants in it, also attracted experts fishery biologists to determine the possible cause of death of the fish.

"One of the causes of death of fish ecologists call a lack of

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20.04.12.Massovaya fish kill in the Krasnoyarsk region. Video


28.04.12.Massovaya death of fish in one of the ponds Zheleznogorska.Posle how the ice has melted, the lake. Blue or Karasin was filled with dead fish. Water-bailiff had already taken samples to determine the true cause of the plague of fish. It is believed that this was due to lack of oxygen — in the winter the ice had to drill a hole. 10 years standing lake drained, and only last year the reservoir was filled.

Yuri Latushkin: "As it was with us without water, this has led to the widening of the luxuriant vegetation on the banks and

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25.03.12.Vo Lviv on pond fish dying en masse


25.03.12.Vo Lviv at the reservoir, which is located on the territory of Lviv vegetable factory "Provesin" on the street Tract Glinyansky — village Lisinichi found massive fish kills.

This was on March 25 told reporters bschestvennogo representative association "Together" Taras Galich.

According to him, a dead fish floats on the water surface in large numbers, bringing to shore seagulls. Cause of death of fish in the pond is still unknown. Union activists fear that besides the loss of fish this may lead to the outbreak of infectious diseases that are dangerous to both animals and humans.


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Drugs and drug addiction

The term "addiction" is associated with the term "drug" (from the Greek. Narkotikos — soporific). Originally called the drug morphine alkaloids of opium poppy and their synthetic analogues. Now the concept of "drug"Acquired legal sense, means substances included in the list of prohibited substances (List I).

According to the internationally accepted definition, drug addiction — is a violation of the psyche, is the strong desire to take a certain substance (or a substance from a specific group) included in the list of banned substances, to the detriment of other activities and the persistence of the substance use despite harmful

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Astrakhan region lightning killed teen


12.07.11.Proverku into the death of 17-year-old struck by lightning while swimming at a beach management completed RF IC in the Astrakhan region. As reported before the press-service, the tragedy occurred on Friday, July 8, in front of the friends of the deceased.

The audit revealed that the victim and his friends resting on the river bank Enotaevka. Later in the afternoon a heavy rain storm. Teens hiding in the set on the banks of the tent, and the victim decided to stay on shore.

According to the witnesses, the teen fell to the ground after it hit a thunderbolt.

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7.05.12.V Lake Ishmael surfaced all the fish. Photo


Photo from:

7.05.12.Segodnya fishermen and residents of Ishmael, whose homes are on the coast Lebiazhie (or dog, as it was called earlier) were shocked lake views of the water: it was entirely covered with dead fish.

Locals categorically assured us that the cause is — sewage discharge from the city reservoir, located on the lake. With the second lake, which does not go sink — no change: the water is clean, no dead fish floating.

Given that many izmailchane complained that on the eve of their homes in the taps was dirty water, really begs version —

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