Fish in the ruined village Mullovka ammonia. Video


21.10.11.Segodnya became known to cause mass death of fish in the pond of the camp Mullovka. Recall, Ltd. was registered last week. Damage to water resources caused huge — are estimated to have killed more than a ton of fish. Cause established laboratory tests.

Andrei Sidorov — The Chief Veterinary Officer for the city of Dimitrovgrad and Melekesskaya district: — To date, the conclusion arrived regional veterinary laboratory into the death of fish in a working village Mullovka in the pond. According to the results in the water 3 times exceeded the ammonia content.

Will be further investigated.

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In the river Ustia mass death of fish. Video


Rivne. June 15. UNIAN. On the banks of the river Ustia, which flows through the central part of the city of Rivne, and its water is fixed mass death of fish.

Bad smell of dead fish carcasses and residents of Rivne fix for several days, especially in the area of Street Pier.

According to UNIAN, pedestrians and fishermen put forward several possible versions of the causes of the incident. One of the most common — getting into the water of chemicals or impurities from the sewage network. At the same time, experts tend to say that the massive

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Bird deaths in Chile. Video


Posted on 11/05/2012 by user tvsanantoniochile

12.05.12.Na coast of Chile from the beaches of Cartagena to Santo Domingo found more than 2300 dead birds. Basically, it's gray petrels, boobies, pelicans and cormorants. Most of them are diagnosed with fractures of the wings and body injuries, indicating that the birds were in fishing nets.

According to the director of the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, Santo Domingo, José Luis Britos, that fishermen are to blame for the death of the birds. Soon representatives of the museum plan to file a complaint with the police indifferent fishermen. In this

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In Mykolaiv region revealed the death of about 1.5 tonnes of fish


* 8/12/11. Yesterday s.Ivanovka Ochakov district near Mykolaiv region in the Dnipro Estuary coastal zone was found death of about 1.5 tonnes of fish (goby, carp). UNN this to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Preliminary cause of death of fish is the release of hydrogen sulfide from deeper water layers. At the scene working SES representatives, environmental and fishery inspection area. Ochakovo district state administration collection and disposal of dead fish.

The event is under the control of the Office of Emergency Situations in the Mykolaiv region.

As reported by UNN in May

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Sisyphus — the king and builder of the ancient city of Corinth in Greece. He was a clever and avaricious. All my life I saved his wealth and the king thought to share with anyone. Even when he knocked home the god of death, Thanatos, the king wanted to cheat fate.

Karskasny you want to build a house? Then, in St. Petersburg entrust the construction of frame houses better than the professionals. For example, the company Expo-LESSTROY that builds quality wooden homes at affordable prices.

He admitted

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08.08.12.Gibel pigeons in Kostroma



08.08.12.Vchera residents witnessed the eerie paintings in the city center.

At about 18.00 near the fire tower on the area fell to the pavement Susaninskaya six pigeons, the correspondent of the portal K1NEWS.RU. According to witnesses — the birds are literally died on the fly.

Walking area Kostroma not understand what was happening, some impressionable women even cried. "Eerie sight — go to the area, and right before you fall down dead birds" — said one of the women — eyewitnesses.

Parents are frightened children rushed to withdraw their children rather to the main square.

As commented

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Death of bees in Turkey


25.07.11V rush to save sunflower crop, Turkish farmers dealt a death blow to the bees.

Farmland in eastern Turkey provide one third of the rich harvest of sunflower in the country. However, the fields are used for handling hazardous pesticides that protect crops from adverse events and factors, but kill the bees.

Moreover, farmers use pesticides that have been banned by the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey, as the results of use of the drug in the past were not as dire as now.

Pesticides affect the nervous system of bees, resulting in a loss of sensitivity to the

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Vaccination resulted in the death of 4,000 goats in China


Vaccination resulted in the death of 4,000 goats. Photo:

15.06.11.Protivochumnaya vaccination resulted in the deaths of more than 4,000 goats, according to local media in China. The introduction of anti-plague vaccine production Lanchzhousskoy pharmaceutical factories in the county Zhudun suffered a major loss of livestock. Three days after being vaccinated animals began to deteriorate, and on day 10 of them died.

Cause of death of the animals under investigation. The investigation involving experts sent to Zhudun local authorities.

Alexander Sibiryakov

Source: The Epoch Times

13.07.12. The death of the rabbits in the Urals. Video


13.07.12.V Beloyarsky district alarmed all veterinarians. It had a massive case of rabbits. Farmers are huge losses. Disease that affects animals — not treated, they just die. Infected several settlements. Benjamin learned to identify a sick animal eyes. No other signs: rabbits behave normally and die obscure death. The farm animals killed 40 men, usually effective folk remedies have not delivered.

For forty years, the rabbit is the first of Benjamin. However, this is not the limit: a neighbor killed 100 rabbits by about 50 thousand rubles. Dozens of animals are dying all over the village, carcasses are taken

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What are the possible causes of mass death of birds in the world


23.01.11.Uzhe several weeks around the world there are reports of mass death of birds. Hundreds of dead birds have provoked scientific debate over the planet — or the result of human activity or natural anomalies unknown to science. This week in the outskirts of Beijing was again found dozens of dead birds. All agree in one — it is clear that nothing is clear.

Dead birds, like rain falling on the head of the inhabitants of the planet. In North America, Europe, and this week in China. They die whole flocks, and even on the fly. Why —

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