The strongest tornado in the U.S.




24.05.11.Za day death toll after a tornado in Missouri has nearly doubled — there were already killed 116 people. In the town of Joplin tornado devastated the band of approximately one kilometer wide and six miles long. 400 people received injuries of varying severity. Destroyed thousands of homes and municipal buildings. Much of the city remains without electricity. After the invasion of the elements sought medical treatment over a thousand people. Under the rubble of collapsed buildings are people. Seven people have been pulled out. Meteorologists warn that in the next few days

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The mass death of animals in the Altai


27.09.11.Zhiteli Choyskiy district Altai republic concerned mass death of animals in the forest and fish in ponds, transmits radio "Vesti FM".

The forests are increasingly finding dead bodies sable chipmunks. Among the dead animals are found representatives of rare species listed in the Red Book. Environmentalists say that the death of animals triggered the fall in the Altai Mountains Progress space truck. Meanwhile, the CPS said that the sanitary and epidemiological situation in the Altai Republic is stable, no complications. Source: "Vesti FM"

Ulyanovsk region massively dying fish



18.10.11. According to the villagers Mullovka Melekessky area from October 3 at a local pond fish die en masse.

According to unconfirmed reports, the cause could be released into the lake of industrial waste distillery, which is located nearby.

As the site "" gosekokontrolya employees and experts of the regional ecological Chamber confirmed the death of the fish — reported the presence of many dead carp, carp, pike and other inhabitants of the pond.

Especially wary of the fact that the poisoned pond has access to the Kuibyshev reservoir, and fish kills can spread throughout the

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In Georgia, in the Kura River killed fish


* 08/16/2011 * Tbilisi 8:38:49 in the Kura River in Tbilisi today, killing a large number of fish.

The water surface was covered completely pops the fish that fishermen and special services throughout the day before from the water. According to experts and fishermen, they can not remember such a case of mass death of fish in Kure.

Cause of death of fish has not been determined — it will be known after the appropriate laboratory testing. The Agency of Natural Resources of Georgia highlight two preliminary version — this poisoning of water or oxygen deficiency in the

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Vinogradovschine to mass death of fish. Photo


* 8/14/11. * Last Saturday, near the village Fanchikovo in Little Tisza Tisza tributary fisheries inspectors discovered massive fish kills.

As they said at the scene there was a terrible, acrid stench, and the whole area was covered pond brown film. When looking at the terrible picture could not believe that a week ago, this place was a neat little water pond, where even children were swimming. Now it looks more like a swamp.

Besides the dead, because even the frogs do not have survived. Killed dozens of fish heads. The announcement came from the local residents, the scene

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Bird deaths registered in Ussuriysk


September 22 afternoon in Ussuriysk rescuers there were serious and inexplicable accident.

As the "memory" in the management of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, on that day on the street in the area between Chicherin DB "Express" and OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" on earth was discovered 17 dead tits. To determine the causes of death of birds, they were collected and sent for examination to the veterinary station. But, according to "memory" on duty in the city Civil Defense Ussuri, on September 25, the cause of death of birds has not been established, of review.

By the waterfront Kerch dead dolphins washed up. Photo


Photo from:

12.05.12. At night I have brought to shore sea grass and carcasses of dolphins.

The first dolphin was found in a water station, where staff reported that after a night of storm waves driven ashore all that was in the sea. The second dolphin corpse was on, near the fountain.

Both dead animals small in size, with characteristic lesions in the belly: and at one and the second one done a few flat holes with a diameter of about 1.5 cm

Judging by the smell and color, the dolphins have died earlier than in

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The village Ochakovskoe mass death of chickens


20.09.11.V Ochakovskoe Hola Prystan village area in the month of September was a massive case of chickens. One local resident died 80 pieces, the other 70.

The hosts say that changes in the diet was not a conventional food. Visual changes in the behavior of the birds before death is not seen.

The causes of mass death has not yet named, dead birds autopsy was carried out. Mass death of chickens are not interested veterinarians. The corpses of dead birds have been disposed of by landfill in the village.

Source: Naked Marina

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Mysterious bird deaths on New Year’s Eve in Arkansas. Video


1.01.12.Tysyachi dead blackbirds on New Year's night again filled the streets of Little Rock, the U.S. state of Arkansas. Cause of death of the birds is unknown.

Special mystery what occurred makes the fact that the dead birds have fallen on the city this time last year — New Year's Eve 2011.

As the channel Fox news, citing local police, the first birds began to fall down dead after townspeople hours at 7 pm, to see off the new year began with numerous individual fireworks.

Official city fireworks in the city were banned after the events of

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Secret Files: Ghosts (2011)

November 5, 2011 12:29

There is a theory that ghosts revenge living people, especially if you did not die a natural death. They appear again and again in place of his death and make life unbearable new tenants. It is believed that the souls of the dead a violent death or suicide can not find shelter, get angry and take revenge now living. Ghosts affect their negative energy on people's health and can even lead to death.

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