The KGB visionary Ivan Efremov considered alien

September 30, 2012 11:59

October 5th marks the 40th anniversary of the death of the author's most famous science fiction novel "Andromeda", "Hour of the Bull," "Razor's Edge." His name is still shrouded in mystery and myth.

STRANGE searched

In the biography of the science fiction writer and professor of paleontology Ivan Yefremov has not revealed another secret. He died on October 5, 1972, and a month later, on November 4, in his apartment KGB spent many hours of careful search. What would you like to find? It is still unknown. But there are

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Fish kill in Primorye


VLADIVOSTOK, May 26 — RIA Novosti. Specialists explain the reasons for the mass death of fish found on the coast of the peninsula de Vries in Vladivostok, told RIA Novosti on Thursday from the Pacific directorate of technical oversight of the sea.

"The dead fish of different species on the coast of the peninsula de Vries found the staff to fish protection. Now it is difficult to say how much it killed because some are likely to have taken the locals. For laboratory monitoring our experts have collected about ten copies "- a spokesman said.

According to him, it

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Treasures warlock

December 24, 2011 19:51

Associate of Peter I count James Bruce — one of the most mysterious figures in Russian history. He was fond of magic, astrology and alchemy, for which he was known as black magic. Bruce drew his knowledge of ancient books, among which were the ancient Russian manuscripts, and works of Western astrologers and occultists. However, after his death, an extensive library disappeared. To find it and could not …

Magician and astrologer

Jacob Villimovich Bruce descended from Scottish kings. His father in 1647, moved to Russia, where he served in the Army and was

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The death of the horses on the Australian farm. Video. Photo


10.06.11. 12 horses suddenly died on a farm in the Gold Coast in mysterious circumstances. Specialists from the service on Biosafety Queensland could not determine the cause of death of animals.

"Horses were designed for the millions of sprint races," said owner Steve Hogno. "Very disturbing look as healthy beautiful horses die before your eyes," he added.

Version of the death due to the possible presence of Hendra virus is also excluded after analysis. At the moment, killing 15 horses.

Source: , FinalNEWS


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Mass death of fish, Queensland, Australia


Photo from:

November 27, 2011. Mayor Chris Whiting said that more than a thousand dead fish were found along the coast.

According to preliminary data, the number of dead fish than 1,000 individuals and 99% of them — it's a mullet, reports

Whiting said that the death of fish in local waters is becoming more common.

"We will investigate and publish the results in the near future", — he said.

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, FinalNEWS

In the river, the fish die en masse Zbruch


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12.09.11.Massovaya fish mortality observed in the river near Zbruch Bodnarevskoy HPP in Ternopil region.

As reported ForUm the regional emergencies department, to study the causes of death of fish in the venue Zbruch went deputy Gosekoinspektsii in Ternopil region, a senior state inspector of the Regional State Administration of Environmental Protection, and — acting Chief Gusyatinsky rayotdela MOE.

They determined that the death of 652 pieces of non-industrial fish upstream from hydroelectric Bodnarevskoy road 3 km. Workers Gosekoinspektsii water samples and dead fish to determine the causes of what happened.

Source: ForUm

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In Madagascar cyclone hit Giovanna, there are victims

Powerful cyclone "Giovanna" hit the east coast of Madagascar. According to the BBC, citing a spokesperson charity CARE, to date, it is known about the death of five people. However, the death toll is likely to increase. According to him, about 60% of homes in the city Vatomandri damaged or completely destroyed.In turn, adds the UN radio, press secretary UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) Mariksi Mercado said that "due to security reasons we can not yet assess the damage and needs of the affected population.""Humanitarian agencies are planning to start the process today. UNICEF has prepared a soldering and essential

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13.08.12. Bird deaths in Khanty-Mansiysk. Video


13.08.12.Massovuyu bird deaths observed residents of one of the districts of the Khanty-Mansiysk. As they say eyewitnesses, birds behave strangely — struggling in the window, fall to the ground.

Janitors gather daily for a few carcasses of dead birds at each home. Dying birds of one species — white tryasoguska. They feed exclusively on insects, so the residents there were suggestions that the cause of death wagtails — processing area from harmful insects. The fact of mass death of birds are already interested in the veterinary service. There have already spent some of the study and excluded from

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In Iglakovo killed 10,000 young sturgeon. Video


6.09.11.Ob reported rush hour, with reference to the chairman of the environmental organizations of Tomsk region Sergey Zhabina.

According to him, the mass death of sturgeon and carp occurred rybozavodnom farm in the village near the Seversky Iglakovo the night from Friday to Saturday. The cause of death of fish, according to environmentalists, was the release of toxic substances into the river Tom. As a result, ten thousand juvenile Siberian sturgeon were poisoned. Damage — about a hundred million rubles. Dead fish were about two months. Next spring specialists planned to release the grown sturgeon in Tom. Now

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Old European mummies found the first zombie




Ancient Scots mummified their dead around the same time as did the ancient Egyptians (and, quite independently learned it from them). This sensational discovery made by the British archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson (Mike Parker-Pearson).

During the excavations on the island of South Uist (South Uist, Hebrides in

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