Group experiences dying condition

November 27, 2011 4:44

In recent years, there is evidence that the people who died at the same time (for example, in a traffic accident) or are close to death, talking to each other in those moments. Photo from

Of the numerous experiments of research experience close to death found that partners such states often talk to each other.

A phenomenon known as "near-death experience", studied for many years. A significant number of survivors of clinical death, dying shared their experiences.

Feeling out of body, hovering over her own body, a sense of moving up through the

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Around the world are dying birds and fish. ‘Video



6.01.11.V Arkansas after the massive loss of blackbirds began massive fish die. Similar cases — in Sweden and England.

Media publish shocking information: GRU Federation prepared a secret report to Putin, which reveals the secret of "rain" of dead blackbirds in the U.S..

In the United States in several states were cases mysterious mass deaths of birds.

According to the newspaper New-York Daily News, after the state Arkanzsas, shocked "rain" of the thousands of dead blackbirds, hundreds of dead birds were found

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Palmist Olga S. Pushkin. Predicting death

Not many know, but can simply forget that Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin was Sister and certainly not everyone read that it was not very bad medium, versed in physiognomy and was quite strong in palmistry. It was she predicted the death of his beloved brother just by looking at his palm.

Alexander took an active interest in the occult and mysticism, because just could not ask his sister Olga, known in his hobby. She guessed well the nature of man and, in most cases, could at first glance tell you very

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In Chernihiv forester bitten to death hornets


12.09.11.Strashnoy death forester died in Koropskogo Obolon district of Chernihiv oblast Viktor Davidenko — to death zakusali hornets.

Investigators have concluded that it really was an accident at work.

"He was at work, standing with his colleagues. On a mobile phone call master and brother began to depart from the group in order to better capture the mobile signal — says Sister Ludmila. — Then they heard as he shouted, "Hornets!". 10 minutes died. Its bite only 6 hornets. "

Doctors say that this is not the Hornets, but in the human body — there are people who stand

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The mass death of birds in Perm. Photo


9.08.11.V edition addressed user, who spoke about the deaths of birds as recorded in the private sector Nagorno neighborhood.

According to the Climate Kanaeva, the morning of 9 August, at its garden plot, he found more than a dozen dead tits. The same situation was observed in the neighboring areas. Klim channel, user In all there are no traces of any injuries. Ditto on the neighboring site. Maybe a lot of them and they did not die in one place, but everywhere, and, apparently, all at once.

According to men, the situation is no better in the

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In Thailand, floods killed nearly 800 people

In Thailand, the death toll from floods is approaching 800.

Officially confirmed the death of 790 people. Still, at least, three missing.

Until now flooded five provinces adjacent to Bangkok — Ayutthaya, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi and Patumthani. The entire territory of the capital to the new year was drained.

Recall that on July 5, when the north of Thailand hit tropical storm Nock-ten, natural disasters have affected 63 provinces. Since July, the impact of elements in the kingdom suffered more than 11 million people. Many people were left homeless. Flooded 15 thousand companies,

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In the district of Bashkortostan Kuyurgazinskom mass death of fish


8.08.11.V Kuyurgazinskom Bashkortostan region near the village of Old Joy River Yushatyr detected mass death of fish. According to estimates of the Ministry of the visual nature and ecology of the Republic, killed approximately 30 kilograms of juveniles.

Meleuz area committee MoE region together with the Department of the Middle TU RB Rosrybolovstva surveyed banks Yushatyrya. Source of water pollution during the inspection was not found. Therefore, to determine the causes plague fish was taken water samples. One of the possible causes of death of fish — poaching using elektroudochki, the press service of the ministry.

Work to identify

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Fish kill in Georgia



03.08.2011, Tbilisi 2:35:13 In the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (Georgia) recorded a fish kill.

As explained in the Ministry of Environment, the reasons of their death was asphyxia — lowering the concentration of oxygen in the water due to the intense heat.

According to the Ministry, killing even hardy fish such as carp and grass carp and mullet, which migrated from the Black Sea to the lake. The situation on the lakes and other water bodies Adjara regularly monitor employees MEP. After the death of fish exposed to the appropriate area sanitized. Damage from the massive

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Fish kills in Udmurtia


Massive fish kills occurred in the area Vavozhskom Photo:

4.08.11.Vavozh. Udmurtia. Vavozhskaya fish die due to elevated nitrite in water.

According to the press service of the State Veterinary Udmurt Republic, the facts of mass death of fish were found in the rivers of Uva and Vala July 29 of this year. Water sample and dead fish showed maximum permissible dose of nitrite — almost 5 times, ammonium ions — 2 times. That is what caused the death of fish. By the fact of review.

Source: Susanin

Death of fish in the river Iset + Browse Articles


1.08.11.Massovaya fish kills. Residents of the village of Great Istok and Aramilya whose homes are situated on the bank of the Iset, this morning were shocked: the surface of the river was covered with dead bream, perch, carp and rudd. Who is to blame for the state of emergency, environmental inspectors found out today.

Nicholas A. angrily goes through the morning catch. Soup out of it does not cook. All the fish is dead. "This morning went ashore fizzaryadki workout, look — this is white fish," — says a resident Aramilya Nikolai Vorobyov. The news quickly spread through the

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