In the U.S., marked by deaths of cows


NEW YORK, January 19. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass /. In the U.S. state of Wisconsin took mass death in cattle. According to "Time" on the farm "Stockton" in recent days killed about 200 cows.

According to the owner of the farm, for the past week "animals feel great", and their death is probably due to a yet unknown to him with the virus.

Specialists are currently conducting a study of samples taken from dead animals.

Local media do not exclude this case due to the massive loss of fish and birds in the United States and other countries, the precise

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Mass mortality of squid in Australia


February 25. Experts do not know what caused the death of thousands of squid in the River Derwent this week.

Starting Tuesday, a lot of dead and dying squid dart were found on the beach and in the water in Austin Ferry Berrideyl. Locals say they had never seen the like.

Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) confirmed on Thursday the discovery of many more dead squid downstream. This is the third case of the death of aquatic animals in the Derwent in the last two weeks.


At the beginning of this week in Windermere Bay near Claremont

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In Udmurtia, mass death of pigs


12.01.11. January 7 this year in one of the buildings of pig LLC "Pychassky pig 'n Pychas. Mozhginsky District Udmurt Republic there was mass death of pigs. As the press-service of Rosselkhoznadzor for SD only fell 136 pigs.

January 8 at the scene left a commission of experts Rosselkhoznadzor for SD, SD and BS Department of Agriculture SD. Found that the most likely cause of death of animals is chemical poisoning. To accurately determine the cause of mass death of pigs specialists samples were pathological material, blood, etc., aimed at Udmurt veterinary diagnostic center. The laboratory

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The Lost Book of Nostradamus. 2012 could be a turning point for humanity

Surprisingly, no one has left so many puzzles as a great prophet Michel Nostradamus. Every word in his quatrains excites the minds of not only general readers but also scientists. Years pass, and humanity recognizes that Nostradamus — this is not a charlatan, who writes nonsense about the future of mankind, and describes our future in exactly one year. He, like a prophet, describes numerous events, which, after his death affected the lives of millions of people. This includes a description of the 1917 revolution, the creation and fall of the Soviet Union, the development of the atomic bomb —

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40,000 dead crabs in England. Photo. Video

Animals thousands of dead crabs washed ashore on the beaches of Palm Bay and Margate, presumably they died from hypothermia, as December was colder than usual and blocked the 120 year record cold in these latitudes. Piles of rotting corpses crustaceans washes ashore with every prilivom.V currently establishing the cause of their death, addressing all versii.Vzyaty samples for research. Expert in the field of environmental protection Farooq Farooq Mulla said that the cause of death was what the disease or virus. More than 40 million dead crabs crabs largest UK led to pollution of the coast around Thanet,

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In Italy, the fixed mass death of birds. Video


7.01.11.Italyanskie experts investigate the cause of death of four hundred pigeons found dead along a road near the town of Faenza in the Northern Italian province of Ravenna, RIA Novosti reported. They could become a victim of an epidemic or chemical poisoning, because the area has several factories.

January 1, in the U.S. state of Arkansas has killed more than three thousand dead blackbirds. Scientists have suggested that they have lost their way because of the explosion of firecrackers and fireworks, disoriented in space and began crashing into homes, cars and each other.

In addition, about sixty dead

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In Turkey, the recorded cases of mass death of birds


10.01.11.Proizoshel another case of unexplained mass bird deaths. This time it happened in Turkey. Fall to the ground a few dozen sparrows occurred near the city of Bursa, the newspaper Milliyet.

Now engaged in the investigation of Turkish expert ornithologists. "There was something special, and we take it seriously, but we believe that there is no cause for alarm," — said the representative of the Municipality of Bursa.

Note that in the New Year's Eve around 4 thousand blackbirds dropped dead in the vicinity of the small town Biib (Arkansas) in the U.S., and later large groups of

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Vets find out the cause of mass death of calves in Khakassia

Experts find out the cause of death of 91 calves in one of the breeding centers of Khakassia after handling animals from parasites, said the deputy head of the State Veterinary Inspectorate Khakassia Vladimir Vasiliev.

Calves first year of life died in breeding plant "Borodino" Bograd Khakassia region on June 18, earlier in the day, the animals were treated with medication for parasites, which is commonly used in veterinary medicine. In a herd of young calves was 180.

"In the pathological material, selected for the study, actually observed phosphorus-organic compounds. These substances can result in death, but as long as

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Astrakhan region teen killed Lightning

In the Astrakhan region 17-year-old was killed by a lightning strike, the correspondent IA REGNUM July 12, the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Astrakhan region.

As set initial inquiry, July 8, a group of teenagers resting on the river bank Enotaevka. Later in the afternoon a heavy rain storm, and teenagers decided to hide in the set on the banks of the tent, but one of them wanted to stay near the shore. According to eyewitnesses, the lightning hit him, and he fell to the ground. Attempts to render first aid to

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The death of the bees in the Nizhny Novgorod region


NIZHNY NOVGOROD, August 23. Department for ensuring the safe handling of pesticides and agrochemicals Rosselkhoznadzor revealed a number of serious irregularities in the use of drugs in food crops. Events were held in connection with the applications of citizens of the death of bees after treatment fields.

The audit found that the treatment was carried out with the use of aircraft by unauthorized pesticide "Tanrek." Damage to nature while experts estimate. However, even without a preliminary assessment of the environmental center manager "Dodo" Askhat Kayumov said a significant reduction in bee populations.

"Count for sure — no one will

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