The death toll from floods in Thailand reached 564 people

The death toll of the catastrophic floods in Thailand has reached 564 people, and two others are missing. This was reported today in the Office for the Prevention of flood country. Flooded are still 20 of the 76 provinces of the kingdom. At the moment the flood directly affected 5.3 million people.

Since July, when the north of Thailand hit tropical storm Nock-Ten, the disaster were 63 provinces. As a result, the kingdom suffered more than 11 million people. Nearly 1 million people sought medical help. Almost a quarter of a million people were left homeless. Flooded 15 thousand companies,

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In the Kirov region deaths 70,000 chickens


9.10.12.Veterinary believe that tens of thousands of birds are dying of hunger. But the management of poultry Kostinskaya denies death on such a scale

Factory farming is agricultural holding "Kirovhleb" recently experienced problems with food, and with electricity. The complicated situation has led to massive loss of chickens at poultry Kostinskaya.

Sergei Chuchalin, Head of Veterinary Kirov Region: — Factory farming is agricultural holding "Kirovhleb" in recent months have trouble with food. October 5 was checked at a poultry farm — Kostinskaya — food did not exist. With the needs of 33 tons moved 10 tons, and not every

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In Estonia die waxwings


Waxwing.Photo: Eesti Loomakaitse Selts

14.10.12.V past three days Estonian Humane Society has received reports of dead waxwings. Determination of the cause of death of birds involved the Environmental Inspectorate and the Department of Veterinary and food supervision.

The first mention of the seven dead waxwings found on the corner of Komeedi and Koidu in Tallinn, received public information hotline on 11 October around 15.00. The next day, this information is coming from both Tallinn and from Viimsi. In total, the Estonian SPCA learned of the death of 60 birds.

"Since the exact cause of death too early to

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780.000 victims of earthquakes in the past decade

November 4. Earthquakes, which account for about 60 percent of all natural disasters related to the victims, according to a study claimed more than 780.000 lives in the last ten years, according to the journal "The Lancet". Apart from these cases, the earthquake had a direct effect on the two billion. The most deadly earthquake January 12, 2010 a magnitude 7.0 in Haiti, which has brought the victim in 316.000 people. This was followed by 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami generated by an earthquake of magnitude 9.1 — killed 227.000 people. Third — May 12, 2008 7.9 in the

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Residents still ischyut answers to the death of thousands of birds

October 29. Ministry of Natural Resources is investigating after the death of hundreds of birds and fish. Local residents noticed the dead fish on the beach a few weeks ago and a few dead birds in early September. In Ontario, the number of dead birds is estimated to be between 5000 and 6000. "It's pretty scary." Ministry of Natural Resources announced that the death may be the result of botulism. Botulism thrives in a lack of oxygen in the environment. Source: CTV

The mass death of birds in Perm. Photo


9.08.11.V edition addressed user, who spoke about the deaths of birds as recorded in the private sector Nagorno neighborhood.

According to the Climate Kanaeva, the morning of 9 August, at its garden plot, he found more than a dozen dead tits. The same situation was observed in the neighboring areas. Klim channel, user In all there are no traces of any injuries. Ditto on the neighboring site. Maybe a lot of them and they did not die in one place, but everywhere, and, apparently, all at once.

According to men, the situation is no better in the

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In Voronezh Reservoir fish died. Video. Photo


Photo by Alexander Zinchenko

08.05.11. — We noticed that something was wrong three days ago, when the water in the backwater for no reason, no reason is highlighted in pink — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Maslovka neighborhood residents.

— Soon after, on the surface of the water was a dead fish float.

To parse the causes of environmental disasters on Friday, August 5, the place went specialists from several departments: RPN, Rospotrebnadzor, fishing control.

— We have selected a sample of water for analysis, the results will be ready in five days — told us Sergei Turchaninov, Head

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Fish kills in Udmurtia


Massive fish kills occurred in the area Vavozhskom Photo:

4.08.11.Vavozh. Udmurtia. Vavozhskaya fish die due to elevated nitrite in water.

According to the press service of the State Veterinary Udmurt Republic, the facts of mass death of fish were found in the rivers of Uva and Vala July 29 of this year. Water sample and dead fish showed maximum permissible dose of nitrite — almost 5 times, ammonium ions — 2 times. That is what caused the death of fish. By the fact of review.

Source: Susanin

In the district of Bashkortostan Kuyurgazinskom mass death of fish


8.08.11.V Kuyurgazinskom Bashkortostan region near the village of Old Joy River Yushatyr detected mass death of fish. According to estimates of the Ministry of the visual nature and ecology of the Republic, killed approximately 30 kilograms of juveniles.

Meleuz area committee MoE region together with the Department of the Middle TU RB Rosrybolovstva surveyed banks Yushatyrya. Source of water pollution during the inspection was not found. Therefore, to determine the causes plague fish was taken water samples. One of the possible causes of death of fish — poaching using elektroudochki, the press service of the ministry.

Work to identify

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Fish kill in Georgia



03.08.2011, Tbilisi 2:35:13 In the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (Georgia) recorded a fish kill.

As explained in the Ministry of Environment, the reasons of their death was asphyxia — lowering the concentration of oxygen in the water due to the intense heat.

According to the Ministry, killing even hardy fish such as carp and grass carp and mullet, which migrated from the Black Sea to the lake. The situation on the lakes and other water bodies Adjara regularly monitor employees MEP. After the death of fish exposed to the appropriate area sanitized. Damage from the massive

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