Konsumeristskie body

Chapters from the book "Human being. Western culture, health and body control"2000.

Dmitry V. Michael — Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of "sociology, social anthropology and social work" SGTU

A special role in modern Western culture is now playing practice self-control, aimed at maintaining the health and care of your own body. Being healthy — it's imperative, which is now followed voluntarily. The formation of modern culture that denies death, causes a huge number of people are pay more attention to your body and being. Following Michael Fiterstounom we call a culture konsumeristskoy. Consumerism — is the result of

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Orthodox outlawed. Following is the Motherland

Apparently, our government morally ready to outlaw the slogan "Homeland or Death." Yes, yes, the call made by going to certain destruction (incidentally, FOR U.S. TO YOU!) Our fathers and grandfathers, rising to attack the enemy's trenches, covering their bodies loopholes German bunkers, rushing for tanks with a bunch of grenades, ramming enemy aircraft. Or just with knives and sticks — that came to this point.

How else do you want to realize a decision Cheryomushki district court in Moscow on 21 December 2010, by which motto "Orthodoxy or perdition"(As motto "Russia for the Russian") is officially recognized as an

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In the United States because of errors investigation were sentenced to death 27 people

FBI conducts unprecedented scale revision of old criminal cases. Experts have found that over the past 40 years as a result of errors of forensic experts to death were sentenced 27 people.

Official results of the federal test are not yet available, so the number of wrongly sentenced to death, people can grow, writes The Washington Post. The investigation is ongoing and is expected, its results will be announced in late August.

The newspaper said the FBI experts have already learned about 21.7 thousand cases and found them more than 120 errors

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A new era of the Libyan people

With the death of Colonel Gaddafi ended in a very sad chapter in the history of Libya. However, at the same time, it (the death of former Libyan leader) means the beginning of a new era for the Libyan people, and we hope that what I saw in Tripoli on Thursday, the desire of Libyans to build a new democratic society to make a truly

Hillary Clinton

Konsumeristskoe body without aging

In konsumeristskoy culture advertised media image of youthful, slender body is in seeming contradiction with the life of bodies belonging to the "third age". Relation to the senile body in many ways fits into the formula that brought Baudrillard. "Old age has only a marginal and highly antisocial particle of life."1 With all the radicalism of this statement, it pretends to best express the meaning of the ratio of modern Western culture to the bodies of the "third age". Let us consider more closely the processes that give the right to formulate such statements.

In traditionalist cultures, old age

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In anticipation of the big bang in the Death Valley

In anticipation of the big bang in the Valley of Death Danger Zone

Death Valley, intermountain basin in the Mojave Desert, was formed 800 years ago — later than previously thought. Geologists have determined that the crater Yubihibi in the California valley width of 800 meters and a depth of 180 meters is not formed by a prehistoric volcanic explosion, and that the conditions for the further changes exist today.

Presumably the crater was formed when rising magma column passed through the accumulation of ground water by activating the explosive processes. During phreatomagmatic explosion erupted superheated steam, volcanic ash and

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Teens in U.S. prisons

Prisons in the United States sits 90,000 minors. America — one of the few countries in the world where the death penalty is sentenced adolescents from 13-14 years of age. However, in the "framework of humanization" they replaced penalty with life imprisonment. Adolescents with the verdict — over 2 million.

The judicial system in the U.S. — one of the most stringent in the world. In many ways, it contains even a medieval elements. One of these elements — the ratio of systems to crimes teenagers. If cigarettes and alcohol in most states, they do not sell to 21 years,

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Sister brother threw the dried up during the harvest



In Japan, the two sisters lived for more than a year in an apartment with the mummified corpse of his brother before his death found. The remains of 48-year-old Macao Tadano were found in his bedroom during the harvest before moving to a new home. It was found that the deceased had long before his death began to lead an extremely secluded life, preferring not to go out of his room. According to the women, the last time they saw

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Do not touch the Pole, and it does not smell


Part 1. In Washington, during the presentation of the highest awards of the country, one of them posthumously intended Polish resistance fighter Jan Karski, spread the truth about the crimes of the Nazis in Poland, made by President Obama. In his speech, Barack Huseynovich, recalling the feat Pole made an unfortunate reservation — called a concentration camp, who was on the territory of Poland, "Polish death camp."

Reaction from Poland was immediate: in spite of the late hour in Washington immediately came note of protest. Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski accused the president of the United States in

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Earthquake in Myanmar

Earthquake in Myanmar Natural Disasters

In the mountainous region of northern Myanmar, an earthquake, a magnitude of which was originally identified as a 7.0 magnitude, but later reduced to 6.8 points. Depth shock, recorded only 186 km from the city of Mandalay, was 9.8 km. According to local media reports, the death toll was at least 5 people. All of them at the time of death were near collapsing bridge, which run through the Irrawaddy River, the bridge was built by 80%.

In areas of the country, close to the epicenter, there have been numerous destruction, people received

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