North Sulawesi hit by landslides

The current rainy season has repeatedly contributed to the landslides in different parts of Indonesia. At this time a natural disaster has occurred in the capital of the province of North Sulawesi. Along with landslides in the city collapsed and floods.

It is learned that over the weekend death toll to 13-man. Three of the victims from the province of Jambi on about. Sumatra, including 14-lenego teenager could not cope with the flow of gushing water while swimming and drowned. Similarly, another fisherman was killed in a small channel. Flooding occurred in this place after a strong raising

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In Udmurtia, mass death of pigs


12.01.11. January 7 this year in one of the buildings of pig LLC "Pychassky pig 'n Pychas. Mozhginsky District Udmurt Republic there was mass death of pigs. As the press-service of Rosselkhoznadzor for SD only fell 136 pigs.

January 8 at the scene left a commission of experts Rosselkhoznadzor for SD, SD and BS Department of Agriculture SD. Found that the most likely cause of death of animals is chemical poisoning. To accurately determine the cause of mass death of pigs specialists samples were pathological material, blood, etc., aimed at Udmurt veterinary diagnostic center. The laboratory

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Bird deaths recorded in Beijing


21.01.11.Massovaya death of wild birds recorded in the suburban area of Beijing — near the village Shatszyin, dozens of dead blackbirds, mallards and magpies, are found along the river banks Xiaoqing, reported local media on Friday. Local residents fear that they could be carriers of a disease.

"We did not find a dead bird or avian flu signs of some other infectious disease," — said the center of the sanitary-epidemiological control, ITAR-TASS reported.

He did not rule out that they died of hunger and adverse weather conditions. However, experts point out, ornithologists that birds can for a long time

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40,000 dead crabs in England. Photo. Video

Animals thousands of dead crabs washed ashore on the beaches of Palm Bay and Margate, presumably they died from hypothermia, as December was colder than usual and blocked the 120 year record cold in these latitudes. Piles of rotting corpses crustaceans washes ashore with every prilivom.V currently establishing the cause of their death, addressing all versii.Vzyaty samples for research. Expert in the field of environmental protection Farooq Farooq Mulla said that the cause of death was what the disease or virus. More than 40 million dead crabs crabs largest UK led to pollution of the coast around Thanet,

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On the shores of the North of Peru noted the mass death of dolphins


Lima, Feb. 10 / Xinhua / — Last week at the 106-km long beach in the province of Lambayeque in northern Peru was recorded the death of more than 200 dolphins. The cause of this phenomenon remains unclear.

In addition to emissions of dolphins on the beach, in the sea and on the shore were found a large number of dead fish. Local fishermen reported a massive loss of anchovies.

The reason for the mass death of dolphins remains unknown. The head of the association of fish farms Province Mr. Lambayeque believes that the dolphins were killed, most likely

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Sam Man. New methods of resuscitation

Sam a Man — The head of the intensive care unit of the University Medical Center at Stony Brook (New York) said that deceased person can be saved even after 3 hours after his death! And it's not just the words, it really uses it in practice …

From the moment he took office, he moved from the UK to the U.S., was saved a lot of patients: the chance to go back from the dead rose from 16% to 30%.

Briton says he does not do miracles

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In the river, Poltava Erik mass death of fish. Video


7.07.11.Rechka Poltava Erik Kuban ceased to be a popular destination among anglers rybakov.Po words, instead of the past catch two to three pounds a day is hard to catch at least one live fish. Local residents believe that the blame for what is happening is that the pond drains waste meat. Fish began to float belly-up, and the blood trickling from the gills.

The fact that the fish are dying, in the department of natural resources and the state environmental control Krasnodar region have learned from the media STC. Now experts are already working on the ground. As

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Loss of livestock in Buryatia. Video


20.09.12.Zhiteli Kokorin village and then found the bodies of their cows in the fields. What was the cause of death, and who blame their troubles pet owners?

— The bull is a huge, look, it must grow for three years, villagers feed … sound the alarm. Since late August, the cattle of the villagers Kokorin now and then does not return to the pasture. Look for animals sent to the field, but there is not quite caught a nice picture. — They lie there, please, lie everywhere, stink. My right to my eyes going, going, gone drinking and

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In Italy, the fixed mass death of birds. Video


7.01.11.Italyanskie experts investigate the cause of death of four hundred pigeons found dead along a road near the town of Faenza in the Northern Italian province of Ravenna, RIA Novosti reported. They could become a victim of an epidemic or chemical poisoning, because the area has several factories.

January 1, in the U.S. state of Arkansas has killed more than three thousand dead blackbirds. Scientists have suggested that they have lost their way because of the explosion of firecrackers and fireworks, disoriented in space and began crashing into homes, cars and each other.

In addition, about sixty dead

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Loss of livestock in South Africa


Photo from:

12.09.12.Nkangala, Mpumalanga — Mpumalanga Department of Agriculture is investigating the recent deaths of at least 29 head of cattle in the Nkangala region.

"Farmers have reported that they began to see their sick animals in the past few days," spokesman Bheki Nyathikazi said in a statement on Wednesday.

In cattle, as reported, loss of coordination and muscle control, including death. Samples were collected from the carcasses to determine the exact cause of death.

Although deaths have been investigated, the department said livestock area was generally in poor condition at this time of year. This was

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