A man decides to suicide, when under the influence of certain circumstances of his life loses meaning. But his loss — albeit a necessary but not sufficient condition for suicidal behavior. Need more overestimation of death. Death must acquire a certain sense, and then the idea of it can become a target activity. And finally, the events are often pushing to suicide, causing a powerful blow to the values of the person.

The decision to commit suicide — an act of moral choice. Preferring suicide, a person relates his motive and result, accepts responsibility for self-destruction or shifts

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For crimes in Russia are not judged, but for preventing them — the death penalty

True death penalty commuted to life, we're such humane

April 7 at night in the city of Tula region Bogoroditsk to local businessman broke into the house armed robbers who demanded money. The victim in the city there are several grocery stores. After the money attackers course, no one has given, they started beating bits of the entrepreneur, as well as his wife and children.

52-year-old man grabbed a kitchen knife, a refuge from the death of his family, he went alone to the four robbers, who besides bit also had a gun and knives. Although he was hit hard

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Rites and sacraments 13 films to watch online

The release includes the following films in the series "The rituals and sacraments"

Israel. Perdition As interpreted by death in different religions? For the Christian, it is one thing, but for a completely different Hindu. But, despite the death of a different perception and different attitudes to the dead, in all cultures, it is perceived as natural, inevitable and mysterious.

India. Double wedding

Israel. Adult

Hindu Samsara Each Hindu rituals passes the current cycle, the main religious ceremony accompanying the Hindu from birth to death. For Hindus, the main thing in

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What lies behind the feature of life

Each person is very much afraid of death, because none of us know and can not imagine what is hidden below the living. In medicine, there is the concept of "clinical death".

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This condition is characterized in that the external vital signs have disappeared, but the metabolic processes in different tissues remain. And

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Who will follow?

This year has brought us a lot of losses. In summer, we were shocked by the catastrophic death of the deputy chief of the Head Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the General Staff of 52-year-old Major-General Yuri Ivanov.

October started more disastrously. Gen., past Chief of Intelligence Glavkomat Interior Ministry, 47-year-old Victor Chevrizov committed "suicide" for shooting himself in the head with a pistol premium right in the entrance.

October 29. Balashihinskiy District, Capital Region. Vorachivalsya home from a meeting of the staff on the rally to protest against the "military reform" Serdyukov Gen.-Lieutenant Dubrov GK The house, in other

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Heaven and Hell: Answers to questions

where we come from and where we leave?

I have to say that referring to the book of Nicholas Levashova "Last call to humanity," the writing of this article. It was this book allowed me to see the world through different eyes! I would like to write a series of articles about what is happening around us really is. Article for those who may pause for a moment, in this furious pace and scope of the convention, and you wonder: what does it all, why are we here, why, what our true purpose. With the new-scientific

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The experiments of Dr. Duncan McDougall

April 1, 2012 11:12

April 10, 1901, in Dorchester, Massachusetts, was conducted an unusual experiment. Dr. Duncan MacDougall was going to prove that a lot of the human soul can be measured.

What is the weight soul?

In his clinic, Dr. Duncan MacDougall built a special bed, which was a huge scale with high sensitivity, up to a few grams. He was laying on the bed in series six patients in dying stages. Observed, mainly tuberculosis patients, as they are in the dying hours were in real estate, which was the perfect occasion to exact mechanism of thin

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British officer took a photo of the march of ghosts in Borneo

September 28, 2012 14:53

Fan of military history, John Talloch despite hardening, resulting in the years of military service, almost speechless when I saw the ghosts of soldiers killed in the Second World War. Traveling to places of military glory of Her Majesty's Army, retired major areas taking photos, one way or another connected with the events of seventy years ago. And on one of the pictures, he suddenly noticed a mysterious silhouettes resembling ghosts.

British officer made the photo "march of ghosts" in BorneoJohn Tulloch /

It was summer 2010 on the island of Kalimantan (Borneo), writes

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Mass death of fish. Tom river

In Tom in the CHP Seversk again lost fish. This was the news agency reported TV2 Head of Natural Resources Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Tomsk region Victor Sirotin. According to him, the day before (September 26) fisheries inspector was recorded fish kill in the Tom river.

"It happened in the area of the southern exit channel CHP SCC Seversk the river Tom. Discovered the fish kill Inspector Fisheries, he drove by and saw a large number of gulls on the island in the area. Typically, when a lot of birds — so there is some food

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The Tibetan Book of the Dead

November 24, 2011 23:54

The film consists of two parts of the "Way of Life" and "The Great Liberation" of 45 minutes each. We could not prepare his birth, but we can prepare for death. Wonderful and inspiring words Dalai Lama 14 can help many to reconsider their attitude to death.

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