Stages of dying

In the face of death, a person is going through a series of sequential steps. One of the first who followed the path of dying from the moment they learned of the imminent end to his last breath, was Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. According to her observations, all the dying go through five stages.

Denial. The words, "No, I do not" — the most common and normal human reaction to an ad he lethal diagnosis. Depending on how much a person is able to take control of the event and how much support is provided by surrounding him, he overcomes this

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Death by wasps

In Uralsk — the invasion of wasps. Insects fly into apartments, houses, they are not resting on summer residences and parks. Their bites are suffering not only children but also adults. And recently wasps zazhalili death 63-year old pensioner.

In a private house in the town of Vladimir Vedenitskogo Comintern wasps made a nest and did not give the owners peace of mind. Man tried to remove aspen, then to ease off insects dichlorvos. But disturbed wasps attacked a man and began to sting him relentlessly. "My husband at the time was shirtless, and wasps were biting it in

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Think if our brain? On the face of impossible number 21 — 2003




According to common belief, the brain — is the thinking machine that receives information, processes, and decides how to proceed in each case. However, there are scientists who believe that our brains are not capable of thinking as a psychological process imposed beyond. The question arises whether

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Ukraine to investigate the cause of mass death of dolphins in the Black Sea

To determine the cause of the mass death of dolphins in the Black Sea in the Ukraine, a special commission. Last weekend at the seaside Kinburn Spit wave threw six dead dolphins. Three of them were found shot and wounded.

Experts do not exclude that in the fishing nets hit a flock of dolphins, which shot to rescue gear.

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine stressed that the investigation of the causes of death of dolphins Representatives from the international public organization "The Black Sea Council for Marine Mammals."

In case of violations of environmental legislation relevant material

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Dolphins in Peru died of natural causes

The death of thousands of dolphins near the northern coast of Peru, in April this year due to natural causes and not human activity or the impact of a new bacterium, said Tuesday the South American country of production Minister Gladys Triveni.

According to her, the conclusion reached by scientists from the Institute of Sea Peru, conducted the necessary studies. Documents issued by them suggests that dolphins are facing a process of natural selection, in which only the strongest survive individual.

"It happens from time to time, this is not the first time: such cases are recorded in New Zealand,

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Vedism against the religion of slaves

Substitution Vedic Orthodox Christian holidays … The cult of Osiris cult Atys, Adonis cult, the cult of Dionysus … and the cult of Christ! All these cults united only one thing — they appear only in the countries where reigned SLAVERY! And they were intended only to keep the slaves in bondage to give these people the "explanation" of why they are slaves, and what they need to do to get rid of it. And they gave them with only one option — to get all the office until his death, and if not meekly accept their share of the

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And what are you sick: the good, the bad and the ugly?




Psychologists say: there is nothing that changes the nature of man as a chronic disease. Let us together with Professor of Psychiatry Michael Vinogradova discuss what features of the "rewards" or that illness and how to deal with loved ones

And what are you sick: the good, the bad and the ugly?

Sleeping pill kills

People who take sleeping pills at least twice a month, run the risk of serious health and life. U.S. scientists calculated that the sedative pill increases the risk of sudden death in 4 times. These conclusions were employees of the California Family Center of sleep, watching over the 2 years of the state of 10 thousand volunteers who regularly took pills at night. The mortality rate among them is much higher than in the control group. Specialists claim that preparations containing phenazepam and zolpidem, each year lead to the death of about 500 thousand Americans. According to

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Psychology death and dying is very complex. Existing studies focus primarily quantitative side of the issue: the degree and intensity of the concerns people fear experienced by them in this regard.

Fold in recent years, an interdisciplinary field of research — thanatology (From the Greek "Thanatos" — death) Essentially specifies the everyday understanding of death and dying.

The idea of an inevitable and imminent death significantly alters consciousness. But it makes clear his or distort? In the face of death, all the selfish calculations and everyday squabbles appear insignificant, not worth the attention, the scale of assessment of

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Registered in the Amur Bay mass death of fish

Beijing, June 15 (New Region, Daria Neklyudova) — In Peninsula De Vries in Vladivostok found the mass death of fish. Examination of samples of dead fish did not reveal the content of harmful substances, the representative of the Pacific Research Fisheries Centre.

"According to experts, Zamora was due to lack of oxygen in the water. This is not the first fish kills in the Amur Bay, which occurred because of this. This should be matched by several factors, first of all — the absence of currents and the presence of a great number of organic matter, because of what strengthens

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