Terminal states: Milestones in a better world

Life the human body is subject to certain rhythms, all processes in it are subject to certain physiological laws. According to this unwritten code we are born, live and die. Death is any physiological process has certain stages varying degrees of reversibility. But there is a certain "point of no return" after which the motion is only one-sided. Terminal (from the Latin. terminalis — end, the last one) are called border state between life and death, when gradually and consistently violated and lost the function of various organs and systems. It is one of the possible outcomes of different

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Mithras cult of the Sun

February 16, 2013 19:24

Mysteries — Spiritual Synthesis.

In studying this topic, we will treat you as to the historical and esoteric sources. All the streams and sources horonyaschim essence of this ancient worship of the sun.

Mitra is the god of the sun. True God of creation and rebirth "Apokatostazis" which can be translated as the posthumous rehabilitation.

Legend of Mitra says that he was born out of the mountain on December 25, like the ancient Titans of ancient Greece. Cult it was extended from Syria to Britain, almost all over the ancient Roman Empire. Ancient

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Scientists have proven the existence of life after death!

October 30, 2012 21:53

Experts managed to prove the theory that each person has a soul that remains live after cardiac arrest.

According to the anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, which is one of the study authors, the human soul is something more fundamental than the conventional neurons. That is, the consciousness of the universe always existed, it is possible that from the time when there was a big bang. As experts say, when cardiac activity stops, the information that is stored in the brain does not die but keeps "its way into the universe." This may explain that the people

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On the shores of the North of Peru noted the mass death of dolphins

In the last week for 106 miles of beach in the province of Lambayeque in northern Peru was recorded deaths of more than 200 dolphins. The cause of this phenomenon remains unclear.

In addition to emissions of dolphins on the beach, in the sea and on the shore were found a large number of dead fish. Local fishermen reported a massive loss of anchovies.

The reason for the mass death of dolphins remains unknown. The head of the association of fish farms Province Mr. Lambayeque believes that the dolphins were killed, most likely due to the fact

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Divers detectives 6 movies watch online

This exciting new series of National Geographic dedicated to underwater adventures. It is distinguished by great photography, scenic pictures of the underwater world and the intriguing detective line

Cemetery subs / Submarine Graveyard After a fatal accident during the second world war in the Philippines sank two submarines United States. Will the "Underwater detectives" to find them?

Death of warships / Warships Down We explore two days of lying on the Lake Ontario perfectly preserved warships sunk as a result of an unexpected flurry in 1813.

The Ninth Wave / Rogue Wave Using new technology, the team will

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American School — Centre for dictators

In 1946, the Yankees had been created Institute hemispheric cooperation in the field of security (hereinafter — Institute) For the purpose of training in the fight against drug traffickers. Over the 57 years of this self-taught training center for more than 60 thousand people, most of them focused on the job in the countries of Latin America.

Subsequent fascinating fact: the alumni of the Institute are constantly getting Veterans or their assistants in the coming pro-American regimes. The order in these countries on the basis of sustained and merciless execution frisky with all dissidents and complete disregard for human

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Lies and Statistics

In this issue — medical news.

In health care — innovation. Now, all (or almost all, if possible) deaths dopensionnogo age in hospitals told (unofficially) to classify as a result of alcohol / drug abuse / other bad habits.

For example, a young girl dies in childbirth. Clean, well-kept, family. Rarely, but it happens. Congenital defects, non-standard reaction to medication … is all. But in the end the cause of death write "alcohol intoxication."

Or dying 40-year-old businessman from a heart attack. A formal reason — an overdose of drugs.


The causal relationship is quite simple: a) Before

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The mass death of bees in Mordovia

5.07.11.Analogichnoe incident was already in the area Insar culprits there installed. Fined the company "AgroGard" that sprinkled field chemicals, which led to the death of insects.

In Bolshebereznikovskom's situation was repeated, with the only difference being that the cause was not determined. As in INSAR err on the wrong treatment in adjacent fields, but the experts, which took dead bees for research, the exact answer is not given. Agricultural firm that handles local field, did not even try to start a dialogue with the victims beekeepers.

AuthorIvan Feskov

Source:STRC Mordovia

Beekeepers from

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Mystery death of Tutankhamun: the scientists are at a loss




Egyptian scientists are going to examine the mummy of Tutankhamun and find out what it is from about 3 thousand years ago, died this most famous of all the pharaohs.

By the end of November, is expected to transport the mummy of Tutankhamun in Luxor, where it

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Secret project to demoralize mankind. Covert operation to create a third gender

January 24, 2013 3:32

Many models die early and not his death. Official police reports annually a report on the world-famous model who died "under mysterious circumstances". What these women pay with their lives? — Multibillion-dollar business on the bones. — Why half of the top models do not die a natural death? — For the first time on television confession Russian girlfriend main Lovelace planet Hugh Hefner. — Who and why founded the magazine playboy and what secret mission fulfilled its designers over the years? — Who was involved in the death of

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