Ulyanovsk region massively dying fish

There are fears that plague can spread throughout the Kuibyshev reservoir. According to the villagers Mullovka Melekessky area from October 3 at a local pond fish die en masse. According to unconfirmed reports, the cause could be released into the lake of industrial waste distillery, which is located nearby.

As the site "Vremena.ru" gosekokontrolya employees and experts of the regional ecological Chamber confirmed the death of the fish — reported the presence of many dead carp, carp, pike and other inhabitants of the pond.

Especially wary of the fact that the poisoned pond has access to the Kuibyshev reservoir, and

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What will be the end of the world?

January 4, 2012 14:29

In the culture of every nation of the world there are stories about how, in what scenario will be an end.

Just some of it is about the death of the universe, and some, confident cycling world, believe that after the apocalypse comes a new world. Mankind are so used to the fact that from time to time he prophesied the death of someone that does not pay attention to all kinds of projections near doomsday theories can be divided into three groups: scientific, pseudo-scientific, and religious. The latter include, for example, the predictions of

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Cimmerian magician

January 2, 2012 21:04

In the most stagnant years of the Soviet period Crimean village Koktebel became the island of freedom, which sought romance, poets, mystics and astrologers. Magnificent natural aura bestowed them a powerful impulse of creative inspiration.

A well-known around the world this piece of Crimean land, bearing the ancient name of Cimmeria, was by Maximilian Voloshin. Fine artist, deep poet, philosopher, traveler, visionary and psychic lived in Koktebel his best years. Fan of Johann Kaspar Lavater theories that laid the foundation of science of physiognomy and predict the fate of the faces, Voloshin had in his

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That’s weird (9 assists) watch online

The world is a storehouse of history and science, things that fascinate is kept secret, but that do not give sleep in what is the solution, but others are incomprehensible. Can I at one point abyss without a trace? Three people missing from a yacht off the coast of Australia. Maybe they were abducted intruders? In the woods of Vermont without a trace lost 8 man. Maybe on their attacked by snow man? Before the close of Tasmania was missing pilot, someone has pursued. Maybe his plane was shot down by a UFO? Our world is very weird, it

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Clothing, lips, eyes black as night sulfuric




Having met a grim creation of Krasnodar on the street, do not be afraid — it's Goth * goes for a walk in the cemetery

GOTKA — black tights Olya white powdered face, sharply defined "coal" eyes, hair, nails and clothes — raven, in the ears — silver

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ROC: Warrior life

The Russians, who managed to keep common sense and at least some — the ability to analyze, much of what is happening in the country, is frightened, if not more. That there seems to be the territory is, what — no government, there is even a church, but that the state in which to live and work for the good of the people and not myself. In the near future, it seems, is not expected.

Events related to the trial of the nationals, violated certain canons of worship have highlighted a huge problem, not only historically, but first of

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Birth of the Sun — Kolyada

December 21 — The Birth of the Sun (Winter Solstice, Christmas Carols) — celebrated the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.

Now it falls on December 21. Time of the winter solstice — the beginning of astronomical winter.

Carol — the god of the newborn sun. On this day, the ancient Slavs arranged holiday in honor of Christmas Carols. Singing songs, praising the gods, Kalyada praised for having turned the sun in the spring. People were happy that despite the cold weather, the day will now begin to add up, the sun in the sky will shine longer

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Clinical death — to reach the heavens.

Apparent death. There are people who have gone through it and already know what awaits them on the other side. Does this knowledge to live next to them, or just the way? Can the man himself introduce yourself in this state, and that such holotropicheskaya therapy? Let's look for answers in the article.

Watch online The most incredible artificial clinical death

Whether it is possible, based on abundant evidence to prove the existence of life after death, the existence of heaven or hell, or for this phenomenon is the

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Hello, Im from another world!

January 3, 2012 1:53

When most of us hear the stories about the contacts of people living with the dead, the first reaction is usually disbelief. The man is quite flexible mind, and the thoughts of the deceased, fatigue or stress state may well provoke a dialogue with the "ghosts." This will explain to you any psychologist. But is it all just as it seems at first glance?

Posthumous letter to stamp

Once the editor of a newspaper received a letter from Mary M. Bonner, a resident of Podolsk. Woman claimed that recently she always has to communicate

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Birds killed testing kosmooruzhiya

Experts have linked the shooting a member of Congress that oversees the development of space weapons, and Masov sea birds.

Scientists have linked the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, oversaw the military-space complex, with a massive plague of birds. Bird watchers around the world can not figure out the cause of mass death of birds. U.S., Sweden, Canada, Italy, China, Japan and Russia are faced with a mysterious global plague of birds. Flocks bodied birds suddenly falling from the sky, carpeting the ground. — The dead carcasses everywhere: on the highway, on the roofs of cars, on the

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