Smoked fish — the cause of sudden premature death


14.12.12.V recent increase in cases of sudden premature death in middle age after the feast. Cause of death, along with the abundant use of alcohol was smoked fish, which is not really smoke, and paint and dipped in liquid smoke — a dangerous carcinogen that causes cancer and banned in the developed world.

Unscrupulous manufacturers choose cheap spoiled fish and smoke it without the smoke and fire, and such products in the stores and food markets about 90 percent. For the sake of a quick profit fish do not heat treated in a salt solution, in which she is

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25.04.12.Atkarsky farmer complains of death fry


25.04.12.V Editor IA "version-Saratov" turned farmer from the village of Novaya Ivanovka Atkarsk district Vlad Gavin, who reported that someone had poisoned all the fish in his pond.

According to him, it was the so-called "mother pond" in which he bred carp. In total, killed about 16 million fish fry and more than 20,000 adult carp and carp.

Told rybozavodchik, the death of the fish became known last spring, when the snow melted. "The bank was found about 170 bottles of liquid to clean sanitation. On their appearance could be said that they have lain there

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15.05.12.V Feodosiya bay crabs die


15.05.12.Vsled for the massive loss of anchovy and dolphins in the Bay of Feodosia was threatened population of sand crabs.

As the correspondent of the portal "" deputies Seaside Village Council (Big Feodosia), today the team of the local executive committee went to the area of the so-called Sand beams, where these days marked by the mass death of sandy crab.

"Crab ikryannoy, does not go ashore, dies in shallow water. I do not know whether this is connected with the dolphins, but the facts speak for themselves, first fish on the shore, then the Dolphins, and

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20.06.12.Gibel fish in Bratsk. Video


20.06.12.Pochemu killed the fish? This issue in the newsroom asked BLS Padun resident. The man backed up his words with video — it is filmed the day before: these frames — the bay, which is located between Padun and energy. According to the man, he changed his mind after seeing fish: he was concerned not so much dead fry as foamy water's edge. By the way, that day no one dared to fish, but this place is popular with local fishermen and motorists. What caused the mass death of fish larvae, it is not clear, although at a specified

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Ecology of Germany led to the mass death of bees


21.06.12.V Germany, the prices of natural products, including honey. According to a representative of the manufacturer of honey Langnese, honey rose markedly over the past two years, and the future trend will continue.

The main reason for rising prices — ecology. The fact that climate change and environmental pollution leading to mass death of bees, so get natural honey gets harder. On the other hand, the Court prohibited the sale of honey from genetically modified pollen, resulting in significantly increased costs to the analysis of the final product, according to RP online.

Langnese honey produced in 1958. Now, this

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Off the coast of Ecuador are still dying turtles


2.10.12.Posle discovery on Monday of five dead sea turtles, the statistics of the death of these animals in the last month has risen to 26 only in the canton of Playas. However, the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador argue that until Sunday the death was registered only 21 turtles.

Employees of state agencies are investigating the cause. Hypothesis, which express the local fishermen and fishing leaders of trade unions, and that, in principle, shared sea coast guard officers and the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture, is that turtles entangled in fishing gear or collide with vessels that go to

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In Novosibirsk, the pigeons were more likely to die


29.08.12.Zharkoe summer affected the number of birds in Novosibirsk fewer waterfowl and pigeons are often die under the wheels.

Told Ph.D. ornithologist Alex Yanovsky, a drought this year led to a reduction in the area of wetlands. This has a negative impact on the number of waterfowl and waterfowl. In the Novosibirsk region decreased population of ducks, geese, swans, gulls, terns and waders.

Ornithologist confirmed that the pigeons that live in the city have become more die from disease and accidents. "In many flocks of young, inexperienced, they are subject to disease and death from accidents," — said Alexei

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29.06.12.Gibel 70 green turtles in Australia


29.06.12.Uchenye can not explain the cause of the mysterious death of 70 green turtles cast ashore on the coast in the north-eastern Australia last week.

In Queensland, the State Department reported that 62 individuals were confirmed dead and 10 were close to death floating in the sea. Service control manager of National Parks and Wildlife Queensland Marty McLaughlin said that the lack of turtle food and did not experience signs of disease were not.

The essential reason for which it was possible to establish the cause of death could not be identified mammals. We tested from infectious diseases, deaths

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23.06.12.Gibel bees in the Zhitomir region. Video. Photo


Photo from:

25.06.12.O mass death of bees, beekeepers reported Kikishevka village, Berdichev area.

What caused the death of insects, people can not understand:

— Arriving in the morning at his apiary, I was surprised that before the hives are dead bees and bees are not flying. I just do not understand what happened. Opened the hive, was to look closely and noticed that the bee falls out of the frame and starts convulsing spinning in place, and then dies in a minute, — says Nikolay beekeeper Cuba.

— I apiary to 50 families, it is up to

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13.06.12.Gibel fish in East Kazakhstan. Video


Updated 15/06/12.

14.06.12.Tysyachi carcasses found dead uskucha professionals Markakolsky reserve. Valuable species died due to lack of oxygen in the water. Such fish kills in Markakol occurred first.

Experts say that the blame unusual weather: winter this year was little snow, and the heat in the region has come too soon. As a result, one of the rivers flowing into the lake Markakol heavily shoaled. She could not contain all the fish that came to spawn in the lake. According to estimates from oxygen starvation killed about 10 tons of valuable species of fish. To avoid even greater

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