Top 10 phenomenal people (photo)


These people put scientists in a deadlock. Who are they? Skilled workers of miracles or Dirty Rotten Scoundrels? Or a combination of both? They studied the phenomena, they even given names, popular in the scientific community. But while the world captures another fashion for all the mysterious, they are in demand and nobody is willing to expose them.

Nostradamus — Michel de Notre Dame, was born on December 14, 1503 in the town of Saint-Remy (Provence). July 2, 1566 he died at the Salon. Prophetic legacy includes 10 Centuries of Nostradamus (942 quatrains),

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Who killed Marilyn Monroe?

November 20, 2011 14:06

It is now little doubt that the aliens hide their presence on Earth. And those who are too zealously seeks to penetrate the mystery, they are trying to neutralize all the means necessary, including murder.

Sheldon list

In the late 1980s, the problem of mysterious deaths of researchers associated with the study of UFOs and military space projects, interested famous American writer Sidney Sheldon. Collect material for his novel "The End of the World" (completed in 1991), Sheldon made a list of professionals who have disappeared or have died under mysterious circumstances. For example, Professor Arshad

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We have seen aliens


Yakut hunters testify about his encounters with UFOs

Journalists "life" during an expedition to the Valley of Death — the legendary place where, by the scientists of ufologists, is the secret UFO base — a sensational find confirmation of this hypothesis.

Locals talked about their encounters with aliens. And provide unique photographs of UFOs.

…Locations in Death Valley terrible. Around black scorched trees without branches. The birds do not fly, can not see animals.

— All animal tracks in the valley-through, I was looking

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Scary games childrens home

A terrible thing happened in the boarding of the Sverdlovsk region. There's a criminal investigation into the death of 11-year-old girl. Children played in the dog kicks: overtighten rope carotid artery until he lost consciousness. This time out — to death.

Alexander Pugachev asked the orphans of the grown-up games.

Death. And then what to watch

What waits beyond the threshold of human destruction? This is what we says the Holy Writing — The Bible is also the testimony of people who had experience "honey perdition." On the reliability of these facts can be judged only by knowing it Writing. In the movie interviewed for physicians involved in medical patients after death. The aspect of the death of honey examined in some detail.

The other films

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Brain — a living creature!

November 10, 2011 19:53

For centuries, people learn their own brain, but still seems to know less about him than about the cosmos. How soon before the end of the science will solve all the mysteries of gray matter? When we find out exactly how thoughts are born, there is creativity, inspiration comes? To this question is not the answer outstanding scientists.

However, as many neuroscientists, the first (and so far only) real breakthrough in the study of the brain has already occurred 25 years ago, when the Soviet Union was the first to use a method of long-term implantation

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Death is an illusion

October 5, 2011 22:01

What is the proper meaning of our existence to you?

Why soul strings all the time stretched to the limit and is about ready to mercilessly burst, and not waiting for her virtuosic mastery.

Why is the spirit, soul and body, like a swan, crayfish and pike in famous fable, simply can not come to an agreement, and therefore the total journey?

How to find the fundamental existence, pointing to each of us the way to his home, where are always welcome, loved and immensely happy to return to the original.

In the meaning

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There is no death. Academician mystery spondylitis. TC Russia

October 5, 2011 23:44

Academician Vladimir Bekhterev whole life trying to comprehend the mystery of genius, the secret of superman. After the death of spondylitis in 1929 published a book of fiction Alexander Belyaev "The Lord of the World" — a novel that was created as a device for transmission of thought at a distance ..

Fish kills in the pond Pudem

Fish kills in Udmurtia

Pudem to mass death of fish pond. Many dead fishes "hang out" along the coast. Ice does not allow to see what is underneath. It took a lot of fish in Pudemku, all she gets in her cap.

Cause of death unknown. Veterinary Service Specialists have fish for analysis, reports of the time factor with reference to the

How to extend the life of 14 years?


4 rules of longevity.

Comply with them sometimes even pleasant. Scientists from Cambridge University have established four simple rules that allow extended life by an average of 14 years. And it is not a mere statement. All this is proved in serious research.


To make this discovery, they spent 11 years watching over 20,000 residents of Albion in age from 45 to 79 years. For the first time they started to investigate in 1993, and then all were healthy. By 2006, when the study

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