Necromancy — the secret behind seven seals

— Corin — snapped hanging — you have strong nerves?— A? Where does my nerves .. In general, do not complain.Hover removed from his forehead strap. Gem attached to it, nalilsya milky sheen. She stood over the body, arms outstretched, eyes closed. Corinne stared, open-mouthed. She bowed her head and whispered something he did not understand.— Grealhan! — Shouted hover.Fern suddenly stirred. Corinne jumped, grabbed the sword, prepare a defense. Corpse trembled.— Grealhan! Speak!— Ah-ah-ah-ah! — Came from a fern growing hoarse howl. Corpse arched and rose into the air, only touching the ground with his heels and head.

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Spends in the Underworld

In Russian folk tradition world of the dead is understood as a parallel world of the living. In cemeteries south-western Russia, even today you can see the tombs built by small wooden houses in which the soul lives supposedly dead …

So the soul can drink

"After the establishment of the fact of death of the deceased is washed. Regardless of who died — a woman or a man, a special body wash old woman. They departed and dress in new clothes and nenadevannuyu left for two days in the house."

Almost everywhere, the day of death of the deceased

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Russian scientists have taken a picture of the human soul


But the natural man Scientists were able to photograph the soul — the camera has recorded as a life force leave the body at the moment of biological death. A unique study confirmed the ancient belief that the people who were killed or died suddenly, for example, in a crash, the soul for a long time could not break away from the body. It keeps coming back, especially at night.

Not surprisingly, the ghost stories go from the most ancient times. Most often describe the ghost stories of innocent victims or executed criminals.

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The curse of

Many people, according to psychics, the curse kind. Is the title of a certain power influence of supernatural forces on the human body.

This is the punishment for murder. Payback is not easy. Means the curse of death in this life, or accident, or from a terminal illness. But the worst thing is that the murderer inevitably doomed his race to degenerate. His descendants seriously ill, drink too much, go crazy, commit suicide.

Concurrence of circumstances or the fatal predestination?

Fully felt the curse of Count Fyodor Tolstoy. Earl was a consummate adventurer, a desperate gambler and

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Mystery death of Pakhtakor watch online

Passledovanie death in a plane crash famous football team "Pahtakor". Nevedomye details and the new version of one of the worst crashes in the history of the USSR. Aug. 11, 1979 in the skies over Dneprodzerzhinsk faced two aircraft were eventually killed 178 people, including 17 players of the well-known command"Pahtakor"…


Does the energy-powerful curse?

Many people panic fear of becoming victims of the evil eye, evil desires and, worst of all, exposed to the curse. Our memory keeps the tradition of the soul the sinner, not finding rest and peace due to past evil sorcerer or imposed or envious spell.

One of the most popular stories on this topic tells how the King of France, Philip the Fair was persecuted and tortured the Templars, wanting to usurp the wealth and power of the knights. In 1314 the Grand Master Jacques de Molay, was burned alive in Paris. Before giving up the ghost, he

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Secret — incredible. Why three secrets of half a century ago in Russia was classified for another 25 years?


Few people know that half a century ago in our country, a number of events that would today be called a sensation. And the mystical sensations, as from the point of view of traditional ideas about human nature, they can not explain to this day.  

In the photo: Group Dyatlova: the death of many versions, clarity — no.

It is for this reason that all these things, and were classified for 50 years. So this year, few researchers have been waiting declassification of at least three

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North Korea conducted a launch of a ballistic missile near actions

P According to "Interfax", referring to the media South Korea, on Mon DPRK held start operational-tactical ballistic missile.

This information was confirmed by a representative of the South Korean government. And, as reported by TV South Korea, said the launch took place on the east coast of the country.

Based on the presentation of the authorities of South Korea launch totally unrelated to the news of the death of Kim Jong Irina. In addition, it has been carried out when the official announcement about this has not happened.

It should be noted that December 17 (2011) died favorite DPRK

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Killing word

Secrets of Siberian indigenous peoples reveal impossible. To this day, these places are dramatic and mystical events …

Terrible rider

Irkutsk engineer Andrei P. Turchaninov never thought that his relatives may occur such things, until in 1999, his younger brother Dmitri went on vacation to rest on the mountain lake Selenka that the north-east of Tuva. Healthy and full of energy man thirty two weeks returned home graying forces deprived the old man, which after examination at the hospital revealed a sharply progressive cancer.

Shortly before his death, Dmitry told Andrei Petrovich that, in his opinion, the cause of

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In Russia found the skin of dinosaurs

If the detected fragments of skin preserved DNA can be cloned animals.

In Chernyshevskoe Rayonot Trans-Baikal found a graveyard of these creatures. For the first time in history Scientists discovered fossilized skin Dinosaurs with bones.

Typically, the skin of these ancient monsters after their death was not saved because it decomposes in the first place.

In a mountain valley Kulinda been opened Jurassic strata that 145-160 million years, so scientists have found fragments of different kinds of dinosaurs, many of which are even unknown to science.

"We were lucky, some 150 million years ago on the

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