Tutankhamun died in a … plane crash?


Historian William Deutsch believes that the death of the young pharaoh Tutankhamun, which occurred about 3300 years ago, was the result … crash.

Such a conclusion the researchers did the experiment with the statuette of the Cairo Museum. Some experts believe that the model that gets into their hands, is the prototype of the airframe. Its flight characteristics are quite good — say historians who have tested their hypothesis in a wind tunnel. It is noteworthy that luck turned tests not only miniature prototype, but a full-length experimental model built specifically for

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In the Chelyabinsk region on Lake Lebyazhe killed fish

In the village of Vaganova October district on Lake Lebyazhe registered mass death of fish.

At the scene of the October Veterinary specialists left the station. They took samples of fish for laboratory analysis to determine the true cause of her death and what to exclude whatever infectious disease.

According to preliminary data, in the incident to blame bad weather, specifically — the lack of oxygen in the water. More head Nicholas rural settlement Marina Belyaeva said: villagers came together on the lake to remove the dead fish from the coast. It folded in boxes, loaded on

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Live theme. Soul watch online

How many people, as he torments himself the question: there is whether life after destruction? A unless there is, then what is the soul? At various times in this question responses were also different. For example, the Greek philosopher Democritus believed that the soul — it is such a lump of hot to the touch and Myagenko substance that can even touch. Plato was of the opinion that the soul is incorporeal and live wherever she pleases. In the XX century, the complete domination of science in the existence of the soul and absolutely refused. It was believed that

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Kemerovo experts have declared the death of the god Krishna

Photo of the Statue of Krishna in Puttaparthi near the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba. Photo: scriptures.ru

Center of the Hare Krishna in Russia made an official statement in connection with the trial of the book "Bhagavad-gita As It Is."

According to the statement, which publishes Portal Religio.ru, the mere fact that the Scriptures with internationally recognized comments before a court, deeply hurt the religious feelings of Hindus and the common people, as evidenced by a wave of publications around the world.

The authors of the note that the Russian translation of "Bhagavad Gita As It Is" has

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Riddle of Tutankhamun

Great contents of Tutankhamen's tomb excited undying still interest in his life and mysterious death. Tutankhamun rules only nine years old and died of unknown cause at the age of 18 (some sources say 20) years. His strange death, scientists started talking again when Danish researchers who studied the clothes the young ruler of Egypt, came to the conclusion that he clearly suffered some strange disease that caused his hips have large fat deposits.

Currently in Europe illustrates a display of his clothes, with more than 400 exhibits. All of them were found in the burial chamber of

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The terrible death of the Irish kings

Archaeologists explore recently found in a bog mummy, the prepared ritualistic way. The analysis of the mummified corpse has allowed scientists to learn many details about the king of the Celts.

Celts in Ireland did not take care of the preservation of the integrity of mortal remains of their rulers. They existed other customs. The skull of the deceased, they defer, abdomen was opened and detachable. Such barbaric way the ancients sacrificed their kings.

Celtic chieftain who ruled during the Iron Age tribe, lived in luxury and enjoy abundance. He obviously ate a lot of meat-eating and did not bother

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NASA discovered in the solar system, the planet of death


NASA scientists have discovered a planet that causes natural disasters on Earth every ten million years. The planet is called "Nemesis" or "The Death Star." Watch it impossible.

Photo astrobio.net

Scientists of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) found an invisible planet in the solar system.

According to U.S. experts, the emergence of global cataclysms occurring at intervals of a few tens of millions of years, caused by the action of this particular planet.

The planet is called'' Nemesis'' or'' Death Star'' ('' The

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Mountain of dead

Mountain of dead (in the language Mansi — Holat Sjahyl) — abnormal position, height 1079 in the Northern Urals. Since the 1960s, this place is also called Dyatlov Pass. By coincidence, it was dead on the hillside at various times killed at least three groups of 9 people.

In early 1959, a group consisting of 10 experienced tourists repeatedly traveling on the Circumpolar North, and led by a highly experienced Igor Dyatlov — all remember him as a courageous, resolute man — after a well-conducted training, and hiking. The campaign was announced as the third route (at that time

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In Romania, a shower of rain of dead birds

Panic in Constanta, Romania — residents found dozens of dead birds falling from the sky. People were scared, because the mass death of birds observed today in different parts of the world and the experts have not figured out the cause of this phenomenon.

Locals watching the death of the birds, they say that they died within a few minutes or just fell from the sky, dead. Frightened people gathered dead birds and took them to the DSW.

Dozens of dead starlings were found in the

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Kamikaze: heroes or crazy suicide?

Does the light of culture, for which the person is ready to die only in order to carry off a miserable part of the hostile army? With a heart full of patriotism at the wheel of the aircraft, explosives hung like a Christmas tree toys, knowing that the fuel would last only one way flight?

The country, which brave warriors willing to give their lives for the freedom and independence of their own empire, is at the east and called Japan, and her gallant fighters — bombers.

Japanese kamikaze pilots photographed with a puppy

"Perdition from the sky "in

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