Scientists: the soul does exist and weighs 21 grams


After the death of … life goes on? Scientists have proved that the soul does exist. Its density is 176 times less than the density of air.

The question of the existence of the soul tormented by a generation of scholars. After all, the scientific approach to life has canceled many of them faith in God, that's just not demanded blind worship, and search for evidence. Recently, a world's largest pharmaceutical company announced that its employees have proven unequivocally the existence of the soul (the name of the company, we will not specify,

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Excess alcohol leads to mutations in the DNA

Scheme molecules of acetaldehyde; carbon atoms are marked with yellow, hydrogen — white, oxygen — red. (Figure Prof. K.Seddon & Dr. T.Evans, Queen's University Belfast.)

In our body turns ethanol into acetaldehyde, which behaves aggressively towards DNA. To protection from harmful substances genes faces two groups of proteins, one of which neutralizes itself acetaldehyde, the second deals with repairing damaged DNA.

How long a person familiar with the alcohol, alcohol is as diverse in its effects produced in the human body. No sooner had one group of researchers reported that alcohol does not kill brain cells, but

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The heat caused the deaths of people in Slovakia

Extremely hot weather, established in the last few days in Slovakia, was the cause of death — the last night two people died in hospital delivered 86 victims, said Tuesday the Slovak news agency SITA.

On Tuesday afternoon, died in Bratislava city passenger bus driver directly in the car. "The heat was the most likely cause of death of the driver," — said the representative of the Rescue Boris hops.

In Kosice also overheat the body woman died.

The air temperature in the shade now in Slovakia is 38 degrees Celsius.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists on Wednesday is

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Secrets of the century. Nikolai Gogol. Mystery death watch

April 1, 2009 marks 200 years since the birth of day or the 1st of the brightest — and most enigmatic Russian writers Nikolai Gogol. A great lover of practical jokes, he said, and left this world, leaving us plenty of mind-blowing, sometimes magical, mystery. "Lurking death of Gogol" — a film-investigation, in which the creator and host Sergei Medvedev carefully razberet each of the major versions of the death of the writer.

Age of Enigma — a serial

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I saw hell. It was a modern city with advertising


Author: George Zotov

The man, who was in the other world. He rose from the dead 17 times in a row! Retired from Bosnia, eight years ago shocked the doctors, friends and journalists sensational story of his adventures in that light, disappeared without a trace …

"Lubomir Tsebich talked about what he saw there. Lot and colorful. In the afterlife he saw something that he had previously never imagined. When discharged from the hospital, kept to himself, was silent for a long time. And then somehow got out of the house without things

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Horse — Beast Dazhdbog

Horse (Caumont, klyusya, tarpan) — one of the most revered animals in Slavs. White and red horses were considered messengers of heat and sunlight, all good. Slavs believed that the solar disk is through the heavens a chariot drawn by three horses. In Proverbs and reflected patience, endurance and immoderate appetite horses. Image skates guarded home of the Slavs from harmful spirits and hostile navy. In a wonderful horses represent all significant phenomena of nature — the wind, the clouds and storm clouds, lightning quick glimpse.

For example, the Morning Star (Lucifer) is over the

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The remains of the first emperor of Brazil dug in strict confidence

The remains of the first emperor of Brazil, Pedro I and his two wives were exhumed after 180 years after his death. The exhumation of the body can completely rewrite the history of the country, reports

Excavations were carried out in strict secrecy from February to September 2012 the historian and archaeologist Valderine Karma Ambiel of the University of Sao Paulo, which hopes to shed light on the history of the imperial family. About three o'clock in the morning the remains were moved from the Imperial Tomb in Independence Park in the building of the medical university.

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Mass mortality of gulls

Mass mortality of sea gulls On the shore of the Sea of Okhotsk near Magadan recorded mass mortality of sea gulls, puffins, — ITAR-TASS. During the week, found more than sixty dead birds.

According to the head of the civil defense and emergency Magadan Colonel Sergei Zhukov, all the dead puffins found in the bay area Nagayeva. Rescue officers also examined Gertner Bay and Cape Confusion over which often circling gulls. The investigation also involved experts Rospotrebnadzor and RPN operating in Magadan. Previously expressed theory that the cause of death of the birds could be bird flu. However, laboratory

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Found molecule death


It will help to begin to develop a substance that will prolong the life of a man Cathepsins. Photo: from the site

It took twenty years of research scientists from the University of Uppsala (Sweden), in order to identify a molecule that has a direct effect on the duration of human life.

The study, conducted by researchers, yielded interesting results — if a person has more than 70 years and the level of these molecules in his blood higher than normal, then a maximum of 12 years, he will surely die. Most

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Deception of the Slavs — magic tricks

BAM — magical technique used to protect from evil spirits, diseases and other dangers; has both actional and verbal expression, that is, it can be either acts committed with the purpose of misleading the recipient or a lie, communicating with the same purpose.

Rite perepekaniya child (Belsky Municipal Museum,©

By South-Slav. tradition widely used based on deception rituals protect newborn in families considered "live" (ie die in infancy) children. To bad luck (death) is not claimed a newborn baby, it tried to deceive, represent the matter as it was not born a child, and the

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