30.05.12.Bolee three tons of fish died in the river Tyutnyar


30.05.12.Nastoyaschee environmental disaster occurred in the reservoir on the river near the village of Lower Tyutnyar Ablyazov Penzinskoy area.


First sounded the alarm head peasant farming Irina Koshkarova. Everything is written in detail what he saw in a statement addressed to the head of the administration of the Kuznetsk district Valery Kostin. Commission of Inquiry into the death of living aquatic resources, created in hot pursuit, confirmed the death of the fish.

Victims of someone else's negligence or malice are commercial species: silver carp (319 copies., Medium weight — 5.5 kg), carp (610 copies., Average linkage to

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In the Kuban was a mass death of birds. Video


29.11.12.Prichinu mass death of birds in Temryuk district and near Anapa ascertain regional management specialists Rosselkhoznadzor. Now most of the dead birds utilized.

The results of analyzes of samples from local reservoirs will be known by mid-afternoon. According to experts Rosselkhoznadzor, a preliminary version of mass death of birds — bird flu.

Dead ducks, cormorants, swans were found earlier this week at the border areas Temryuk and Anapa. The exact number of dead birds in the Rosselkhoznadzor can not yet name. In Temryuk district numbering from a few hundred to a thousand.


28.11.12.Spetsialisty Rosselkhoznadzor Administration of Krasnodar

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15.05.12.Gibel sea lions in Chile. Video


Chile. 15.05.12. At least 30 sea lions have been found dead on a beach in the north of Chile. What was the cause of their death is still unknown, it has been reported in the department of the National Service for the Protection of Nature.


Into the death of the animals under investigation. According to preliminary data, death was caused by mechanical damage, some individuals were severely mutilated and blamed by fishermen or hunters fat of these animals as it is used for the production of medicinal oil, which is used in traditional medicine.


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Powerful mudslide in western China. Video


18.09.11.Po data for this hour, killing nine people, four found alive and in the list of missing at least 10 people, the death toll is likely to rise as rescue work

2 factories and part of the quarter of Xi'an in western China were under a thick layer of earth and stones in a landslide caused by heavy rains. As of this hour, killing nine people. Four found alive. However, the list of missing at least 10 people. And the death toll is likely to rise as rescue work. Now arrived at the scene of more than 700

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The pond of the village there was a wet fish kills


07.01.12. January 6 anglers found fish kill in the village pond wet Lipetsk region.

Floated to the surface of a small fish pond, large perished at the bottom. GOROD48 as told in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Lipetsk region, the message of the death of the fish came to the police. In freeze causes disassembled and environmental prosecutor's office.

Pond in Mokroe belongs OSU "Hunting and aquatic resources of the Lipetsk region." Presumably, the reason for the death of fish in the pond became a dumping of harmful substances.

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Fish kill in Estonia


Illustrative photo. Photo: Keskkonnateenistus / Valgamaalane

30.04.11.Zagryaznenie oil lakes Valgyarv in Võru County led to the mass death of fish.

A local resident told The Valley Org Vorumaa Teataja, that collected several boxes of dead fish and buried in the garden as fertilizer. Org said he had not seen such a sad sight for 40 years lived by the lake.

According to the Authority, the cause of death of fish could be the last year the pollution in the lake when oil fell and covered the surface of the thin film. Rescuers clean the lake last fall, but,

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Ghost Train




"New Review", 27.02.2002, Omsk, n8, p.26

Author: Terence Mihnuha

A terrible discovery had expected the company pickers near the village Balakovki Vologda region. September 15, four mushroom found on the railway leading to the abandoned peat extraction, torn to shreds body of a man. Several meters have

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Water bodies in the area of Yeisk mass death of fish


5.09.12.Rabotniki "Yeysk experimental farm for breeding and reproduction of fish" vyvili that the waters there was a mass death of fish.

"It was established that kill phenomena in water management was the result of rules violations committed by the enterprise of aquatic biological resources in the operation of water intake structures and pumping mechanisms, moreover, are not catching fish," — The press service of the Prosecutor's Office of the Krasnodar Territory.

According to the facts of the Azov-Black Sea interdistrict environmental prosecutor's office on the legal and public officials filed an administrative case under Part 1 of Art. 10.6

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The mass death of birds in Perm. Photo


9.08.11.V edition Properm.ru addressed user, who spoke about the deaths of birds as recorded in the private sector Nagorno neighborhood.

According to the Climate Kanaeva, the morning of 9 August, at its garden plot, he found more than a dozen dead tits. The same situation was observed in the neighboring areas. Klim channel, user Properm.ru: In all there are no traces of any injuries. Ditto on the neighboring site. Maybe a lot of them and they did not die in one place, but everywhere, and, apparently, all at once.

According to men, the situation is no better in the

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The death of birds in Bukovina


One has only assume why animals die. TV channel "Inter"

19.12.11.V Chernivtsi region in the forests of an unknown disease killed rabbits, according to media Bucovina.

According to the Chairman of the Regional Council of Chernivtsi Ukrainian Hunting and Fishing George Rudyagi, hunters are in the woods dead birds, the corpses are not visible signs of violent death. "One has only speculate why the animals are dying," — he said.

Hunters believe that birds kill some unknown cleft disease, or they are poisoned with chemicals, that people treated with agricultural plants.

Rudyaga noted that the cause of death

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