CULTURE imposition of Christianity. CHRISTIAN HISTORY OF CRIME

Some highlights of Christian history. The history of degradation in the dates and people.


301-302 years. Gregory proselyte, who later became dignify "the educator of Armenia", during natural disasters, using the oriental superstition, managed to baptize and convert to Christianity Armenian King Tridata III (the Great). Tridat, inspired by the speeches of the prophet Elijah (Elias, "My God and Jehovah") on Mount Karmilon, ordered to arrange the massacre of pagan priests and turn to the Christian church or home to read all of the churches of the Christian message Anaitidy, Mithras, Ormuzd and the Greek and Roman gods.

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In Mari El extended emergency mode in the woods because of the death of the republic spruce

Mari El authorities extended until November 20, the state of emergency in the forests of the Republic, declared on June 1 in the aftermath of the death of spruce stands, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of the Ministry of Forestry Region Irina Golovenkin.

Drying of spruce — the consequences of an abnormally dry summer of 2010. In 2011, the situation was exacerbated. In the spring of this year, experts have stated that spruce weakened, partly dried out. This led to the proliferation of pests.

From June 1 to August 25, on the forest lands of Mari El has

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Close deceased Americans receive messages from him by Email


Related died a few months ago, Americans receive from him an e-mail. 32-year-old Jack Frozen in Alaska in June 2011, died from arrhythmia. Five months after the death of his close Frozen began receiving e-mails with his return address.

At the same time, the agency said, it is not a spam sent through compromised accounts, but about ordinary correspondence.

One of poluchatateley letters from the dead was the best friend of Jack Tim Hart. In late November, has received from the first letter in your email. The theme of the letter stated, "I

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Triumphed over death

Death wishes are sent to the creative direction — are put in front of an incredible task. After all, you now have nothing to lose, you're ready for the most terrible, so let it come at the worst moment, when you do the impossible. Superior and prevailed, and demonstrating to mankind that "there is no why not possible."

Fearful of death

Fearful of death, trying to wrap their lives comfortable and protect them from all kinds of shocks and crashes. Fearful of death is already dead, he murdered his own fear. His fear shackled and enveloped him, knocking

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Pushkin and Dumas are one and the same person?


African roots, light eyes with black curly hair, literary talent, easy style and workaholism, the interest in Russia and France, to Napoleon, to the Decembrists and the Caucasus, faithfulness and passion, finally. In preparing this material, we came across an interesting opinion: that Dumas — this is the Pushkin!

In no case do not suggest we fully believe in the semi-mystical version, but the arguments that lead author of the very interesting and worthy of attention.

The secret of genius and passion — in the African roots Two literary genius named Alexander, two

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Titanic. Reports from the world



In a new documentary, "" talked about some unexplained phenomena that surrounded the Titanic before and after the tragedy. For example, on the night when there was an accident, some passengers liner, to be among the few hundred lucky ones who managed to get into the boat and sail away from the sinking ship, described a very strange phenomenon.



Titanic. Reports from the world

In Yauza dying fish

On the fact of mass death of fish in the river Yauza capital can be prosecuted. At the scene — in the area Electrozavodskaya bridge — where Muscovites reported unpleasant smell from the river, specialist visits Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. A fact confirmed by the plague, described in the department. "The reasons for the death of fish, perhaps a few: hot weather, established in Moscow, the release of hazardous substances, presumably, from the enterprise" Electrozavod "- reported there. Proceedings have already been transferred to the prosecutor. Eyewitnesses reported that at the time of the plague of

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In the Kursk region mass death of pigs

Mass death occurred in pigs Pigs village Stuzhen Manturovsky area Kursk area.

Presumed to have the animals began pasteurellosis — an infectious disease of animals, characterized by lobar pneumonia, pleurisy, edema, etc. The disease can be prevented by timely vaccination.

According to veterinarians, to man the infection is not dangerous, but for the animals, it can be fatal. A few years ago on this same farm were destroyed because of pasteurellosis about 3500 pigs.

Now the farm is also available in quarantine mode. Specialists explain the reasons for PE — it is possible that it is not carried out on

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Belobog and Chernobog

And Navi, in the Black Mountains, in a tangle of black snakes coiled up himself. After the defeat at the Battle of Svarog and welded zhichami scattered across the face of the Earth of its soldiers.

And then flew to heaven But the very Heavenly ancestor. Injustice remained on the damp ground. Injustice suffered across the earth, beneath the sky throughout the kingdom-trials.

Black snake god of cold, destruction, death, are black magicians, magicians. Crawling around his palace Snake Lamia. Sprites and werewolves roam the Black Forest.

In the darkness swirling clouds and crows circling flocks.

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Secret History — The death of Gagarin watch online

The life and death of Yuri Gagarin, 1st of the greatest men in the history of mankind. What came out in the afternoon March 27, 1968-the year plunged the world into misery and nightmare. Maybe it was the relentless price to pay for what he has dared to break out into space, and this disaster could have been more fully the earth premises. It seems however, a lot of stories about this paranormal. But over time, many materials are declassified, there are new facts which may assist to establish the truth. This movie — new investigation into the death

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