How to make a correct death?

Love Panova — famous lovers of, clairvoyant with unique abilities. She is the author of books about the contacts with the worlds. Offer our readers a story about life after death, that love Panova got in contact with guardian angels.

There is an afterlife

All world religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.) argue that our earthly life is a preparation for the one after death, a life in which the righteous go to heaven, and sinners — in Hell. Incidentally, those who believe in this or that religion is 80% of the world population. The remaining 20% (atheists), deep

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Paradise is actually

Following the first view, the human soul is among men, and is the usual earthly affairs, and then sent to the realm of shadows — the land of their ancestors, which is also engaged in earthly affairs. Following the second presentation, further life after death takes place in another world, which is located under the earth or in heaven. In this particular world, no one works, but depending on the behavior of the earth, or enjoy, or betray their eternal torment. In more developed religions the world shared by heaven and hell.

The third direction of future life

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Cyclic existence

Cyclic existence — a state in which we die, we go through an intermediate state and the entrance to the uterus, or acquire a new body of heavenly beings or creatures of Hell. In other words, the state of reincarnation is expressed by the words "Circle of Being."

Four types of rebirth

The creature can be reborn in four ways. The first birth of the egg. This category includes birds, for example, well-known to you chickens and ducks, as well as reptiles. The second — a live birth. This includes, for example, people, they transform

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On the other side of mortality. True Stories

Our life would be pointless if it ended in death. But man was created for immortality, and his resurrection, Christ has opened the gates of Heaven and eternal bliss for those who believe in Him and live righteously. A person's soul lives on, never ceasing its existence for a single moment.

Modern "post-mortem" experiences have made people aware of the tremendous awareness of the soul after death. But by itself this awareness is not enough to protect in this state from the manifestations of an out of body areas, should possess the whole Christian teaching on the subject.


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Faces of Death. Documentary

People with a fine mental organization, weak minded people, pregnant women and children ABSOLUTELY not watch.This sensational documentary refers to this mysterious, frightening to many phenomena, like death. The viewer is accustomed to play out in the movie death, offered documentary, ad nauseam naturalistic material, where the death is completely real, and the blood is not a paint. War, disaster, ritual murders, executions, cannibalism, death from the teeth of predators … — All sorts of faces death follow each other in this sinister picture.

The film, banned for public viewing in the U.S. and other "civilized" countries. Was filmed

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Fiction classified as «Secret». Coma. Birth of Superman

As a state of clinical death and coma effect on the human brain, and whether he can then accelerate? Can the study of the state of death give scientists the answers to many of the unsolved mysteries of the main body of man? And can science then teach us to use a larger percentage of our brain? About coma and brain work in this documentary.

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Get a dog … Paradise?

Recently, in the West are increasingly arguing as to whether our pets — pets — meet us in the hereafter. Or eternal life is given to man?

Let's start with the fact that no one Scripture says nothing about paradise for cats or dogs. So, the Lord God ztogo not foreseen. So think skeptics. Optimists also argue that the Talmud, the Bible, the Koran wrote folk, not gods. The time then was severe, and all thoughts about how to survive himself.

According to another version, God made sure that during the Flood in Noah's ark saved "every creature on

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Lethargy — imaginary death?

The line that separates life from death, deceptive and ambiguous. Who can tell where it ends and another begins? Lethargy (Greek lethargia, from lethe-«oblivion" and argia — «omission") is the imaginary death, the state of stillness, like a dream.


In humans, the two main bodies that have non-stop work for the rest of his life — the brain and the heart. When the heart stops working, people die, and when the brain is turned off, he dives into lethargy — a condition that can be fatal for him … All processes in the human body at this time

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U.S. state of Montana. Unknown epidemic killed thousands of deer

Billings, Montana — the population of white-tailed deer in eastern Montana and other northern plains almost extinct. Restoration of the population of reindeer can take years. Monstrous epidemic unknown disease has killed thousands of animals in recent months.

In northeast Montana, officials said 90 percent or more of reindeer killed. Death of the animals was also recorded on the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers in western North Dakota and Montana and in Wyoming, South Dakota and eastern Kansas.

Death deer attributed to an outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease, but this is only speculation. EGB cause internal bleeding, which kill infected

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Fish kill in Georgia

: On the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara (Georgia) recorded a fish kill. As explained in the Ministry of Environment, the reasons of their death was asphyxia — lowering the concentration of oxygen in the water due to the intense heat.

According to the Ministry, killing even hardy fish such as carp and grass carp and mullet, which migrated from the Black Sea to the lake. The situation on the lakes and other water bodies Adjara regularly monitor employees MEP. After the death of fish exposed to the appropriate area sanitized.

Damage from the massive fish kills are

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