In Udmurtia recorded death of livestock

On the night of September 23 cows belonging to "Agro-Terra" Kiyasovskogo district broke corral and were on the aftermath of the (grass grown on the site is sloping in the year, grass) perennial grasses SEC "them. Suvorov ", the press-service of veterinary SD.

Aftermath of eating the animals developed acute rumen tympany (a disease of ruminants that results from eating copious legkobrodyaschih feed and abrupt change of diet, usually in the transition from confinement to grazing). As a result, 16 cows died of asphyxia.

Chief Veterinary UR notes that because of the irresponsibility of managers, professionals and employees of livestock

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Moving rocks of Death Valley

November 14, 2011 17:06

Moving rocks or Sailing stones — unexplained geological anomaly at the bottom dry lake Reystrek-playa in Death Valley in the USA. Different kinds of rocks are crawling on clay bottom, leaving a furrow. And the stones move without — or reason.

Dr. Heim — a creature in human guise

He was a doctor in the camp of Mauthausen. He was called Doctor Perdition. He spent his merciless experiments on living people, doing amputations without anesthesia, produces various products from the tattooed skin. For many years he was one of the more wanted criminals and events pertaining to the Nazis. His name — Aribert Heim.

This man was born in Austria-Hungary in the family housewives and police. Engaged in research medicine and conducted doctoral practice in Vienna. In 1940 he volunteered for the Waffen-SS.

His famous and terrible nickname "Dr. Death" Heim received during the second World War. A

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In Tbilisi Kura mass death of fish

In the Tbilisi area of the river Kura fixed mass death of fish, according to channel "Rustavi-2".

One dead fish floated up to the surface, were observed on August 15. The next day, some parts of the surface were completely covered with dead fish.

Causes of death of fish are unknown. According to one version, it was due to water pollution. According to another version, as the "Interfax", because of the summer heat related to lack of oxygen in the water.

Experts plan to conduct a study of water samples, as well as the remains of fish.

Experts warn

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Do Tsinyun: life of 256 years


When he died in 1933, Simple Chinese herbalist Li Tsinyun, the news of his death spread through all leading publications around the world. The more modest Chinese newsmen deserved attention of the world? The fact that Lee, in his own words, he lived 197 years, and according to official records — and 256.

Here is a copy of an obituary published in the New York Times May 6, 1933: "Lee Tsinyun died at the age of 197 years." Keep quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk briskly, like a dove, and lie like

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More than three tons of fish died in the river Tyutnyar

The present ecological disaster occurred in the reservoir on the river near the village of Lower Tyutnyar Ablyazov Penzinskoy area.

First sounded the alarm head peasant farming Irina Koshkarova. Everything is written in detail what he saw in a statement addressed to the head of the administration of the Kuznetsk district Valery Kostin. Commission of Inquiry into the death of living aquatic resources, created in hot pursuit, confirmed the death of the fish.

Victims of someone else's negligence or malice are commercial species: silver carp (319 copies., Medium weight — 5.5 kg), carp (610 copies., Average linkage to 1.5 kg),

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They see the dead?

September 1, 2012 21:57

Is there life after death? This question was relevant ten thousand years ago and remains the same today. Even believers sometimes indulge in doubt. What can we say about science or about atheists? Conclusive evidence has been found, and faith — not comfort to all. And yet, a lead that leads to the solution of one of the most fascinating mysteries of existence. It — people who have experienced clinical death and seen the famous "light at the end of the tunnel."


Clinical death — the transition between life and death,

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Specialists fenced place of mass death of saiga antelopes

Specialists isolated place of death of nearly a hundred of saiga in northern Kazakhstan from other ungulates, the cause of death until the Red animals could not be determined, said RIA Novosti National Manager of the steppe in Kazakhstan Project United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Alyskhan Alysbekov.

Earlier, the press service of Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that in Kostanai region in northern Kazakhstan killed 80 saiga.

"Now, the death of animals running a government commission, constant communication with them not. Probably poisoned there one or two animals, and then infected the others. There this site is localized (not

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Thoughts of the deceased, fatigue or stress may well provoke dialogue with the ghost

April 7, 2012 9:15


When most of us hear the stories about the contacts with the living dead, the first reaction is usually disbelief. Thoughts of the deceased, fatigue or stress may well provoke dialogue with the "ghost." This will tell any psychologist. But is it easy?

"Medicine" from the deceased

Sometimes, after communicating with the dead among the living are dokazatelstva.K example, we meet people on the street, talk to him, and later discovered that at the time of our meeting, he was no longer alive. In 1891, he died at his home the famous

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Life beyond the threshold of perfect otnyut not for everyone


In recent times there are publications about the state experienced a moment of clinical death. Leaving his mortal body, a person sees a tunnel leading to the light, and then there are close family or friends, some good luminous beings who radiate love and forgiveness.

Said there, "the threshold", a paradise without the pain and misery that by the earthly life and coming back, you do not want. And suddenly there was a man who tells all in a different way …

After receiving a master's degree in the University of California at

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