At the former military Death Railway filmed in the jungles of ghosts



On the island of Borneo, on the road, which during the Second World War, the Japanese drove 2400 thousands of British and Australian prisoners of war, filmed frightening transparent silhouettes, like people walking.  

Of those soldiers who died on the way from starvation and beatings or guards were killed with bayonets, by the end of the war were able to survive only six people. Therefore, this road

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ROC refused to forgive Leo Tolstoy

Russian Orthodox Church can not cancel the excommunication of the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, in spite of the appreciation of his work and the 100th anniversary of his death.

Executive secretary of the Patriarchal Council for Culture Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov noted that the decision of the Holy Synod on February 20, 1901, according to which Tolstoy was excommunicated from the church, can not be canceled because it was "a statement of a fait accompli," reports Russian newspaper.

As Count Tolstoy himself excommunicated themselves from the Church, "which he did not deny, but at every opportunity strongly emphasized."


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Foreboding: The Smell of Death


Have you ever feel like you know someone is going to die, and then your hunch was confirmed? Have you thought about someone's death, and then find that this idea is proven to be real? Is not the ability to predict the death of a congenital, although mostly hidden, the ability of man? In December 1970 Linda Wilson, a housewife and mother from New Jersey, went to the neighbors for a Christmas dinner, and immediately felt something unpleasant. "I felt the" smell "of death, — she said. — I always felt that something

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The mass death of birds in Minnesota, USA

A large group of starlings found dead in the U.S. city of New Brighton, Minnesota, reported

In County Police said they had received reports of the incident from local residents living near Brighton Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

Commission to investigate the causes of death reported 30 dead individuals of European starlings, and a hawk. All of them were found dead in one together.

Matt Kramer, a representative of the Department of Wildlife, said that at the present time, experts are trying to determine the cause of laboratory bird deaths, for which, according to him, may take about two

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Veche autocracy ancient Slavs

How our ancestors lived? How do they manage to live without fear that the prince will issue a decree or a robber escapes with tribal coffers to Khazars? Without fear that them come into the house, local robbers rogue and take away all their possessions, and all the neighbors gather around and laugh at failure neighbor? Why farmhand was not afraid that the owner will not give him a salary, but the owner — that farmhand propet its deposit and even run away, taking with him his grandfather's sword and prababkino necklace? Why did the magician knew Knyazhev squad will

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The car hit a girl to death in Moscow

The car hit a girl to death in the center of Moscow.

According to "Interfax", the accident was recorded on Saturday afternoon at the intersection of Little Krasnokholmsky Sadovnicheskaya bridge embankment.

Accident victim was a young girl, an employee of a bank. To the accident came all the services of a rapid response.

Confession — its unbelievable

December 26, 2011 20:37

Why do people sometimes do not get a scratch in the worst car accidents? Revelation of patients who experienced clinical death. Phenomena are not accessible to human logic.

Lera Gusakova from the Chelyabinsk region is called —girl bird. All the free time she spends on the farm. Tweet with chickens and turkeys. Leroy says that birds are very well aware of her. But the people then why not, and even an abusive. Mother Gusokovoy Lera does not consider that this deviation, but prohibits tweet home. Understands her grandmother only as tweeting

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The doctor, who was in a coma, Theres a new world and the higher beings


Dr. Eben Alexander, has long taught at Harvard and who managed to earn a reputation as an excellent neurosurgeon, as long as he could remember, considered himself a Christian, but never believed in the existence of the afterlife, and even sympathized with those who believed that somewhere out there is a God who loves us unconditionally. "As a neurosurgeon, I did not believe in the phenomenon of" out of body experience. "I grew up in the scientific community, I am the son of a neurosurgeon. Follow the path of his father, I became

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Mysterious sea birds came to Sevastopol

Massive and unexplained deaths while migratory birds — blackbirds — registered in Sevastopol. Dozens of dead birds lying on Kamyshovskom highway, Cossack Bay and other coastal areas.

As explained by anxious residents ornithologist, an expert on Biodiversity Conservation Society birds Oleksandr Grinchenko, "argued that the blackbirds died from infection or poisoned food, is premature. This migratory birds have arrived and they, most likely, from North Africa, where the epidemic is not registered ". Investigation of the facts involved in the Sevastopol state veterinary hospitals doctors. The first examination showed that the blame for the deaths, most likely, frost. Cyclone

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Bonus dog, injured in early January in St. Petersburg, died in hospital

Homeless dog Bonus, crippled in early January by unknown, died March 7 in one of the hospitals in St. Petersburg, the official site of the clinic.

Dog with multiple cut wounds found in the park two skiers, and carried to the vet. Dog lost his hind legs, but survived. His story has caused a stir, volunteers raised money to pay for a private investigator to find the mauled dog.

State bonus, the site says the veterinary clinic, has deteriorated since the end of February, when he refused to eat. Doctors suspected a viral infection, but tests have not revealed its.

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