Geopolitics of War

Everything is decided by the initial conditionsIn what position the war begins, and these will be PROLOGUE its results. Is disproportionate force and declared war on both the East and the West, Hitler lost the pre-World War II. USSR could not reformat the geopolitical place in their favor, and was defeated in the cool war. You have to be gullible to straddle that will be brand new war. It is already underway. Who is the Achilles heel of the U.S. is its vastness and the thirst for planetary domination. Against this, the complete control of the South American anti-American

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The zoo bear killed a man to death

At the zoo in Stavropol bear killed a man to death. The incident occurred in the zoo, which is located in Victory Park on Tuesday morning.

"Around 10:00 Moscow time on TuesdayPark staff was cleaning the cage, in which there was a bear, and forgot to close the lockthat part of the cell into which surpassed bear the harvest "-" Interfax "Head of Civil Defense and Emergency Administration of Stavropol Boris Violin.

According to him, bear attacked from behind by an employee of the park and it killed a death. Deceased man was 55 years old. Now experts tested how

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In Samara region fixed mass death of fish

Now being tested by the death of thousands of fish in the pond of the village New Brawler Krasnoyarsk region. Recall that the villagers were alarmed unexpected and incomprehensible phenomenon — the death of the local inhabitants of the pond and called for help. When specialists arrived here, we found sad picture — in the water is a huge number of dead rotting fish hovered above the sharp putrid smell, fluid was cloudy.

— Checking started on 27 April this year — told the deputy Samara interdistrict environmental prosecutor Dmitry Medvedev. — In place of the specialists of several

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The death toll from the earthquake in Turkey has risen to 534

The death toll from the earthquake in eastern Turkey has reached 534 people, reports AP.

Created under the Prime Minister also said the emergency center that managed to save from the rubble 185. While the number of victims of 2300. Rescue work difficult rain and snow.

The earthquake happened in Van province on Sunday. According to the U.S. Geological Survey force of tremors in the epicenter was 7.2. After that, there were quite powerful aftershocks.

October 27 in the neighboring province of Hakkari earthquake with magnitude of 5.4. According to preliminary reports, the victims and destructions.

Personal witch Oleynikova predicted his death

November 19, 2012 18:54

Personal witch Oleynikova predicted his death.

Recently, passed away artist Ilya Oleinikov. All are wondering: what caused this loss? Cancer, lung inflammation, stem cells? Personally know the truth witch creator of the "small town" Galina — he came to her shortly before his death.

Americans heard the voice of his daughter 8 years after her death

May 7, 2012 13:18

Electrician Gary Galka of the U.S. state of Connecticut, claims that he was able to record the voice of his dead daughter Melissa, 8 years after her death.

According to Day.Az, He said this on the air transfer «Ghost Adventures» («The Adventures of ghosts") on TV «Travel Channel».

According to Gary, his daughter died in a car accident at age 17, in 2004. However, after her death in the house checked, where in addition to the head of the family lives and his wife Cindy, and two daughters, Jennifer and Heather began to occur unexplained

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Tutanhomon killed in plane crash

September 13, 2012 13:19

German scientists have a new theory of the death of pharaoh Tutanhomona, reports "Rosbalt". Germans decided not to agree with their Egyptian counterparts, who insist that the king died of malaria. German specialists claim that the ancient Egyptian ruler was predisposed to contracting malaria

German scientists under the guidance of a specialist in tropical medicine Bernhard Nocht clarify that Tutanhomon could easily communicate with the malaria parasite. And even found in the DNA of the pathogen of the pharaoh of this tropical disease does not prove that malaria was the main reason Sweep ruler. Scientists point

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Mystery of the movement

March 6, 2012 19:50

With so many hours of related signs, superstitions, legends and mystery stories. They not only show the time, time to wake up and help plan the current and the next few days, but they become curious tool for researchers of anomalous phenomena, criminologists or enchantment.

Anomalous tool

Researchers of anomalous phenomena argue that the clock is very sensitive to the different radiations. There are many places in the world. For example, in a forest Pokaiņi (Latvia) — one of the anomalous zones, which is known for the fact that there are heated stones

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The mysterious death of birds in Perm. Picture story

None of my friends as a result of bird watchers and could not explain to me, what is the mass death of birds in the second half of last summer in the city of Perm. People have called and emailed me, sent the photo. Various sparrows and pigeons were found to of the mountains, in the center, Zaimka …

Typically, corpses lay groups: a few pieces in an area of a few square meters, mainly on the lawns under the tree, sometimes — on the pavement. Some days in August wipers on Lenin Street swept from their uchkastkov dead birds

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Obama asked to build the Death Star



It seems that some in the U.S. are eager to make the script of "Star Wars" into reality. More than two and a half million Americans left their signatures on a petition calling for the Obama administration to build a space station in 2016 "Death Star" was featured in the cult science fiction epic. "If we focus our defense resources to enhance space security, in particular in the construction of the" Death Star ", this will create jobs for designers,

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