Antelopes die in Kazakhstan

However, the main threat to the animals is poaching.

Over the past two years in western Kazakhstan killed thousands of saiga. The study of mass destruction will saiga Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems. For these purposes, the Kazakh government has allocated 80 million tenge (about 500,000 dollars).

In announcing the allocation of funds, the chairman of the Committee for Forestry and Hunting of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Yerlan Nysanbayev said he did not know how big the threat of mass animal deaths this year.

In spring 2010, in a relatively short period of time killed some 12,000

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Scientists version about the beginning of the end of the world

New Year's Eve started coming from everywhere reports of mass death of birds. Thousands of victims — the blackbirds in the United States, jackdaws in Sweden, starlings in Romania, turtledoves in Italy and finally in our country defenseless pigeons and ducks. While some scientists are looking for the causes of mass death, others — version about the beginning of the end. And the dead birds — the first messengers of the coming tragedy.

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Eyes, as a deadly weapon

April 18, 2012 10:06

The unusual phenomenon of young Spanish researchers demonstrated Monica Tejada. Singing the gaze of her blue eyes, bent metal objects, the researchers inserted a steel wire in a sealed glass jar. But that did not stop Monica bend solid thread in silhouette dinosaur with open mouth, at the time such work units recorded temperature rise and fall in blood pressure in subjects girl. This combination puts doctors in a deadlock. Moreover, the device shows the action currents of the brain typical day sleeper.

Deadly eyes

We know that some wizards and witches can harm human

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The smell of death

Have you ever felt that someone of your friends is going to die, and then your hunch was confirmed? Have you thought about someone's death, and then find that the thought was real? Is not the ability to predict the death of an innate, though largely hidden, human capacity?

In December 1970, Linda Wilson, a housewife and mother from New Jersey, went to the neighbors for Christmas lunch and immediately felt something unpleasant. "I felt the" smell "of death, — she said. — I always felt that something freezes the nostrils, as if I was on the street in

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TFR is investigating the deaths of three children adopted by Americans


The Russian side has requested a copy of U.S. law enforcement agencies on criminal death of two girls and one boy Main Investigation Department of the RF IC is continuing to investigate the death of Russian children in the U.S. between 1998 and 2003, the press service of the Investigation Department. We are talking about the death of Anastasia Plotnikova adopted by Americans, Dmitri Ishankulova and Anne Honor.

U.S. authorities handed over the investigation materials of criminal investigations. According to the documents, Anastasia Plotnikova foster mother dropped her in the bathroom. The girl hit her head,

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Mystic clockwork


With so many hours of related signs, superstitions, legends and mystical tales. They show not only the time, wake time, and help plan the current and following days, but become a curious tool for researchers of anomalous phenomena, forensic or tell fortunes.

Researchers anomalies argue that the clock is very sensitive to various radiations. There are many places on earth.

For example, in the woods Pokaiņi (Latvia) — one of the anomalous zones, which is known for the fact that there are heated stones and shining air, watch any design, from the wrist

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