What threatens the Belarusian economy external debt?

Tsigankov: "9000000000 external debt — it is almost 100 bucks for every inhabitant of the country — as it threatens the country’s economic prospects? Or maybe it’s normal, everyday process, because all countries in transition at some point had a large external debt?" Zheliba: "There is a risk in the economy — an external debt of the economy should not exceed 60 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Currently arrears of Belarus (and municipal and so called Corporate — banks, companies) is about 20 percent of GDP. From this perspective, the highest percentage is not very — Ukraine has debts

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Nina Skrabets: We returned not only furniture, but faith in justice

A day or two referee Victoria Cakes resolve disputes about whether the right "Belarusbank" for debt Skrabets take home his parents’ property.The decision was taken today — in favor of senior Skrebtsov.Mom says Nina Skrabets policy:"I was sure that if justice exists, it will be in our favor. And if not, we lose. We are very happy with the result. It means that there is still justice and ordinary people still have in including middle of the arbitrators. "Let me remind you, Sergey Skrabets Supreme Court must pay "Belarusbank" more than 500 thousands of dollars. The politician has already served

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Quote a day or — August 7

"The most perfect anniversary — it’s work. Yet there is also a sense of duty. If three months who gave me more excessive in the year, then, maybe I’m the most-their debts creative literature would give." Ph.D, Dr. Adam Maldis — a day of its own 75th anniversary.

Department of Energy: tomorrow Gazprom debt is paid absolutely

By him, Belarus tomorrow translated to the "Gazprom" remaining debt — about 60 millions of dollars. "Whereupon the entire amount of debt — 456 000 000 160 thousands of dollars — will be repaid "- said the representative of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus. • Until Friday "Gazprom" will not comment on disk imaging payment for gas, 07.08.2007 • «Prague accent": trophy "gas war", 06.08.2007 • «Gazprom» Belarus gave a reprieve for a week, 03.08.2007 • Ministry of Energy of Belarus "Gazprom" has violated the contract, 03.08.2007 • "Beltransgaz" listed "Gazprom" 190 millions of dollars , 03.08.2007 • Sergei

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Ministry of Energy of Belarus: Gazprom violated contract

According to the Deputy Minister, if you go on Belarus must repay no later than July 23, that "Gazprom" owed seek payments until September 7. Edward Tovpenets also said that "until September 7 Belarus could absolutely repay." Official dealer of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov, in an interview our Radio expression Belarusian bureaucrat commented as follows: "Gazprom" nothing broke. Within 45 days of filing a lawsuit in regard to the tribunal. A reduction in the supply if the payment terms are violated, we can introduce yourself for saying earlier this the other side 48 hours before the sanctions. " • "Beltransgaz" listed

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Who won in another gas war?

"Gazprom" has agreed to defer payment of the official Minsk debt for delivered gas. Official dealer of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov said:"Well, we came back to normal, working relationship. And we expect that we will continue to work correctly with the signed contract, respectively. I wish to note that we only postponed the introduction of restrictions on the week. Because for this week Belarusians must pay the amount of debt that remains. And on August 23 to be done 100 percent payment for July. Will look like will do "Beltransgaz" those obligations. Subsequent target date August 10, 10:00 am. But in

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Sergei Kupriyanov: Follow-key date — August 10, 10.00

Kupriyanov said: "Now the day" Beltransgaz "made the first payment on a significant portion of the debt. Because" Gazprom " decided with present a day or supply constraints do not enter. We expect full payment of all debts for a week. And one hundred percent of payments for current supplies. "What amount paid Belarusian side, Sergei Kupriyanov said, saying it was commercial information. "If the Belarusian side will want it to sound, then he it will make. I can only say that this is a significant amount, "- said Kupriyanov. He also again recalled that on July 1 side had

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Our homeland and Belarus have agreed

Belarusian and Russian sides after meeting Prime Minister said that the forthcoming work is conducted at the level of professionals. The head of the Russian government Misha Fradkov came out to the press, said: "We have agreed to continue to work. We filed arguments of the parties, which will be considered in future work." Meanwhile, a day or three reverse Minister of Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin told reporters that the government previously approved for credit granting Belarus. However, the minister did not call the loan amount and said nothing about the fact on what criteria it will be made. Specific

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Figure a day or 836 million dollars

Such external debt had Belarus on June 1 this year. Debt remains practically constant since the beginning of the year, 5 months, it decreased by 0.2%. Major lenders Belarus: Our homeland, Germany, Kuwait and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. For comparison: the external debt of Latvia is 1 billion 600 millions of dollars, Lithuania — 4 billion dollars, Ukraine — 10 billion dollars, Of — 48 billion dollars, Poland — 170 billion dollars.

38 thousand metropolitan families do not pay the rent

According to Director General of the disk imaging "Minsk City Housing Authority" Viktor Vorobyov praterminovaya receivable population is almost 6 billion rubles. Exclusively in the capital of more than 38 thousand landlords do not pay for utilities, 600 people do not pay more than 3 years. What measures can be applied to malicious non-payers, the lawyer explains:

The problem is that such dwellings swing strongly enough. Evict a person generally can not be on the street

"Debt Recovery Tribunal and penalties through the suit and resettlement ZHREO at least the equipped and smallest area home. To do this, the district

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