E-mobile will go on sale in December 2012

Hybrid "E-mobile" will be available in Russia in December 2012, said the president of the group "Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov. He stressed that despite his departure in politics, all business projects will be brought to an end.

 Photo source:autostat.ru

According to agency "PRIME" the company "E-car" unveiled in late September in St. Petersburg, Russian consumers concepts of "E-Mobile" — a crossover, wagon and sedan, which will be further developed under the active user and the end of 2012 will arrive on the market. The main cluster for the production of "E-Mobile" will be located in St. Petersburg. Capacity of the

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Photos from the winter season 2012-2013

A series of intense snowfall in Central Russia. Moscow, November 28, 2012 © Sergei Karpukhin | Reuters

February 28, 2013. Photos from the major weather events of the season 2012-2013, in chronological order.

Analysis of debris in the United States after the impact of Hurricane "Sandy". © Brendan McDermid | Reuters

Cold blizzard in St. Petersburg, Nov. 30 2012 city © Alexander Demianchuk | Reuters

Snow beginning of winter in Europe. Sofia, December 3, 2012 © Stoyan Nenov | Reuters

A series of snow storms in Ukraine. Kyiv, December

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Many UFO near our Sun December 15, 2012

December 17, 2012 1:11

Fraudsters of the late light (Le Figaro, France)

On December 21, 2012, after 731 days, is scheduled end of the world and the beginning of great chaos on the Mayan calendar. All the natural elements of revolt and carry with them our world. Giant star crash into the Earth, the Sun impossibly red-hot planet, and it will turn into one huge blazing hearth.

Prophecy, which is now spreading on the Internet, has become the impetus for the film-catastrophe ("2012", a film by Roland Emmerich (Roland Emmerich)) and gather a crowd of followers. We are witnessing the phenomenon of global scale, against which sales are growing bins, yurts,

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EXPERT NASA Recommend sleep apocalypse

What is special about the date December 21, 2012? That's right, in this day happen apocalypse, according to experts, properly deciphered the writing of the Mayan Indians. However, archaeologists and astronomers NASA gossip not really believe. And therefore advised not to worry.

Particularly nervous chief specialist NASA program to monitor NEOs Don Yeomans (Don Yeomans) recommends 21 December 2012 Sleep well, writes Kleo.ru.

"It's like saying, if the calendar year ending December 31 marks the end of time, the end of everything. But the Maya never predicted that this time will be the end of the world"

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Scientists have unraveled the ends of the world

Astronomers tell that actually waiting for humans December 21, 2012

NASA experts hasten to reassure forecasts, though December 21, 2012 will disappear into the nether world, devoid of all foundation. Debunk apocalyptic rumors to the audience Livescience.com took Don Yeomans, who heads NASA program to monitor the near-Earth objects.

Everyone who is going through because of the end of the Mayan calendar, he recommended that "sleep well on Dec. 21 of next year." "So what's so special about this date? — Asks Yeomans. — It's like saying that if the end of the calendar year, December 31 marks

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Before the end of the world one-year

December 21, 2012 we are all going to die — so the Mayans prophesied. Or not? The closer the fateful date of the Apocalypse — the more scientists are trying to dispel the superstition Intense. But millions of people around the world do not give heed the voice of reason. They believe. Waiting. And very afraid.

Before the Mayan Apocalypse just over a year. If you believe the ancient prophecies, December 21, 2012 end of the world. On a special website Apocalypsis2012.ru is a countdown to the fateful date. More, however, nothing of interest there.

German scholar Sven Gronmeyerrecently

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End of the world for a long time ordering — why the ancient Mayan calendar ends in 2012?

The most discussed topic of the season — the next end of the world, which is not associated with the fall of the shares, and the predictions of the so-called Mayan calendar, which was completed in 2012 the history of mankind. On this subject, talk a lot and all sorts of people, but most of it really did not know. Believe it or not in the end of the world, supposedly threatens us all very soon?

Altai Alexander Kalugin, a retired long ago prepared for the end of the world. What exactly will happen — he does not know,

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End of the world will be


30.11.12.Ne can more safely see how smart people like to talk stupid topic that will be the end-light quantum jump in or out of aliens? And "accidentally" say about December 21, 2012 …

Long ago it was reported that December 21, 2012 ends with an agreement between the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government's use of the dollar! Since the 60's (at least 50 years ago) years, it became clear that no one will not renew it. Ideological training went to the abandonment of the dollar. To distract people began to make massive stuffing of information about the Mayan

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In Kashmir intensified attacks colds

In the area of Kashmir under the control of India, greatly increased and strengthened the cold frost. Icy winds blowing from the north, led to a decrease in temperature to zero and below. Record night temperature in Srinagar was -4,9 ° C in Leh air cooled to -14,2 ° C, and in Kargil was colder still at 2.2 degrees. Weather will remain so dry and cold for about two days.

In the town of Drass, recognized as the second coldest populated place in the world, the temperature dropped to -27 ° C. All the rivers and lakes of the

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