GULF NEWS 02 1991


AS US FORCES continue to pour into the region, the Pentagon released a breakdown of US hardware deployed in combat-ready units as at December 13. In addition to the land forces, which now include 750 main battle tanks and large numbers of other armoured vehicles together with considerable heavy artillery, the air element is quoted as now comprising the following: 90 air superiority fighters (USN F-14A/F-14A+ Tomcats and USAF F-15C Eagles), 335 strike/ground-attack aircraft (USAF A-1 OA/OA-1 OA Thunderbolt, F-111F, and F-117A; USN A-6E Intruder and USMC AV-8B Harrier II), 220 dual-role aircraft (USAF GD F-16C and F-15E Eagle:

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Belarus may get more Russian gas?

The press service of "Gazprom", we stated: case with Ukraine should be considered only as a bilateral deal with this state — and less.But Minsk analyst Valentin Mackiewicz believes that the probable solution of the Russian concern associated with Belarusian affairs. He says that in the case of reduction of gas supplies to Ukraine over gas can get Belarus:"Of course, not very much that can be done by taking into account the capacity of our pipelines. But what we reduction is unrealistic — and it can be regarded as a positive phenomenon for Belarus.Although, in my eyes, Belarus and Ukraine

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Yandex has overtaken Microsoft in the global search

"Yandex"OvertakenMicrosofton the number of searches and search engine was the fourth in the world afterGoogle, Baidu andYahoo!, from the data Comscore. Microsoft moved for the year at the 5th place. Comscore says queries made with desktops and laptops to all the sites and services of the company, ie in the case of Microsoft is not only its search engine Bing, but, for example, and other sites, and in the case of "Yandex" — not only the "Search", but, for example, "Auto", and other services.

"Yandex" beat Microsoft in November, but in December, the trend is

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Number of domain names in the. UA exceeded 700,000

Domain. UA crossed the mark of 700 thousand registrations. Compared to the same period last year, the number of names in the domain. UA has grown by 14% since the beginning of the year — by 12%. The press service of the company Hostmaster.

Of the total number of domain names 2% — the second level, and the rest — the third level registered in the public domain is 61, including 54 geographical and 7 — general purpose. The most popular is a public domain utility, which contains 38% of all the names in the. UA.

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Progress of the construction of the theater of opera and ballet in Vladivostok

Construction site was fenced by a high fence (December 2010)

Operate excavators (March 2011)

Mounted cranes. Formwork was raised to the ground (July 2011)

Builders of the Opera and Ballet Theater in Vladivostok ready for equipment installation stage

(October 2011)

Installation of metal facade (February 2012)

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Ukraine and the EU initialed an Association Agreement

The head of the negotiating delegations of Ukraine and the European Union initialed the text of the Association Agreement, which will be an integral part of the provisions on the establishment of a deep and comprehensive free trade area (FTA), according to a joint press release posted on the Ministry website of Ukraine.

Chief Negotiator for the FTA affirmed the achievements made December 22, 2011 an agreement on the content of the FTA and pledged to complete the legal review of the text, including technical annexes and protocols.

Both sides expressed their shared commitment to undertake further technical measures necessary

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Calls for freedom: the verdict Finkevich — flowering lawlessness

We start the program from the responses to the courts.December 20 October Mogilev tribunal sentenced Artur Finkevich one year and six months imprisonment. Referee Natalia Krashkina recognized Man guilty of violating that anticipate criminal charges "Evasion from punishment."December 20 tribunal Pershamajski district of Minsk granted the petition of Nicholas Charhinets protection of honor and merit. Journalist Alexander Tomkovich and the newspaper "New Era" have to pay 51 million rubles Charginets.Man: "The judicial execution and won over Finkevich Charhinets tribunal — the real flourishing of lawlessness in the judiciary in Belarus."December 20 State Security Committee noted the 90th anniversary of a

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Gas prices for Belarus remain undecided

"Gazprom" on December 14 said that the cost of gas for Belarus in the first quarter 2008 make 119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters.With all this Bambiza declined to comment on the possibility of conservation throughout the 2008 gas prices, scheduled for the first quarter 2008.Energy Minister Alexander Ozerets told Interfax today that cost 119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters determined in accordance with the formula provided for a four-year contract on December 31, 2006. Treaty foresees that in 2008 the cost will be 67% of the average.According Ozerets hard to say will change cost of gas in

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Night Siege December 12

Favourite movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich now stopped running your own blog on your own web site. In an interview with Radio Radio Station, he promised that the blog will soon appear again. The politician said that through the huge employment is not had the ability to blogging often.Alexander Brechek web site on your own blog on the website talks about brand new alignment of political forces in Russia, which may, in the views of the blogger, cost Belarus sovereignty. Alexander Brechek predicts that in Russia there will be two centers of power — a strong prime minister

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Trials of Makaeva and transferred Syarheenka

Recall that in one day the police raided the office of the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions and confiscated leaflets for the rally business scheduled for the 10th of December. According to police, the activists met their Tipo neprelichnoy abuse. Police officers who witnessed the incident listed, now the tribunal were not. Referee Julia Shumskaya suffered trial Nikolai Syarheenka on the 14th of December. Tribunal over Alexander Makaeva not held as a businessman to be brought from the bullpen Akrestsin Street, where he is serving seven days in jail for his role in an unauthorized rally on October Square December

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