Murlough Beach

County Down

After a week spent battling with the elements on the stormy north coast of County Antrim, I decided to spend the last couple of days of my Northern Ireland trip further south, and so headed to County Down. I had seen photos of Murlough Beach, and so decided to try and capture a sunrise on the beach.

I first arrived at Dundrum early afternoon, and decided to make a quick reconnaissance trip to the beach to familiarise myself with the location in preparation for the next day’s sunrise.

I wandered the paths through the Murlough National Nature Reserve

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Shoigu rescues Aurora

Sergei Shoigu said that the army, like the country,

shouldbe untouchable characters. Among

priority measures— The return of the cruiser

"Aurora" his well-deservedstatus.

To its credit, Sergei Shoigu, he probably thought that

"Aurora" — is not only a symbol of the coming to power of the Bolsheviks,

but also — and partyRussian-Japanese andWorld

Wars,and that today in Russia is no longer kept any

one ship with such an amazing and long destiny.

To this fate does not okorotit, the new Minister

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Cold Mistral: Rogozin should be cited, not interpret.

There was a discussion about-known around the purchase of Mistral.

The question seems to be purely technical, but the conclusions drawn therefrom to swing at politics.

Question: Can the UDC Mistral operate at a temperature in the cold of minus seven Celsius? Simply put, in Russia.

If not, then who is to blame and what to do?

Oil poured on ice Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin: "It is strange that for airdrop in expeditionary operations are procured ships that are not functioning at less than seven degrees. I do not know, probably,

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Transporter Burana will transform into a museum

The organizers of the air show MAKS-2013 in Zhukovsky near Moscow decided to remind visitors about the past of Soviet aircraft, pointing to the static heavy transport aircraft VM-T "Atlant". This freighter was developed by OKB Myasishcheva based strategic bomber 3M.

VM-T "Atlant" at the MAKS-2013 Source: The poor Paul / ","


Heavy transport aircraft VM-T "Atlant" Source: Picture:

When you create a new launch vehicle developers have been forced to seek the possibility of transporting large blocks rockets and spacecraft from the sites of factories in the "Baikonur" cosmodrome and

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U.S. to cut military aid to Israel

The U.S. administration has decided to reduce the annual military aid provided to Israel by $ 175 million, representing 5% of the annual aid of 3.1 billion dollars.

Reductions occur in the framework of the program of Barack Obama's budget cuts.

The Government of the Jewish State has decided not to ask the U.S. government on the allocation of military aid to Israel in a particular item is not subject to reduction. According to the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren Jerusalem to make such a request to Washington, as Israel is

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Closers inventions


It is known that the development of science and technology at all times (Middle Ages will not take, although even then invent something) subject to the law of progress, that is moving forward. Create new, more complex and sophisticated machinery and household fixtures, made the opening.

Ago, it would seem there is no way, because once discovered will not close again? But some people think differently — those to whom this or that invention in the throat is not profitable or disapprove. They are little before than stay! Here are some of these "closers" and

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People living in two worlds


Stories about travel to other dimensions is not such a rarity. However, at all times there were people capable of get back and forth at will. Of course, they were helped in this magical gift. Thus, in the jungles of New Guinea, there is a tribe oolugov, whose representatives argue that they live simultaneously in two worlds: in our world and the land of shadows. Falling into a trance, oolugi come to the Land of Shadows, which is home to the descriptions similar to Neanderthal savages, as well as the winged monkeys and giant ants. In

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn decided to move to Russia

"Europe is dying. I'm moving to Russia ", — Strauss-Kahn wrote.

Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn decided to relocate to Russia. A man who was accused of sexual harassment as soon as openly about the imminent demise of the dollar and the Euro, tweeted about his desire to live in Russia.

Not surprisingly, most recently known French financier, came to the Supervisory Board of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, as well as to the supervisory board of the bank Bank are owned by "Rosneft".

By the way, in a recent interview

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United States decided to write off the burned house painter nuclear submarine

The U.S. military has refused to restore the nuclear submarine "Miami", which in 2012 set fire to a house painter who worked at the port. Cost recovery submarine was 450 million dollars, and the leadership of the fleet decided to write off the "Miami" for recycling. Details results Defense News.

The cost of repair of the submarine has reached 94 million dollars. Familiarization with the new leadership valuations reconstruction led by a decline in military spending (it was recently announced that the U.S. can reduce the number of aircraft carriers from 11 to 8

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Kazan bus passengers a month will enjoy free internet

Passengers Kazan buses for at least another month can enjoy free internet. Trial Wi-Fi service for commuters extended until the end of October. Photo

Recall that the equipment for Wi-Fi-equipped with Internet access in just two buses — one for routing number 1 and number 6. You can recognize them because of the signs attached to the front doors of buses. The maximum connection rate, depending on the number of users is 7.5 Mbps. The decision to offer passengers the opportunity to connect to the internet while sitting in the bus, it was decided in the framework of

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