More talk about ways of protection and maintenance of herd of wild reindeer in our country took place in Dudinka on the first interdepartmental scientific-production meeting. On it, in particular, presentations were made on the first production experience shooting deer in the wild water crossings in the Yakut ASSR and the Taimyr Autonomous District. In autumn 1970 the experiment was repeated on the Taimyr Peninsula. These works have been caused by the following circumstances.

As you know, Taimyr population of wild reindeer — the largest in our country. The number of its growing every year. Based on data from the

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Loading Buckshot for Deer

At one time more deer were killed in the United States with the shotgun than with all other firearms combined. The shotgun was inexpensive compared to the center-fire rifle, and if one allied himself a hunter in our country you could count on that person owning a shotgun. In the old days, many folks only had one hunting firearm in the house and it was a scattergun. It still amuses me today to hear this or that rifle or handgun called «the gun that won the West,» because in reality, it is the shotgun that should claim that title.


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Reasonable use of resources of the North

The vast territory of the northern regions of the Russian Federation.

But the natural wealth of the North is not enough used.

Issues of development of basic sectors of the economy, and the meeting was devoted foremost reindeer herding, fur farming, hunting and fishing, which took place in the city of Magadan. These workers come to the tundra and taiga Murmansk, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Arkhangelsk region, Primorye, the Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk territories and the Yakut ASSR.

Presentations were made by the chairman of the Magadan Oblast Executive Committee comrade. Chistyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Yakut ASSR comrade.

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On our side of the border

Surely someone from the constant readers of the magazine remember my article about hunting for roe deer in Poland, published in the «Safari» a couple of years ago. Then I talked about the possibility, without going very far, relax and go hunting in the early summer, when Russia closed to all hunting. After that trip really wanted to find out if things are going well with roe on this side of the former USSR state border. We intend to write with a capital letter, as many will recall, that’s the line was, and still is such a, like a

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Neputevye notes on the subject of reindeer

Voronezh population of deer in the Forest Alexander also impressive. Professor Yuri Likhatskaya so passionate about their development, even offering to prohibit the import of European deer. Perhaps an interesting move. But how to ensure that people are hunters breeding material? In this way, we will never catch up with Europe in numbers of deer, and even more so for trophy quality. Yes, there are a record at the Voronezh population bulls. But how many?

We recently formalized a deal to buy herds of deer from a German farm, where the fertility rate is 95% (100 females, participated in

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Night Siege, February 20

Readers Charter 97 discussions are statements of Alexander Lukashenko, made in an interview to Russia Today. The Head of State admitted that Our homeland that Belarus threatens to double the increase in gas prices for 2008. Guest submission web site:"All his wordsand, more precisely, almost everything — dust, nonsense, as we have heard this nonsense. From time to time all the same, if it leads to rage, he spoke and express what Putin arrange silent. Bad that is not enough who wonder (almost used to) that a man with such thinking so long commanded the state. " "Interview boring, unoriginal.

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In Salekhard opened shop on processing deer meat

In Salekhard opened shop on processing deer meat. Now the products are manufactured by Yarsalinskii technology enterprise, but is developing its own exclusive recipes.

The first 8 tons of sausage products — already on the market Salekhard and Nadym. Now the daily rekord shop — eighteen hundred pounds. But the plant can produce two and a half tons. And if you will be a second thermal chamber, and then twice more than that.


In the Nenets AO joint venture for deep processing of reindeer products


In a joint venture share of the county was 51 percent, the Chinese side — 49 percent.  

As noted at the signing ceremony of the First Deputy Chairman of the District Council of Deputies Anatly Myandin, the new joint venture — a very important step in the development of agriculture and the entire region as a whole.

"In the NAO has 180,000 head of reindeer. At the bottom is mainly used only reindeer meat. In China have the technology and experience of deep processed products of other components for the manufacture

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Vologda region: in Syamzhe register a herd of red deer

European red deer have adapted Syamzhensky on the ground and have already given offspring.  In March, one of the local companies brought ninety five deer for breeding and supplying them to the hunting and farming, as well as to obtain dietary meat. In Vologda is the first and unique experience. We bought the animals in Hungary: one flock — in the private sector Juliana Bokor, the second — in the medical center Koposhvarskogo University. "Our task — to dissolve his flock. We will build a hangar for the deer to place them under a roof,

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In the Komi recreate forest reindeer

The results of the implementation of the target program "Development of the Komi reindeer herding in the 2011-2015".

 The deputy head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Eduard Bloch, said that the production of reindeer meat in organizations has increased in comparison with 2011 by 12.6%, the same figure for January 100 deer — by 6.5%. Implementation of meat for slaughter increased by 25.3%, as increased safety and adult cattle and calves out of business.

Significant role, he said, was played by the state — the government’s decision in the region will

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