Declining budgets challenge France as it seeks fiscal control, defense autonomy

The top priority of France’s newly elected president, Francois Hollande, is to slash government debt. Although this is no surprise, such a primary goal requires sacrifices as well as new priorities in an environment such as the current very challenging one: The economy is weak, growth is minimal, and the aerospace and defense industry’s production costs are too high to efficiently sustain competition.

Initial steps to kick off a difficult recovery effort are being devised and defense budgets are not expected to be significantly reduced. France benefits from a



Congress could buy time to reach deficit deal

Six months from a potential blunt cut to federal spending and government is continuing to warn, industry is starting to act, and lawmakers are looking for an escape hatch. If Congress does not approve $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction or reverse a law passed last year, the federal government will suffer an across-the-board budget cut of the same amount. And half of that will be targeted at the Pentagon. During a speech to the American Enterprise Institute May 30, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says the size and bluntness of the penalty

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Doctorate at the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1951

In 1951, the meetings of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR was protected by four doctoral and nine master’s theses.

February 22, 1951 defended SP Gorsky thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philology. Thesis — «Essays on the history of the Chuvash literary language (pre-October period).»

Work SP Gorsky is a historical overview of the emergence and development of the Chuvash literary language to the Great October Socialist Revolution. In the development of the Chuvash literary language the author establishes the following four periods (which correspond to the

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Moscow protesting against the elections

In a statement the protesters demand that the authorities of Belarus: End pressure on independent media, activists political parties and movements to hold an open and fair investigation into the disappearance of recognizable politicians and public figures, to hold another, truly democratic parliamentary and presidential election.

Russia — The street action agains parliament election in Belarus. Moscow 27sep2008Participants of the rally chanted "Long live Belarus!" And "Your choices — is a farce!" They also held banners reading: "And his, and our splyashem for a penny," "multi-vector policy." In picket stood more than 10 ka activists of youth organizations, "Defence",

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News September 13 events

In Belarusian society Protection of Monuments of History and Culture (Trinity suburb, street Storozhevskaya 5) National Conference will be held in the protection of cultural heritage. Invited famous scientists, municipal bureaucrats favorite public companies to protect monuments from many cities in the country. In the office of the Belarusian Popular Front held a scientific conference "Winning Blue waters: implications for the independence of Belarus and Ukraine. Starting in 18 hours. The State Museum of History and Culture will host an exhibition of contemporary Swedish art decorations. Starting in the 17 hours.In Minsk International Educational Center (IBB) disclosed festival "Cinema in

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Lech Kaczynski: Poland South American shield is needed

After a meeting in Washington with U.S. President George Bush, Leh Kaczynski said the South American Shield "Poland needs" and will be placed on the Polish countryside after the settlement of a number of technical issues — the size, the location and timing of the construction."This defense system. Protection against irresponsible regimes that have, or are working to develop nuclear weapons," — said Kaczynski and found that the decision of Warsaw "also has a political context."Statement by the President of Poland was sudden, because earlier in Warsaw and the authorities and the opposition, and experts agree, it must first obtain

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Or purchase of Iran to Belarus air defense system?

Visit of the Minister of Defense nedavneshnego occurs after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Belarus, which was in the second half of May.Just during his visit to Minsk hosts international exhibition of arms and military equipment. But during a meeting of heads of Iran and Belarus, as they delivered the official sources, not a word was said about the military-technical cooperation.Currently Alexander Lukashenko, Taking Iranian Defense Minister, said that all the agreements signed with the Iranian side will perform.Business with Iran in the military-technical sphere, according to the head of Belarus based first on the development of high technology.Iran’s defense

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Relations between the U.S. and Russia should not become hostage to the campaign

Vladimir Putin — the first foreign country favorite, George W. Bush invited his parents’ house. George HW Bush met Russian guest at the airport of the town of Portsmouth. From there they went by helicopter to Cape Walker’s Point, the estate of his father’s current president.Far from the house accomplished demonstration, where about tyscha demonstrators protested against Russian policy in Chechnya and the United States in Iraq. They sought from Congress to declare George W. Bush’s impeachment for the war in Iraq.The conversation was "directly and humorously"In Kenebankportse Putin met with his South American officer, yesterday they rolled across the

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Figure a day or 1.4%

1.4% — a share of gross domestic product (GDP) constitute the current defense spending budget of Belarus. This figure announced yesterday Belarusian Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev. By him, is below the average level evrapeeyski. In 2007 defense spending are: Ukraine — 1.74% of GDP in England -2.3% in France — 2.5% in Russia — 2.6% in United States — 3.5% in Georgia — 6.6% of GDP

Week in Belarus in photo: June 11 — 15

June 11. Action against the destruction of an old Grodno Lavon Wolski gave a concert in support of an old Grodno. Ales Marachkin in Grodno in the open air in defense of an old town. Ales Shaternik in Grodno in the open air in defense of an old town. Ales Pushkin Grodno in the open air in defense of an old town.June 13. Activist Dmitry Lisienko Pershamajski district court in VitebskJune 14. Christina Shatsikava in court, Vitebsk Shatsikava in "nationalist" skirt June 15. Tatiana Seviarynets with spouse to consider her case for reinstatement, VitebskKonstantin and Tatiana Severinke to courtJune 15.

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