What contribution Belarus in global warming?

"Belarusian degree" twice European standardBelarusian klimatolyag, PhD in Geography Paul Kovriga notes that Belarus’ contribution to global warming will take more. This "promote" first large industrial facilities, as well moree amount of traffic. From these causes is currently the average annual temperature in Belarus superior characteristics of many other European countries:"Belarus, which is a total global system, a single geographic shell, has its own a certain role in all global processes. And recent years notes, due to the impact of Belarus own industry, his creation, which has developed and operates, and thereby produces greenhouse gases, we have compared with the

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Night study: it is worth studying abroad?

One of the prettier for Belarusians zabugornyh institutions — Vilensky Pedagogical Institute, Department belorusistiki. There coming to teach in absentia and get a European diploma. But at home the usefulness of the diploma is not enough. After Europe offer "complete their education"Tatyana, who studied at this university, in charge of the case from his own classmates. Woman graduated from the Institute in Vilnius, and tried to get the teacher in Minsk Belarusian language and literature:"In one of the secondary schools in Minsk she uttered that she can not work because they have a diploma can not accept. Though, on the

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Quasimodo in Belarus brought snow and strong wind

On areas of the country are predicting heavy snow, blizzard, snow drifts on the road. Days of wind in some areas will increase to 15-18 meters per second. Air temperature during the day 1-7 degrees below zero in the south to plus 1, NIGHT MODE in the eastern parts of the country — minus 8-10 degrees, reports Interfax.


What's going on?

Vaginismus — Spasmodic reflex contraction of the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor, which makes it difficult sexual intercourse or pelvic examination and accompanied by pain. Vaginismus suffer 3-4% of young women.

We can distinguish three degrees of vaginismus:

Grade I — the reaction occurs in the vagina or penis tool during a gynecological examination;

Grade II — reaction occurs when touching the genitals, or while waiting for the touch;

III degree— The reaction occurs at a representation of the sexual intercourse or pelvic examination.


Vaginismus divided into true and false. The causes of

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Lawlessness was classy actors

"Farmer’s Field" in 1927 as a result of experiencing a natural disaster, "cold wave bearing down on Europe from Siberia Russia … In the UK, come cool winters. Frosts achieve up to 20 degrees even in London. U-France also reign frost of 20 degrees . There are even deaths from zamyarzannya. Yugoslavia In severe frosts on zamerzli guards fighters pilnavavshyya border. transfixed Found 17 people. Even River, which attracts bourgeois area, where trees are green forever, and that temperatures reach up to 3 degrees. ""Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 arranged such announcement: "Vitebsk Tram Management informs that in order to determine

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 Photo source:mail.ru

Russia does not have enough engineers … January 17, 2011, Minister of Education and Science Andrei Fursenko Russia issued an order № 49 "On approval and enactment of the federal state educational standards of higher education in the field of training 033,400 Theology (qualification (degree)" master ")" In Russia, 36 universities, including 21 state, today issued a bachelor's degree and master's of theology. The composition of the specialty disciplines "Theology" implies a broad general education, but the main place regularly paid for Religious and Theological Studies. Much attention is paid to the study of philosophy and classical

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Free cash for bachelors U.S.

Unemployment makes the job search difficult thing for everyone. But young people have especially hard. For example, in order to become a cashier at some restaurants McDonald's, American launched the careers may need a bachelor's degree!

The administration of a restaurant in the town of Uinchedon that in Massachusetts, published a list of job vacancies with highly unusual for the requirements of the institution. If previously for the cashier was quite unfinished secondary education (special skills and knowledge to this position did not require), now the rush of wanting to be behind the bar so high that the statements

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Tysyachetsvetny sensor helps determine the degree of pollution of the planet

Tysyachetsvetny sensor helps determine the degree of pollution of the planet's interesting

It seems that in the world there are thousands of colors, but the person is able to distinguish only three groups — red, green, blue. Tel Aviv University has developed a technology using which the invisible eye colors, you can analyze the world around us, and to recognize the pollutants and other harmful effects on the environment.

The sensor can analyze 300 times more information than the human brain. He is able to read from a distance of 1 inch to 800 miles. Use it to establish direct

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Konsumeristskie body

Chapters from the book "Human being. Western culture, health and body control"2000.

Dmitry V. Michael — Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of "sociology, social anthropology and social work" SGTU

A special role in modern Western culture is now playing practice self-control, aimed at maintaining the health and care of your own body. Being healthy — it's imperative, which is now followed voluntarily. The formation of modern culture that denies death, causes a huge number of people are pay more attention to your body and being. Following Michael Fiterstounom we call a culture konsumeristskoy. Consumerism — is the result of

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Too early to talk about speeding up the melting of glaciers

July 18, 2013. While climate change is the responsibility of such an exact science as fundamental physics, this is largely the result of a complex interaction of factors that are not entirely clear. For example, it is clear that in the context of global warming sea level rise as a warmer water in the oceans expand and glaciers and ice sheets melt. But the rate of sea level rise and its end point remains the subject of heated debate.

This week, some clarity to the issue have two new articles. One devoted to where the sea level will stop when

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