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Temperature records in Belarus are times a day

During the three last days of adjusted absolute performance in Minsk and regional centers, which were kept half a century and more. According to the National hydrometeorological professionals in the capital yesterday, the highest temperature was 33.5 degrees Celsius. Previous record was recorded almost 70 years ago, in 1938, and was equivalent plus 29 degrees. On a number of weather temperature has exceeded 35 degrees, which corresponds to the category of extreme heat. And in the Gomel region in Lelchitsy registered an absolute record in the 36 degree heat.It is expected that the already cold front from Western Europe will

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Severe frosts in Europe recede

Severe frosts in Europe recede Weather and Climate

Photo: February 2, 2012, the ice floating on the river Spree in Berlin.

Cold weather in Europe continues to grow, and the forecast for February 4-5 portend further decrease in temperature. In the Czech Republic the night temperature readings reached -38 degrees Celsius, and Rome powder with snow. To date, as a result of severe weather conditions killed about 218 people, most of whom were villagers.

In Ukraine, the number of victims has risen to 101, almost twice a week, of which 64 people have died in the street. As a result

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After the test flood residents of Germany languishing in the heat

June 19, 2013. Climatologists are unanimous in saying that over the past few years for the European countries there is a tendency unstable weather conditions. According to them, this is just the beginning of the world to global warming. For example, Germany after a long heavy rains swept the all-time hot weather. According to the meteorological services, on Wednesday afternoon in several regions of the country the temperature rises to 38 degrees Celsius in the shade.

For such heat waves were not ready to install cooling. In total, the six-speed express trains German railways refused to air conditioners. According to

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In Azerbaijan, the first snow fell


1.10.11.V Azerbaijan, the first snow fell. The first snow fell in the village Khinalig Guba. The snow cover is three centimeters, told Trend in the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

Torrential rains nature in Azerbaijan will continue until the second half Sunday, forecasters said Azerbaijani.

In the regions of Azerbaijan in October second time to wait for rain in places at night torrential character. Afternoon rain gradually cease. Will blow sometimes growing wind.

Night temperature 9 — 13, day 20 — 25 degrees Celsius, in the mountains at night 3 — 8, day

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Climate: from winter to summer

Winter just left the United States and parts of Canada, and the long ridge of high pressure is induced summer conditions. More than 1.054 parts fix new daily record high temperatures, but at the same time, 627 new record lows. Chicago has registered a temperature above 26.6 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile in Minnesota sostavilyaet temperature 16.6 degrees Celsius. Source: Discovery News

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Weather in the Czech Republic broke temperature records

Temperature records were broken on Friday in 44 cities of the Czech Republic, the country established unusually warm weather, the Czech news agency CTK reported, citing data from National Weather Service.

The highest temperature — plus 22.1 degrees Celsius — was recorded in the south in Cesky Krumlov. In cities Bynev, Plzen, Pisek, the temperature rose above 21 degrees Celsius.

The oldest temperature record broken in Pshibram, where it was 20.4 degrees Celsius, the previous record was recorded here in 1899 — plus 15.1 degrees Celsius. According to weather forecasts, on Saturday throughout the Czech Republic is expected even

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Australia is a hell of a heat

Record heat in Australia: the south of the continent is experiencing the hottest start of the year, more than a century was not observed anything like it, writes

Weather with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius so extreme that in some regions of the companies-suppliers had to turn off the electricity to prevent forest fires. However, now more than 100 forest fires raging in the southern state of Victoria.

In the coastal city of Adelaide was registered a record temperature? 41 degrees Celsius. In mainland thermometer climbed to 43 degrees. As a rule, the maximum temperature in the south

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At the South Pole recorded temperature record

At the South Pole December 25, 2011 was recorded temperature record — in the U.S. Amundsen-Scott station, the air warmed up to minus 12.3 degrees Celsius. This was December 29 according to the website of the Antarctic Meteorological Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Previous temperature record lasted from December 27, 1978, when in the Amundsen-Scott station air warmed up to minus 13.6 degrees Celsius.

Amundsen-Scott Station at the geographic South Pole, was created in 1957. Regular measurements of air temperature are underway with the foundation station.

Also a record high for the area temperatures December 25, 2011 was, according to

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Advisor to the President considers that it is necessary to determine the point of no return for humanity

Planetary boundaries, peculiar environmental "point of no return", you need to determine not only the climate, but also for other resources and of the environment, said the presidential adviser's special on climate Alexander Bedritsky.

"In our view, this issue requires clarification, because it is probably also a key factor for the success of the further development of civilization. The planet has limits, and its ability to provide real life activity limited to a certain threshold value, "- said at the presentation Bedritsky report of the High-level Panel on Global Sustainability (GSP) on Friday.

High-level Panel on Global Sustainability was

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In Antarctica, where there was no global warming

In Antarctica, the last 35 years it has become much colder, and the temperature continues to fall,

in spite of the global warming observed in the world, the conclusion made by U.S. researchers.

While the temperature of the rest of the continents increased over the last century, Antarctica is resisting the trend, although the reasons for this remain a mystery.

Over the last century the average temperature of the world's growing every ten years by 0.06 degrees Celsius. The exception was the period between 1979-1998 years, when the warming trend was more pronounced — 0.19 degrees Celsius.

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