Congress could buy time to reach deficit deal

Six months from a potential blunt cut to federal spending and government is continuing to warn, industry is starting to act, and lawmakers are looking for an escape hatch. If Congress does not approve $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction or reverse a law passed last year, the federal government will suffer an across-the-board budget cut of the same amount. And half of that will be targeted at the Pentagon. During a speech to the American Enterprise Institute May 30, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says the size and bluntness of the penalty

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Mogilev: At night detained Dmitry Solovyov

D.Solovev night spent in temporary detention.Attendant Leninsky police department of Mogilev said defender Boris Buhelyu that Dmitry Solovyov Tipo detained for hooliganism. Now over public activist Tribunal held. • Mogilev people Danish police took the passport, 11.10.2007 • Brest convicted youth activist Inga Abramov, 11.10.2007 • In Minsk last detain political activists, 11.10.2007

In Brest convicted youth activist Inga Abramova

As witnesses were present in court four policemen. They justify that Inga Abramova Profanity in the center of Masherov avenue. Activist movement "For Freedom" Inga Abramova was arrested October 10 around 20:00. Police officer ordered the brakes, and later called Task Force. Together with Inga Abramova public activist was detained Yuri Bacourt. He is now sentenced to 10 days in jail.Mama Inga Abramova also Inga said Radio Liberty:"Everything was decided in advance. Policemen give different readings. One of them states that Tipo swore in one place. Others justify that when boarding a car. Quite different evidence. Without conscience lie. They

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Vasily detained Siliverstov

V.Siliversta arrested when he came to the house of his own mother in YelskAt this point, four police officers — Captain Sergienko serun lieutenant and two police officers who refused to identify themselves — took him to deliver to the police.After, Vasily Siliverstov said that "Freedom", the police took away his mobile phone and the line went dead.Earlier, Interior Ministry officials called Siliverstov mom and asked whether the offspring is going to go to Minsk on "European march". • Basil Siliverstov wishes to appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal, 24.09.2007 • Liquidator Basil Siliverstov watchmen Lukashenko was taken to the infirmary

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In Grodno arrested Angelica Boris

She said our Radio, that came about 21 hours in the Leninsky district police department to protect Igor Bantser-chief editor of the magazine "Magazyn Polski na uchodzstwie», who was detained earlier. When she was in standby room, it also became the protocol — Angelica said Boris.

Student in Mogilev was reprimanded for demanding lawyer

Eugene Boyko was in the midst of detained 20 activists who tried to make September 8 days of celebration of the Belarusian Military Glory in Forest Park Lubuskie Mogilev.Midst of detainees had a lot of students of the institute. The next morning the young man is a day or failed to reach Krapivensky field. Policemen dropped him out of the train Mogilev — Orsha.As said "Freedom" sovereign Boyko, soon after the arrest to the students began to come KGB and talk one on one.To him personally addressed student from the Faculty of Foreign Languages Ales — asked to attend during

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Grodno four detained activists are in court

They were arrested late last evening, accusing neprelichnoy battle. Night they sat in a police detention center in the Leninsky district police department.Liberty correspondent to the tribunal was not allowed.In the photo (from right to left) on the frontal plane Yuri Istomin and Viktor Sazonov about the Leninsky District Court.

Smolevichy: police detained nine young activists for Freedom

Police detained nine people. Among them there are minor. Detainees at the moment are in the police department Smalyavichy.Gomel: The search is related to the case "Junior Front", 5.10.2007 Courts have been arrested for distributing leaflets, 24.09.2007

In Minsk 15-day arrest activists sentenced three civilians

October 1 Borisov Dmitry and Svetlana Barodka Gorokhovik met in Minsk Leonid Novitsky, which released on the day of the detention center in Akrestsin where Nowicki served 10 days in jail. About 17 hours, and all 3 arrested, taken to the Central police station first, then the special distribution. Standard charges: behaved defiant, rude swearing in the address police officers. Student of the 4th year of the Faculty of Applied arithmetic BSU Svetlana Gorokhovik that police witnesses also blamed rough battle, says:"There was never such. General I never use swear words, so very sorry that these people as evidenced by

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In Grodno arrested two activists of the UCP

4 of them were released, and the control of the regional organization UCP Yury Istomin left in the October police department, and deputy managing city party organization Janushkevich Andrew — in the Leninsky district police department. Tomorrow afternoon it should deliver to the tribunal. Accusation regarding his standard — "obscene language."Distribution of newspapers adbvylasya market town — on the "Crown", in the Central and Southern. On the "Crown" was arrested Andrew Yanushkevich about supermarket "Brest" — Yury Istomin. 4 activists detained for "South", their take clarification was taken to the police department October, drew up a report where the seizure

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