Crisis will not affect U.S. support for the Belarusian democracy

Answers can be readhere.Roger Potocki is director of European and Eurasian Affairs of the State Foundation for Democracy. NED  — personal grantadavchaya nongovernmental organization finanasavanaya U.S. Congress that supports democracy in globally. G. Potocki responsible for applets Belarus, Central European and  Balkans. He graduated from Yale Institute, where he studied Russian and East European Studi, and now also appear on the "yunkt Professor, Department of History at Georgetown Institute in Washington.

"The changes that the authorities made this election on style rather than substance. Belarus for 14 years was not fair elections. And the result of this election probably will

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Rice: Belarus — critically principled U.S. country

According to Russian news agency "Announcements", speaking on February 13 in the U.S. Senate, Rice said that the administration of the White House included a request for economical 2009 60 millions of dollars to finance a special fund to support democracy and Human Rights. "Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights will allow us to maintain the main applets in the field of democracy and Human Rights in such critical concepts motivated countries such as China, Belarus, Our homeland, Liban, North Korea, Thailand, Venesuela, Somalia, Myanmar and Pakistan, "- said Rice.

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D.Makkeyn about the U.S. presidential election and about Belarus

"If I am elected President of the United States, my core values will be the revival of the transatlantic partnership and moral solidarity of the West," wrote John McCain Suddeutsche Zeitung.McCain writes that the "big eight" must once again become the leading club of democratic countries with market economies. To take in the G8 India and Brazil, but exclude from the Russian.

These applets are important both for Russia and Belarus, where dictatorship continues to use a common pressure …

"Europe and the USA should increment skaardynavasts own programs in order to support democracy and the rule of law in

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Belarus-Russia: a common platform 2-ideologies

In talks with Alexander Lukashenko and his Belarusian officer Sergei Martynov Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation promised subsequent political and economic support strategic friend. Belarusian leaders expressed willingness to fundamentally kaardynavannya policy of Belarus with Russia.On the days are created in Russia Institute of Democracy and Cooperation. One of its main objectives — the promotion of a positive kind of the Russian Federation abroad. In addition, the Institute will critically assess the state of democracy in the United States and Western Europe, to inform international public gaze RF control over political processes.Are independent experts in this regard emphasize similarities

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Dj’i Renaissance -2007 received Merit

Christmas party began the anthem "God Almighty." After praying together before were made by Paul Seviarynets, Alexey Shein, Vitaly Romaszewski and others. In 2007 members of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party held a national campaign in defense of freedom of conscience, together with Christian churches, in the main, Protestant. Believers have collected more than 43 thousand signatures for the abolition of the law on religion. In addition, implemented the project "Repentance", dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the October Revolution and the 70th anniversary of the peak of Stalin’s repressions in Belarus. This meeting with the

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Met a delegation of the Belarusian opposition to Bush

As saidand press office Milinkevich, Belarusian delegation will also hold a press conference in the office Radio Liberty, later will teleconference with President Jeffrey Gedmina radio. Evening is scheduled to meet with the Belarusian Diaspora. Yesterday the U.S. Congress passed a special hearing "Belarus: from dictatorship to democracy", as the Belarusian delegation held meetings with the management of the George C. Marshall, the director of the International Republican Institute USA Lorne Craner, employees of state Endowment for Democracy and the German Ambassador to the U.S. Klaus Scharioth. The delegation Democratic Forces Belarus includes Enira Branitskaya Sergei Kalyakin, Anatoly Lebedko, Anatoly

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Poll: Grodno on elections in Belarus and Russia

Youth"I think the election campaign we differ. We should take it more democratic. Though soon I finished like Putin expression — it is not very intelligent, so speaks about the opposition.I do not like what is happening in the near future in Russia. A feeling that Putin’s rule comes close to what we have in Belarus. Democracy is less and less becomes, although there is a this matter and so hard for. "Man: "It differs in that in Russia Tipo greater choice exists in humans, the right choice, here it is — the different parties, multiple destinations. We, of course,

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Tusk: Belarus assure political circles to bet on democracy

In part of the speech, which dealt foreign policy, Tusk said that "it’s time for positive change in relations with Russia," and that "this awareness to mature as in Moscow."On Belarus head of Polish government said."The task of our policy against Belarus — assure all political circles in this country, is worth to bet on democracy. "According to the head of the Polish government, Poland "has informed zeal to be one of the founders of EU policy towards its eastern neighbors."Tusk: "Extension of security, cooperation and democracy in our eastern neighbors will be very significant positive impact on our future

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Georgia and Ukraine: who is more advanced on the path of reform?

Falsification of the parliamentary elections in Georgia in 2003 was the impetus for the mass protests that led to the ouster of President Eduard Shevardnadze. But they fought not only for the change of government, they want a fundamental configuration of the entire system, failure of previous control methods arrival of true democracy. And favorites revolution promised them that. Misha Saakashvili read it then:Saakashvili: "We need to infuse the latest blood in Georgian politics, replacing these bags with manure and corrupt deputies, ministers, members of different parties who are not fussing about the people."A year later, the rigged presidential elections

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BCD: Political activity — one of the calling that God gives to man

6 November in Minsk accomplished scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Belarusian Christian Democracy. During the conference were presented information on the status of preparations for the restoration of this movement, to create a modern Christian Democratic Party. About it — the current conversation with members of the organizing committee Pavel Sevyarynets, Alexey Shein and Vitaly Romaszewska.Bondaruk: "I’ll start with a question to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Paul Sevyarinets. At what stage is the preparation for the establishment of the Belarusian Christian Democracy? "Seviarynets: "We reverse the week applied for registration as a public» unity.

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