Shin Megami Tensei IV

Shin Megami Tensei IV заставляет вспомнить о временах, когда в RPG героя снабжали весьма скупыми указаниями насчет того, где находится следующая цель его путешествия, и предоставляли самому себе. Ни тебе вспомогательных пометок на карте, ни иконок-подсказок, сигнализирующих, что вот этот NPS готов сообщить персонажу что-то ценное (например, еще один квест дать), а вот на этого можно вообще не тратить время. На тематическом форуме в первые дни после релиза — шквал сообщений в духе «я потерялся, куда мне идти дальше».

Платформа: 3DS

Зарубежный издатель: Atlus

Российский дистрибьютор: не объявлен

Разработчик: Atlus

Страна происхождения: Япония

Четвертая часть основного цикла Shin Megami Tensei,

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DEMONS in Arizona

Famous farmer race "Speed ​​Demon".

Unbelievable but true! Chartered silver "Ruslan" successfully moved our charming special correspondent in far Arizona — back where participants take the start of the race. Limit to the role of Michelle purely supervisory function? Or is she still be able to personally take part in an extreme race on the prairies and deserts? What is the weather in Arizona? Is there enough comfortable hotels and welcome whether reception of the organizers of the competition? Finally, as there are good races, as they painted the Western media? Read her exciting reports from the scene!


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Chile has photographed the dwarf




I live and work in Concepcion to Santiago (Chile), just over a year. May 10, 2004 Forestal Park gave me 10 shots that he shot on a digital camera, so I pumped them into your computer, and gave him the next day. I'm interested in a group

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Attack of the parallel worlds

December 27, 2011 8:14

The existence of parallel worlds around us only to modern scientists. And our ancestors seem to know about them, many centuries ago. Prominent religious figure XV century, the founder of Lutheranism, Martin Luther, wrote about him over this revelation, in which he said. "To attack fell on the ground, terrifying demonic creatures disturb people, forcing them to coitus and kidnapped human seed to extend his demonic race."

Medieval descriptions of meetings with the "demons" are sometimes identical to the last detail with contemporary testimonies and stories of abductions by aliens Today, many victims of abductions

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Demons and spirits


Since ancient times people believed in ghosts. Some spirits could cause harm to a person, suffering and pain. Others on the contrary, help a person in his life. In Christianity, the spirits are called demons.

You need to find a ready-made essay on religion? In this case, on the site you can find essay on religion and theology.

The origins of the appearance of demons can be attributed to the events that are described in the Holy Scriptures. It all began with a rebellion in heaven

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In Bangkok, the lightning hit the demons head

October 21, 2012 0:43

The other day in the famous temples of Bangkok and around Thailand Wat Arun incident, viewed by some as a magic wall.

During a heavy rain a few days ago in the head demon Yaksa sculptures decorating the top of the Chedi, struck by lightning, the lightning-rod passing, demon head shattered.

Despite talk of omens, CEO Sakhavat Naena said it was an accident and asked to improve the lightning rod to avoid a repetition of what happened.

Earlier this year, Wat Arun also overtook destruction. Due to heavy rains destroyed figure horse on one of

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The prefix demon in the Russian language not previously existed

Prefix "demon" in the Russian language does not exist! New spelling rules imposed by the Russian people after the revolution of 1917. "Demon" — a prefix introduced in Russian in 1921 Lunacharsky, Lenin's against the rules of the Russian language.

This rule is implemented specifically to despise devil praise and exalt. Study of the Russian language to the "revolution" suggests that the prefix "devil" in it has never been, and the replacement of the true prefix "no" to "demon" grossly distorts the meaning of the word. Artificially introduced by the prefix "demon" goes to the root. In Russian the

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Martian sand demon!


Mars — an incredible place. Too easy to think that it is cold, dry and lifeless desert, but it is not so — it has an atmosphere, albeit slim, seasons, although not as pronounced, as we do, and yet there is the weather.

High-resolution camera on board the Mars orbital reconnaissance offers a fantastic view of the changes that are happening on the planet. It turns out that sometimes the Scout is at the right time in the right place

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Demon demonstrator cope with the flight without aileron

Is it possible to control the movement of the aircraft, without using a single moving plane? The solution to this puzzles promises a number of benefits, but on the way to the sacred purpose of the designers had already stuffed a lot of cones. But here's a new exotic English apparatus did, by definition of its creators, the "historical mission". Historical not historical and principled — that's for sure.

September 17, 2010 from the airfield at Walney Peninsula (Walney) in Cumbria rose into the sky unmanned turbojet DEMON. This unique apparatus delivered by its creators from having to use to

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