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Уже второй год маленькая страна под название «The Best City.UA» собирает всех на праздник музыки.

В июле в парке отдыха Новоселица под Днепропетровском прошел масштабный музыкальный фестиваль. Один из самых ярких фестивалей лета прошел на международном уровне. Список выступающих тому подтверждение.

На открытие фестиваля прибыла колонна байкеров, в составе 1540 человек. Сколько байкеров сразу в одном месте в Украине еще не собиралось, поэтому, эта самая массовая колонна попала в Книгу Рекордов Украины. Артисты и DJ выступали на 4 сценах, так что, все зрители могли найти для себя то, что хотели услышать. А зрителей и

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Herod, hell, angels and military — in the office of the Belarusian Popular Front (video)

In today batleytsy classic religious motifs woven into the realities of modern Belarus. Actors — the ruler Herod, hell, angels, military, Baba Yaga and others. Samples for many of them became famous people of Belarus. Den (16Mb)

By tradition, the other day Christmas Commission for Culture BPF arrange den. It is accompanied by games, table and sweet pleasures. Kids who came to behold den, received gifts.

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In search Vyatkian leshego

"Vyatskiy edge", 29.11.2002, Kirov, n219

Recently in our field expedition visited the famous Moscow ufologist Vadim Chernobrov. Together with experts of scientific and public association "Kosmopoisk" in Verhoshizhemsky area in search of Bigfoot, avdoshki, or Bigfoot, and went kirovchanin Anton Goldfinches.

In the wake of avdoshki

— Why such a strange, unearthly name from the association "Kosmopoisk"? — I asked in Shcheglova. — Yes, because the ufologists are studying the most incredible phenomena that can not be explained by mainstream science. No wonder the logo "Kosmopoisk" — our galaxy, where billions of stars like a grain of sand

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From Batleika Zarudichah still in pain and … flight!

Society Ether July 27

For the first time in these places I came to a quarter of a century ago — to write about the now legendary founder and first revived in Soviet Belarus puppet "Batleika" Eugene Fox and Ales Elk. I remember the wild delight the novice journalist their heroes — their burning energy, which are fully passed an actor, whereas conventional farmers. Yes, even the pain of creators, hunted by the authorities. The latter are not only hindered them in every way, but not even paying poverty wages in the 90 Soviet rubles. Marrying a few years

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Tibetan secret of the Wolfs Lair

Vacant now, "Wolf's Lair", served during the War of the embodiment of stateliness Russian Third Reich, to the present day or causes enthusiasm to discover not only the historians, and conspiracy theorists. Creating the Master fascists rates associated with the name Otto Renz and legends of the Tibetan mysteries that are key to Tipo inaccessibility and inaccessibility "Wolfsan." In the entire history of military action to "Wolf den"Never bomb was dropped, which are so afraid of panic Hitler. Specifically, this fact is used extensively as an argument in proving magical settings strengthen that contributed to Adolf Hitler in his wickedness.

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