Stash it — or trash it?

Not sure whether holding on to that sentimental item will make cents or not?

Top value flamingo

Ronel writes: I inherited this sculpture from my father and I want to find out more about the artist and determine the possible value.

Kate Lagan of Stephan Welz & Co’s Paintings Department replies: The artist is Italian-based Alessandro Nicoletti and this work was produced in the ’80s. The artist says that the artwork is from an edition of 10 — the medium of which is ‘light alloy’. He advises a gallery price or value of 3 000 EUR (R40 000) for this

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The first step is an array of field sobriety tests, which includes sniffing your breath. If your performance is at par with a baby learning- to walk, either through intoxication or a God-given lack of motor skills, then you will go through a breath analyzer exam to determine the alcohol content of your blood. However, the legal limit is not yet set. The Department of Transport and Communications, Department of Health, and National Police Commission are still banging their heads together to figure it out (which is anytime in the next three months).

If there is cause to believe that

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Mogilev arrested two youth activists

Policemen accused in children waving white-red-white flag and taken to the police Lenin police department that about Mogilev GUM.Activists do not give parents say about the detention. In the office part of the local policeman, which must tell parents about the arrest of their kids.

Water — one of the main problems in jail summer

Vladimir had just visited his nephew, who is in the republican prison clinic. In the courtyard of the hospital about Vladimir trusts meet with the prison doctor to check the diagnosis of the disease relative. Vladimir: "Some they say that it is eczema, others that psoriasis. But just incomprehensible. Apparently already leaked into the bloodstream infection. Chyri such throughout the body, especially the legs. Prior gangrene comes." Nephew Vladimir Ivatsevichy serving his sentence in prison. About the middle of the colony of Belarusian prisoners strolling rumors that the water there — the bad. Just on days of news came: 24

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Live reporting from the protest against the abolition of privileges

20:20 Protesters decided to disband.20:10 Police cordoned off the area of the Trading House "On Nemige" and restaurant "McDonald’s." Franak Vyachorka: 20:00 SWAT police hunts protesters Nyamiha Street. Franak Vyachorka: 19:55 SWAT police squeezes column of Independence Avenue. Franak Vyachorka: 19:50 Outdoor Urban shaft young people who have moved towards October Square Independence Avenue, riot police blocked the road. Column turned on Urban shaft. There are already paddy. Franak Vyachorka: From 19:50 Russian police department released a favorite "BPF Youth" Ales Kalita. He stated: 19:45 Group of students moving on October Square. Knows protestor Franak Vyachorka: 19:05 From the Central

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Vitebsk Tatiana Seviarynets received the order of dismissal

Dismissal Tatiana Seviarynets considers illegal and caused first political reasons."I received the order, so that on April 27th, my last day, and on the 28th I was unemployed. On order I wrote that it did not agree with. A parent meeting was later, and the first question to me was such: "Tatiana, is this policy?" I said: "Yes, it is also the reason for my zvalnenya. Although the order filed another reason. "Order to dismiss a teacher of the highest category with almost 36 years of experience signed by the head of the education department Pershamajski district Vladimir Shloma. Ancestors

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Mogilev: In the trial of the traffic police started pleadings

Now graduated tribunal investigation and defected to the pleadings. A day or two past the tribunal heard the testimony of the plaintiffs and their claimed eyewitnesses, also questioned six policemen — GAI employees and management of the Mogilev Interior.Now the application of the defendants questioned the Tribunal of 3 more policemen in including Representative of its safety management Interior Igor Shpakovich. From his testimony Tribunal vyznat as department inspected the facts of the complaint Mogilev Director Human Rights Center Vladimir Kravchenko.From the words of the emperor Shpakovich, viewed in the department just to investigation documents collected and produced output. None

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Tribunal began over policeman accused of serial killings

Who is next to the building of the regional court in Grodno ninth morning was blocked traffic cars. Tribunal guarded armored police forces, the building passed only those who demonstrated agenda. Press (even municipal) in the courtroom are not allowed.Alexander was arrested Sergeichik first year in Grodno. The investigation was clear evidence of his involvement in the murder of the girls in the neighborhood Devyatovka in Grodno.As a result, investigation revealed another murder for his role, and the forthcoming verification Sergeichik results found sudden he killed eleven young ladies and 1st man. These crimes were committed in 2000 —2005x in

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Shchekinoazot introduce methanol complex in July


"Shchekinoazot" in May-June 2011, plans to launch a range of methanol production value of more than EUR 150 million.

Previously entered into commercial operation the capacity of 450 thousand tons of methanol was planned in the IV quarter of last year, but the date was moved to amend the investment project.

"Shchekinoazot" began construction of the methanol production M-450 in 2007. In August 2009, put into operation the first starting complex — a warehouse of methanol. Methanol is planned to implement the domestic and foreign markets.

Specialists complete the installation of technological pipelines are

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Four new departments were opened at MIPT in Dolgoprudnom


The creation of a new base chairs marked this autumn for the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (State University) in Dolgoprudnom. One of the last was the chair of the Russian Venture Company "Managing technology projects."

— Basic Chairs — is the core of the system PTI, — Said the rector of MIPT Nikolai Kudryavtsev. — Previously, these departments were academic, at the Institute. But today, with the emergence of the country's new high-tech sector — business, which strongly attracts creative and energetic students, the situation is changing. Since the discovery of the basic chairs institutions of

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