Drugs and drug addiction

The term "addiction" is associated with the term "drug" (from the Greek. Narkotikos — soporific). Originally called the drug morphine alkaloids of opium poppy and their synthetic analogues. Now the concept of "drug"Acquired legal sense, means substances included in the list of prohibited substances (List I).

According to the internationally accepted definition, drug addiction — is a violation of the psyche, is the strong desire to take a certain substance (or a substance from a specific group) included in the list of banned substances, to the detriment of other activities and the persistence of the substance use despite harmful

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Venezuelan oil can stop the plant in Mazheykyai

Society Klaypedki terminal, 70% of which is controlled by the Lithuanian government plans to get oil from Venezuela for Belarus.

It is planned to receive monthly to 160 tons. And it's almost more than lyagistychnyya enterprise features, reports DELFI.

The Lithuanian government gives the palm of Venezuelan oil, and shipments to Mazeikiai plant, run by the Polish concern Orlen, will be severely limited. As a result of these changes, the terminal can not meet its obligations to the Lithuanian plant. The plant is dependent on Klyaypedkaga port through it, he gets a raw material.

This dependence has become more

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