Amnesty International: authorities want to deprive the opposition online

Presenting the annual report the organization, she noted that non-democratic regimes in every way try to deprive the opposition online. As an example, Irene Khan led Belarus Egipet, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.According to her, "government these states using internationally recognized IT-companies are kept under control chats, blogs removed, restrict the ability of search engines block sites. ""This aggressive violation of personal rights, because each person has the right to and retrieve the information they need and do it without any precautions and interventions "- convinced the secretary general," the International Amnesty "Irene Khan.

Slavs! If you have not watched this video — look carefully!

Especially the youth is required viewing!

First gear, where national television (Republic of Belarus) so detailed quoted Pentagon documents to plan the destruction of the Jews and the Slavs in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Some excerpts: "In return, we give the values of national patriotism. Patriotism balalaika and drunken tears, we will not allow any high-tech, it will lead to the complete collapse of the industry, which we restrict to the production of basic necessities for a limited contingent of slaves, mining raw materials to us. Among the citizens a lot of engineers, skilled workers, teachers, doctors — we will

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