Equipment with a new type of army of the Russian Federation will receive over 3 years

According to the statement of Constantine Biryulina, Deputy Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, to the production of munitions, Russia focused on Cuba as a production line equipment. Representative of the department did not specify the price agreements.

At the same time the Russian army solved the problem with the volumes of the 2012-2014 state defense order.

Yuri Borisov, the first deputy Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission, see: "This is a poignant and painful issue now. Defense procurement project we have already been reviewed and approved in the main. Positions ammunition and ordinary weapons need to be improved. State Program

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Kiev against isolation of Minsk

Society Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that Kiev considers incorrect isolation of Belarus in the context of the European processes.

"We have always advocated the approach of Belarus to the Council of Europe, to all the developments — and the legal and political — of the Council of Europe in the field of rule of law and Human Rights, — quoted by the Interfax news agency Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin. — We believe that the isolation of Belarus in the context of the European processes is not the right way. "

Klimkin said

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Dmitry Uss


Dmitry Uss

He was born in 1971 in Minsk.

Lawyer, graduated from the University of Grodno in "Law".

With 16 years of working at the "Integral", after the builder.

1999-2003 years. The deputy of the Minsk City Council of Deputies.

2007 We also went to the deputy, but it did not register.

2008 was put forward by a deputy in House of Representatives.

He participated in the 2010 local elections, but failed in Minsk city.

The head of the publishing house "Trivium".

He is married and has two sons.

Party affiliation.

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Moscow Metro: completed excavation of the tunnel, South West to Troparevo

Completed excavation of the first tunnel underground from the "Southwest" to "Troparevo," said Deputy General Director of JSC "Mosmetrostroj" Nicholas Brachkov.

Start shield was given a Nov. 1, 2012, he successfully passed the 1363 meters and came out on May 28 in those dimensions that have been identified. Construction of the station "Troparevo" conducted round the clock and seven days a week.


"There were a selection of the location of the station, now the station is located in specially protected natural complex. Previously, it was assumed in the construction of residential homes

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Directorate of Combat Training will re-appear in the Defense

Defense Ministry will once again control battle training, which will oversee the first deputy Defense Minister Gen.-Colonel Arkady Bahini, told reporters on Thursday, Chief of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin.

Main Directorate of Combat Training, which was responsible for combat training of the Armed Forces and develop appropriate documents, was disbanded in 2010. This step is then explains the need to transfer the main functions of command and control specifically within the framework of the General Staff of the Russian army reform.

"It will be launched new management training, it will be put under the authority of the Deputy

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Dashkevich says goodbye to his mother

Society Chairman of the Young Front Zmitser Dashkevich, who was sentenced to two years in prison, are allowed to say goodbye to his mother, who had died on the night of April 26. But it will accompany the convoy — Radio The radio reported.

According to the deputy chairman of the Young Front Anastasia Palazhanka, to get the right part with the closest person, I had a lot of work, but everything was decided almost at the last moment:

— Dmitry released at the time of separation from the mother, just an hour or so some think. He escorted rides

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As we were not allowed presidency

Society 1991st eyes of the participant.

The response of the communist leadership to the Belorussian hundred thousand strike in April 1991, was not the fulfillment of their political demands, and — protection of their own political interests.

The Communists began talking about the need to "iron hand", which saw them in the face of the president. A major threat to their monopoly power they presented (I must say, rightly) — departyzatsyya and the nationalization of the property of the PBC-Committee.

In the middle of April until we heard reports that alleged the government is drafting a law that will apply

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Personnel, Lukashenko

Society Alexander Lukashenko on April 15 personnel decisions. Appointments to the law enforcement agencies do not.

Among the newly appointed — Director of the Department of Financial Investigations SCC Alexander Maksimenko, vice-chairman State TV and Radio Company Vasily Manyuk, Deputy Ministers economy, trade, health, customs committee and other departments, chairmen of district executive committees.

Appointments to the law enforcement agencies who are investigating the Minsk terrorist attack, was not.

The utility of Rostov-on-Don got new sweepers

Today, June 7, Mayor of Rostov-on-Don to the district town of five new cars for cleaning. Deputy Mayor for Housing Vladimir Artsybashev said that the funds allocated for the purchase of the budget.

About 8 million rubles worth every machine that can be used in summer as in winter or with the special equipment. In summer, the machine will function as a vacuum cleaner to clean the snow in the winter.

Artsybashev assures that the machines were distributed to areas that lack the harvesters and the money to buy equipment.

New cars more

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Surfaced real Russian statistics

We have somehow come to terms with the fact that the official (in the person of Rosstat and other agencies), statistics, fixing the "achievements" of Russia, to us, to say the least, does not always tell the truth. Sometimes stretching the truth. To put it mildly. Okay, will survive. All the more so yourself, then we are already around us appreciate life to his measure. But that she lied to the way it has recently opened a former director of the Institute of Statistics of the Federal State Statistics Service Vasily Simchera?! This is, to put it mildly,

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