Parliamentary seats may take 76 Democrats

This figure is now described as "Freedom" Managing Information Center SLM Yuri Potemkin:"Until complaints unregistered candidates for deputies CEC we had 76 candidates. CEC added 2-uh — Ira Yaskevich and Misha Selivontsa. But two of our candidates registered Vasily Polyakov and Leonid Sudalenka decided not to continue further campaign. Because the figure 76 has not changed. "CEC "Freedom" now said that according to preliminary data, the 110 deputy mandates will argue 282 challenger. Of the 51 complaints satisfied 8 Tags: elections, percent, deputies

Liabedzka called come to October Square

Three candidates from the United civilian party — Anatoly Lebedko, Stanislav Bogdanovich and Anna Egorova — Handed over to the newspaper "Respublika" general utility for publication. But it refused to print edition. According to the deputy head editor Misha Valkovsky, candidates have broken the law:"They presented the program from the party. You feel the difference between applets and applets party candidate? There is a law, which I am motivated. Along the white black There is written — four thousand characters applets candidate individually that he will do, to make life better. And instead of this brought a huge "carrot", which

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Lukashenko did not come to a memorial service for L.Pastayaltsy

Postoyalko came to say goodbye to about 300 people — ordinary people and many municipal officials of the highest rank: Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky head Presidential Administration Gennady Nyavyhlas, deputy prime minister, ministers, their deputies and senators. Many officers were spouses. Alexander Lukashenko, his sons Victor and Dmitry farewell ceremony in the concert hall "Minsk" did not participate. According to information before burial at East Cemetery in the House of Mercy to be held another memorial service for friends and relatives Ludmila Postoyalko.

Basil died Sholodonov

Vasily Sholodonov born July 10, 1948 in the village of Grabe the October district of Gomel region in a family of farmers. After graduating from the Law Faculty of Belarusian State University worked in the prosecutor’s office, was the secretary of the Komsomol district committee Loyev Belarus, then returned to the prosecuting authorities. In 1984 was appointed first deputy prosecutor of the Gomel region, reports BelaPAN. In 1990, elected deputy of the Byelorussian SSR, and then — Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council BSSR. In 1992-1995 — Attorney General Republic of Belarus. Since 2003, he headed the committee Minsk Consulate

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Sergei Kastsyan about anything do not regret

Why such a sudden reversal in the lives of these politicians?Anatoly Krasutski and Sergei Kastsyan Elected to the House of Representatives since 1996. Both were part of the commission on international affairs. And they are intensively preparing for the next term of the deputy. Sovereign Krasutski explained that he wants to keep the parliamentary mandate, to fulfill a promise to voters. For example, to reincarnate in a "little Paris" Tractor village.But during the parliamentary activity more distinguished Sergei Kastsyan — namely their statements. For 13 years he served in the center of the hall. For example, the emperor called for

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Krasutski Kastsyan change your mind and be deputies

This was said CEC Chairman Lydia Yermoshina. Other current deputies who served the documents registered. Among them Viktor Kuchinsky and Olga Abramova. Member of the House of Representatives Krasutski Anatoly, who held the post of deputy for 13 years and now again applied for registration, suddenly withdrew his candidacy. In an interview Radio Liberty He said that at the last moment was "Worthwhile proposals are considered." Pity or renounce his parliamentary backpack?"Honestly, no. That that madeabout me for these years, — contribution is large enough. This is a milestone in the history of parliamentarism. Repeat it hardly will be able

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Lukashenko declared the new vice in the Security Council

The Head of State declared 3 Vice Secretary of the Security Council: Alexei Elfimova, Alexander Konovalov and Stanislav Zasya.Lukashenko declared Andrew Gorulko first deputy and Anatolia Lappo — Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Committee of the border.Victor Filistovich and Anatoly Kuleshov appointed Deputy Interior Minister for Personnel and Public Safety, respectively. Became head of the Minsk police Leonid Farmagei, who previously headed the Interior Department of the Vitebsk ablyvykankamu.Victor Zhiburtovich was appointed as the official representative of the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs at the Embassy of Belarus in Poland."You need to remove redundancies in the subordinate structures for you.

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Deputy Chairman of the Society of Disabled Persons detained for a bribe of $ 529 thousand

Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Society of Disabled Persons detained while receiving bribes 529 thousands of dollars.According to the press center of the Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus, for it had detained a bribe to assist in the acquisition of» unfinished object Krupki area. In the same case, was detained and Deputy Chairman Krupsk executive committee. He pulled Tipo 212 thousand bribe representative metropolitan office.

Cleaning the siloviki and prosecutors

Also Head of State said that during November will be released from their positions a number of senior officials, among which the first Deputy Minister Interior Alexander Schurko and Deputy Minister Interior Victor Filistovich.Such statements he made at a meeting on the effectiveness of measures taken to combat corruption.

Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko said that it angers the growth of corruption in law enforcement agencies.


What lies behind a great name …

The other day, slipped information as follows: … The opposition coalition "For Russia without arbitrariness and corruption" intends to establish his own party at the congress, scheduled for December 13 … to create a party will be known as "The Party of People's Freedom» … party / Gave birth to a stillborn child of the leaders of the coalition with a great name FOR RUSSIA WITHOUT arbitrariness and corruption! Now peremoem-ka them bones: Mikhail Kasyanov — Former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Figure number 1 in the Government of the country. The highest step in solving

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