Ivashkevich will manage the BPF in Minsk

Past chairman Vadym Kanapatsky became his deputy. On the report-election conference of urban organization BPF were Party Chairman Lavon Barshcheuski and his deputy Vintsuk Vyachorka.In Last year December Viktor Ivashkevich ran for Party chairman, was elected Deputy Chairman. He is responsible for the company of political campaigns and work with motivated groups.

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End quote: 12.01.2008 — 18.01.2008

"If the state does not need entrepreneurs, then why his organization, which protects their rights?"Olga Krumina, deputy chairman of the organization of businessmen "Perspective" — the intention of the authorities to eliminate this business."These arrests — nothing other than an attempt to intimidate before the 21st. This is one of the ways to terminate any repressive action. But it is not going to work. Matter how many were arrested on 1st place come two. People have been so organized themselves. The more they hear and behold the these arrests, the injustice, the more they are outraged and ready to go

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Gomel activist filed a tribunal prosecutor’s office on

Bogdanovich asks that the Tribunal ordered the prosecutor to institute administrative proceedings against Deputy Chairman Gomel City Executive Committee Sergei Poroshina under Article 9.6 of the Administrative Code — for refusing to provide information to citizens.Maria Bogdanovich together with other activists ordered in Last year rally on the anniversary of Chernobyl. But the city council forbade share Tipo on the grounds that the order did not comply with the law "On mass events."Activist writing executive committee asked to explain what that discrepancy, and simultaneously send a faithful standard orders to picket.In a letter vice-chairman Executive Committee recommended activist Sergei Poroshin

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2008: What to Expect? (1) (Video)

Deputy chairman of the Party BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka (5.8 MB)Society Chairman whiteRussian language Oleg Trusov (2.5 MB)Deputy Chairman of the Belorussian Social Democratic Party (Hramada), the last lawyer Igor Alexander Kozulin Rinkevich (5.0 MB)

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Congress BPF. 2nd day

Chronicle of events.9:30 Vladimir Labkovich configuration proposed to the regulations, that the chairman elect a simple majority vote rather than the scheme of 50% + 1 voice.Mikhalevich suggested to find a compromise candidate for the chairman, which would satisfy both it and Vintsuk Vyachorka.BPF deputy head Yuri Hubarevich suggested finding the Acting Chairman of the party, and after a while the second session of Congress and choose the chairman of the organization.9:30 196 registered delegates.Counting Commission Chairman Dmitry Drigaylo announced the results of the second round of voting in the chairman BPF: 118 votes — "for" Vintsuk Vyachorka, 110 —

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How to assess the election L.Barschevskogo policy?

Vice-chairman Joint civilian party Igor Shynkaryk:"Very badabout that BPF is no split. After all, when the elder should political party Belarus would be split into two or three parts, it would be bad for all of us. And so, when the front is the only one we welcome the decision of the Congress delegates, and I think that the work will be compacted and excellent, as we have previously worked. "Secretary of the Communist Party of Communists Belarusian Valery Ukhnalev:"I think that the front remains such a powerful structure of the united democratic forces, which it was previously. Without a

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S.Skrebtsa not taken even litseyku

Here is another attempt to become a master in the casting of the Minsk Automobile brought no fruit. And although there are empty seats in hiring Skrabets refused. "The foreman asked me why, in your work book no records after the expiration of an MP? "- Told" Freedom "last parliamentarian. -" I honestly told him that I was sitting in the bullpen. He asked why. I talked to him. Then he asks, so that you do not share the president’s policies? I said no. After that, he said to me: you know, we’ve been here a voice from the other

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The court acquitted the Smolensk deputy, who called the Nazi concentration camps not finished

The deputy of the Smolensk city council of the party "United Russia" Andrei Ershov, sudivshiysya with two prisoners of concentration camps after being publicly insulted their dignity, will not pay compensation. Such a ruling handed down the Court of Appeal.

March 26, 2013, 15:11 Photo: © Smolensk City Council

In October 2012 Ershov harshly opposed the travel benefits for former juvenile prisoners of German concentration camps.

"What we owe them, the prisoners? — Said Yershov. — The fact that they did not have finished? '.

Despite the fact that the widespread

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German policy on relations with Belarus

During the opening of "Minsk Forum" made municipal Minister at the Federal Ministry of foreign affairs, deputy Gernot Erler.He said that the situation in Belarus is far from accepted values and standards of the OSCE — democracy, the rule of law and respect Human Rights.But the EU has brought their offerings and can become a partner in the modernization of Belarus. Sovereign Erler said that official Minsk has filed "silent signals" — allowed to hold the European marches and Soc. But this is not enough, not enough real steps.According to Erler, it would be right to use amnesty for release

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Vyacheslav Gerasimenko: It was horror — Tank stood on the streets of Minsk.

Question Ales Zarembyuk, deputy Mostovskogo District Council held on the 24th convocation: "During your deputy activity occurred landmark action in Belarusian history. I mean action in 1996 … "Ulitenok: "Excuse my interrupting you … Recall our listeners, that just in These days are 11 years ago in Supreme Council XIII convocation ended with the collection of signatures in the midst of Deputies to impeach the president. That could start when 70 deputies gave their consent. Well, and then intervened Russian comrades: Build, Chernomyrdin, Seleznev … And they Tipo reconciled with Lukashenko Sharetsky Tikhinya under control, then chairman of the Constitutional

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