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As well as being involved in Operation Allied Force, the UK and USA are also bombing Iraq. Jim Hedge reports on how their objectives have shifted since Operation Desert Fox.

WHILST THE eyes of the world are focused on events in Kosovo, the Anglo-American air campaign against Iraq continues unabated. However, the question is being increasingly posed as to just how far military force advances the policy of the US and UK Governments.

In many ways Operation Desert Fox (see Saddam Outfoxed, March, p22) represented a defining moment in the confrontation between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the remnants of the

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recently at all angles is not too big, but not so little publisher SCi

Entertainment, with his light hand, two long-awaited sequel to «commercial had succeeded» (sic!) Tactical supershutera Conflict: Desert Storm

(namely, Conflict: Desert Sabre (Lawrence of Arabia?) and Conflict: Missing

Presumed Dead (Chuck Norris?) Finally put into production leading British developers

Pivotal Games. Hooray?

Upon closer examination of this miracle it turns out that the very first Conflict besides that will be released on PC and all consoles in September this year, so your favorite omniscient .EXE even wrote about it in the news in February of 2001 in a somewhat skeptical tone . That, as you all well know, in

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Desert Rarity

In 1977 the late Jordanian King Hussein ordered the establishment of a national memorial to the many soldiers that have fallen in the line of duty since the Arab revolt of 1916-1919.

The displays in this Martyrs Memorial begin with the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire, the “Arab Legion” under John Bagot Glubb and the battles against Israel from 1948 onwards. The museum does not cover everything in detail, but is nominally a memorial to the fallen soldiers and a reminder of their contribution to the shaping of modem day Jordan.

Next to an Alvis Saladin you will find

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Chinese C-30MKK in desert camouflage

September 6 exercises aviation division Guangzhou Military Area seen Su-30MKK in desert camouflage. Militarily, the web appeared various hypotheses such colors Chinese Su-30MKK: Squadron aircraft belong type «aggressors», China is preparing for military action in the Middle East countries, etc. Another version (transcript characters) said that such camouflage adopted for aircraft operations from the seaside when used profile fly at low altitude for the application of stealth attacks on enemy ships.

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Ukrainian BTR-7 was successfully tested in the UAE

Designed and manufactured by GP "Nicholas repair-mechanical plant" prototype of the BTR-7 in the tender for the purchase of equipment for the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates, has successfully passed the test in the UAE, having passed through the desert 3,000 km without a single failure. This is the director GP NRMZ Alexander Shvets.

 Photo source:com.ua

A.Shvets noted that the APC-7 is not inferior to their foreign competitors, and on parameters such as reliability and survivability, surpassed them. Ukrainian armored personnel performed well not only in the sands of the desert, but in the mountains, and also

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Old Monastery

In the middle of the field, the island shines with golden domes of the old monastery — Nativity of St. Lukianova men's deserts.

The old monastery generously reveals her beauty.

The ancient walls of Nativity of Holy Lukianovoy male desert — the very embodiment of Russian antiques, old monastery.



The old monastery, Nativity of St. Lukianova male deserts, founded in the 17th century by St. Lucian.

Leisurely stroll through the old

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In the Libyan desert found 20 skeletons of Stone Age people


. Approximate age of the skeletons found from 4 to 8,000 years. Cambridge University archaeologist Mary Anne Tafuri says that it was a family crypt — For many years people for generations buried their relatives there.

In the cemetery are buried about 15 women and children, and later, when this place came the desert, under a huge rock, called "tumuli", was buried 5 men and boys.

This discovery, made public in March in the journal «Journal of Anthropological Archeology», indicates a change in culture because of the

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Flooding in the desert

Flooding in the desert Natural Disasters

In one of the driest places on the planet, in the Atacama desert, fell a record share of rainfall, provoking a flood. Flows of dirty boiling water up to 2 meters high flooded the northern Chilean city of San Pedro de Atacama and Tonokao. Generally, any water flow, come down from the peaks of the Andes, by the evaporation turns into a trickle or completely disappears without reaching the limits of these cities. Almost all the water is absorbed by the salt marsh Salar de Atacama, located at an altitude of 244 meters below

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In Namibia, a state of emergency due to drought

May 22, 2013. The entire territory of Namibia officially declared area, where a state of emergency. This decision was taken because of the leadership of the country's extreme drought that has engulfed the whole state, which is already located in the desert. Even laid a portion of scarce rainfall was over Namibia this year, so it will retain its status as the dry state in sub-Saharan Africa.

Lack of moisture is already affecting the state of the new harvest, here and there throughout his size decreased by 48%. Particularly affected maize crops — a key crop Namib people. Crops

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Humanoids in the zone of silence


On the border of the United States and Mexico, 400 miles from El Paso, is a deserted place, within which for some strange reason, refuse to work televisions and radios. It is called the zone of silence.

In the next town Ceballos, located 25 miles from the anomalous area, unknown force from time to time jamming signals to television and radio, despite the absence of visible noise. In the area of radio silence finally calms down, and other devices invariably fail: stop watch and a compass spinning like mad.

The story goes that back in the

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