Not for the smooth, white floors in provided Studio, you might think you’ve wandered into an eccentric’s private chamber of curiosities. Islands of natural and man-made wonders cluster in the clean gallery space on Muizenberg’s Main Road.

What could be David Livingstone’s boots stand among assorted busts. Shelves are arrayed with apothecary bottles, leather-bound volumes and figurines. Driftwood angels float over a stuffed owl and oriental collectibles. Oh, and skulls feature everywhere.

It’s not morbid fascination, though — when something from the dark side intrigues them, say designer-manufacturers Bartel van Vuuren and Liezle Fourie, it’s not because it’s dark, but

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The Design Store

What’s in store

From coasters to couches, The Design Store by Lifestorey is one shop you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking to deck out your home in quirky furnishings. Spread across this 8,000sqf design superstore is a plethora of brands and styles ranging from the subdued designs of Danish label Muuto, to the rock and roll-infused pieces of Diesel and Barcelona-based beanbag brand Woouf.

Although The Design Store is linked to established furniture shop Lifestorey, it is rather like the letter’s younger, more extroverted sister. While Lifestorey at Great World City stocks well-known Italian brands such as Kartell and Casamania,

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Supplier Services In Need of Improvement

Dealers and designers give suppliers passing grades when it comes to delivering the products and services most important to them, although there are apparently improvements still needed within the product-supply chain.

For kitchen and bath product suppliers, there’s seemingly both good and bad news as companies continue to find their legs in a market that’s clearly recovering but, nevertheless, remains challenging.

The good news is that dealers and designers give suppliers generally passing grades when it comes to delivering the products and services most important to them. The bad news is that there are clearly improvements needed within the industry’s

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Study Pinpoints Importance Of Key Supplier Services

Melville, NY — Kitchen/bath dealers and designers give generally passing grades to suppliers when it comes to delivering the products and services that are most important to the industry’s key specifiers.

However, there are clearly improvements that can be made within the industry’s product-supply chain, with a significant number of dealers and designers reporting that supplier services are worse now than they were three years ago — and even fewer reported that services are no better.

That’s the key conclusion of a major new survey conducted on behalf of Kitchen & Bath Design News by KBDN’s exclusive new research partner,

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Chines Workshop blends a minimalist Zen look with gorgeously tactile surfaces for a home that’s at once clean, warm and inviting.

Designing a Zen-inspired home is a bit like training for a ballet performance: all the blood, sweat and tears go into making the whole thing seem entirely effortless. As any dancer or designer will tell you, however, the easier it looks, the more work would have been required to achieve that effect. Chine’s Workshop takes us backstage to find out exactly what it takes to design a beautifully minimalist home.

“The clients wanted their home to be very simple,”

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Private Party

A Seattle karaoke joint gets the Japanese treatment

Think of Japanese design and what comes to mind? The neon pop of Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood? The attention to detail and craft of an ancient Kyoto temple? For designers at Seattle-based mwlworks, the answer is a little of both, and it shows in the heady brew they’ve brought to Rock Box, an upscale karaoke joint in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

“When the owners approached us, they had a different kind of karaoke experience in mind,” says principal Eric Walter. “It’s not the same in Japan as it is here, where it’s

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Letter from the Editor:

‘ many design enthusiasts (myself included), the less-is-: mantra can be a bit of a struggle. We simply love to collect beautiful things. Moor croft pottery or flea market finds line shelves until they threaten to cross into hoarding territory. Vintage handbags and little black dresses multiply in closets. But how do we choose which items to display and which pieces to put away (or, gasp, give away) Creating can be a daunting task.

The same concept applies to editing a magazine. Take this issue. Each spring, we honor a fresh batch of “New Trad” designers. And, each year, the

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Home matters

THERE ARE DÉCOR MAGAZINES, CATALOGUES, and design websites to check out when looking for furnishings for your home. But sometimes, upon finding the right piece, it’s either too expensive, or it just doesn’t at your space.

Business partners, real estate agents, and good friends Rusky Carlos and Mike Lim found themselves stuck in the same rut when they were building their respective homes. “We encountered very similar problems, which was trying to look for the right piece and style of furniture that we wanted and the price that’s appropriate for our status,” confesses Rusky. “Our tastes turned out to be

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Creating spaces that are flexible and adaptable is a positive step towards sustainable living

We live in an age of sustainability where the desire to reduce our environmental footprint is felt both by corporations and individuals. There are many ways this can be achieved — through recycling, using less energy and fewer resources, using bikes and public transport instead of cars and buying organic foods and local produce.

Another perhaps less obvious way of having a long-term, positive impact on the planet is through the habitation of smaller spaces by corporations, families and individuals; occupying businesses and homes that are

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Sochi 2014: Olympic torch creators were inspired by way of the Firebird

Olympic torch relay kicks off Oct. 7, 2013. During the last hundred days, he overcomes 65,000 kilometers, the main symbol of the Sochi Olympics will carry 14,000 people. Working on a model not only designers, but also engineers: they figured out how to make it easier to almost meter design. The new symbol of all symbolic — and the colors and shape.


Silver matt with red — ice and fire, as he Sochi — southern resort with a warm sea, surrounded by beautiful snow-capped peaks. But, first of all, designers have dreamed to join the

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