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How was Help Desk Live! at Photoshop World this April in Orlando?—Chris



As usual, it was outstanding! It’s always great to see the faces behind the email questions we receive. And, as always, some of our longtime NAPP members made it to yet another Photoshop World. (A big shout out to Vanelli!)

At this 27th Photoshop World, I answered some 400 questions about Photoshop from about 320 members, and Rob Sylvan handled l-don’t-know-how-many hundreds of Light-room questions. (As usual, Rob answered most of the Light-room

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The King’s Speech

In the Paris bureau of Christian Liegra may not include music. Everyone knows that the master works in silence and in silence. For us, he made an exception and spoke about the Japanese design and re-emerged on the fashion style of the XVIII century.

We found Christian Liegra workplace Mandarin in a chair in his design. On the table — a pack of white paper, a glass of sharpened pencils and a book, «In Praise of shadows», Junichiro Tanizaki. «This is my favorite writer, says the designer. — I close the Japanese philosophy. And in design as well. I

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OSCE disagrees with Russian surveillance criteria

It is possible that the Bureau generally abandon observing elections March 2, as it has happened in Last year in the Duma elections. Representative Office Kertas Baden clarifies that the new proposals do not give Russian CEC ability to conduct the present election observation.Badden: "In the initial proposal of the Russian Federation, we could send 70 observers on 28 February for a day or three before the election. Who invited 75 observers from 20 February. Russian press as it is a huge concession to the Russian Federation, and notes that the OSCE Tipo not willing to compromise. On such guesses

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Carp brought from Vertelishek and turkey — from Poland — a hollow

Man: "As for all the people, this is for me one of the the most basic Happy holiday. "

Going to family, friends Welcome, neighbors. Try to keep the twelve dishes were more

Reporter: "And how do you celebrate it?"Man: "We are going to family, friends Welcome, neighbors. Endeavor to make twelve dishes was over, all that should be — put on the table."Reporter: "And consume alcohol?"Man: "When guests come such that drink, the drink, but if not, it means do not drink."Lady: "You know: a lot of grief and a lot of anger accumulated in humans, they separated

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Furniture for modern offices

When it is about office furniture, many people tend to believe that it apart from tables, chairs and adjustable seats are no other objects and does not set. But such an outlook is not true. By subjects office furniture other than those designated tables, chairs and stools are office cabinets, office myagenkaya furniture for reception, various safes, office partitions, computer desks, reception area, iron racks and much more.

The realizable office furniture Krasnodar is a functional pieces that fill the interior of the office space and are of the highest quality and inimitable design. Speaking of myagenkoy furniture for reception

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In collaboration with red wine


We know that many writers have created not only the desk, but also in various other places. Perhaps enough of these and other Belarusian writers. And, if I may ask, where you write and write? Is there a role any special rules (quality paper, clothing, time of day, lighting, drinking)?

Ales Queens

WithJustify native desk has never been the sole workplace the writer. As we remember from the "holiday that is always with you," Gemingvey loved writing in a Parisian cafe. Meterlink long lived in the Abbey of Saint-Vandryl, and when he created "Life of Bees", set

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Selecting office furniture

Every self-respecting modern manager office the company makes an environment that helps employees achieve a more productive result. It is not only a positive local climate in the team, which helping people make the best possible understanding between themselves, but also is indispensable for the existence and quality of the utilitarian criterion, one of which is the availability of suitable office furniture. Office furniture must not only be beautiful and stylish, and have a range of a certain kind of hell for use in the context of health-technology.

Modern medical officers are convinced that up to 40% by

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