Such people need to know everything!

Now many have idols in the characters from the movie, serialov.No in the world today and there are still real heroes who are willing to put their own lives to save the lives of others.

Aldar Batorovich Tsydenzhapov born August 4, 1991 in the village of Agin, Agin-Buryat Autonomous okruga.On graduated from high school number 1 in his native village. Since childhood, he was very kind, calm, considerate and confident man. In November 2009 he was called up for service, was the definition of a military unit number 40074 Pacific Fleet, the city of Seaside

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Excessive ships

Through hardship to the stars

By the mid-1960s against the Soviet Union in the oceans has been deployed four squadrons of U.S. nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles. Problem ASW acquired for the Navy of prime importance. "Singing frigates" pr.61 were not able to resist the modern submarines that could be applied to find the BOD and torpedo gun at a distance of 20 km, which is 2-3 times the capacity of our ships did not have to fade away armed with massive, helicopters and anti-submarine raketotorped . Weak air defense and limited cruising range, etc. are not allowed to operate

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Russian Navy battleships: whim or necessity?

Legend of the burning walls

Cloudy morning May 4, 1982. South Atlantic. A pair of "Super Etendard" Argentine Air Force sweeps over the lead-gray ocean, almost tearing the crests of the waves. A couple of minutes reversing radar reconnaissance plane "Neptune" found in this square two goals class "destroyer", by all accounts — a mix of English squadron. It's time! Planes do "hill" and include your radar. Another moment — and two ognehvostyh "Exocet" rushed to the goals …The commander of the destroyer "Sheffield" shirokomyslennye led negotiations with London via satellite, "Skynet". To avoid interference, was ordered to turn off

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The newest destroyer will replace three classes of ships

Model of one of the early versions of the new image of the destroyer Photo

Destroyer of the new generation, the development of which is now under way in the interests of the Russian Navy, will have to be replaced at once three classes of vehicles: in fact, destroyers, large anti-submarine ships (BOD), and possibly missile cruiser project 1164, told "Izvestia" a source in the defense industry complex.

— It will be a versatile vehicle that will be able to replace all three projects. Due to modern weapons, he will excel in anti-submarine capabilities of BOD, and the

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China is developing a destroyer Displacement 12000 T

Since the end of last year in foreign military forums began to open a discussion in the development of China’s huge missile destroyers with a displacement of 12,000 tons, which by its size is greater than the South American EM class «Arleigh Burke» and yielded only promising DDG-1000, report Chinese Internet resources. Destroyer has the designation Type 055 and Type should supplement 052 ships. Reported that the new EM is designed with the highest implementation stealth technology, it is «electric propulsion system» and an open architecture for electric frisky integration of new equipment and weapons. The main armament will consist

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The development of a new generation of destroyers for the Navy of Russia

One of the options being developed image of the destroyer

The development of a Russian destroyer for the Navy next generation, which will be built on the technology "Stealth". We are carrying out research work on the brand new ship far sea zone, issued technical documentation of the project. According to Interfax-AVN, this process will take approximately 30 months.

Promising ship, project number which has not yet been appointed, will be multi-purpose, which will determine his choice of weapons. He will get a missile system with universal vertical launch missile launchers to fire precision missiles

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Black Sea Fleet in the First World War. Part 4


1916 was a victory for the Black Sea Fleet, he confidently controlled the sea, effectively blocked the mine fields Bosphorus, made amphibious operations, supported the Caucasus and Romanian fronts. Spirited pace developed aviation fleet, were formed almost-prototype aircraft carrier battle groups, where the act of heavy battleships combined with actions by air. Grew up underwater and minonosnye naval forces intensively preparing Bosphorus operation, which would become a beautiful ending of small victories Black Sea Fleet from the beginning of the war. Even the tragic death of the battleship "Empress Maria" is not clouded the picture. Black Sea became a

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The sea is on fire / Sea of Fire Watch Online

English destroyer "Coventry", who participated in the fighting in time the Falkland Islands conflict, prolonged time was listed as the most insecure and virtually invulnerable. But most the height of the war, he was focused on pre-suicidal goal. His task was to distract myself by enemy bombers and ensure that British troops landed in the bay of San Carlos. Argentines unleashed its air power to "Coventry" … By mid-day or 25 th May 1982 destroyer managed to repel the two air raid and knock out three enemy aircraft. But when the captain and crew thought that the worst is

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U.S. Navy ordered 9 new destroyers

U.S. Navy Command concluded with shipbuilders General Dynamics and Hungtington Ingalls contracts for the construction of 9 new destroyers of the «Arleigh Burke», reports Defense News. The deal amounted to 6.1 billion dollars. All ordered ships to be delivered to the customer until the end of 2017. As expected, the first two orders ship — DDG-117 and DDG-118 — will be named «Paul Ignatius» and «Daniel Inoue.» Names of other destroyers are not yet defined. Under the deal, Hungtington Ingalls receive 3.3 billion dollars to design and build five ships: on one ship per year in the 2013-2017 year. All

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U.S. Navy ordered the 9 class destroyers DDG-51 «Arleigh Burke» in the amount of $ 6.2 billion

TSAMTO June 5. The U.S. Navy on June 3 awarded two long-term (2013-2017 FY) contract to supply nine destroyers class DDG-51 «Arleigh Burke», the total price of which will be 6.2 billion dollars. With the company «General Dynamics Bath Iron Works» (BIW) agreement cost 2.84 billion dollars for the design and construction of 4 class destroyers DDG-51, including one in 2013 FY and one for FY 2015-2017 Contract includes an option for the supply of the fifth destroyer. If the option is exercised, the fifth destroyer will be laid in 2014. Construction of all ships will be in Brunswick (sht.Men).

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